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  1. In RyanVM Update pack 2.0.4, a new mmc.exe is included, v5.2.3790.2612. My test install revealed that XPize needs an update because the empty console bug is back.
  2. Again, the problem is a new intl.inf in the Ryan's pack. Wait for next nLite...
  3. Using i386 patching , I can confirm that this bug is gone.
  4. I have a new bug to report: no content in Device Manager and also in Computer Management. I am sure enough is about XPize because with Ryan's 2.0.1 everything was ok, but the with the new pack XPize gives me those empty windows with .iso integration using nLite and also when I install XPize after a complete XP setup was done (drivers, settings, etc...).
  5. Try Linux .... Or maybe you can find some professional software to do this, at a price...
  6. I want to be invited too.... Thanks.
  7. Nice looking. I have one question: from v2.5 to v3 two files were lost - notepad.exe and shdocvw.dll. Is just a bug with the installer or those files are out from v3 ?

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