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  1. I've never had luck with floppy cleaning disks. Floppy drives that I find aren't reaidng disks properly usually have grimed up heads from oils/oxidation. I usually just disassemble the drive and use Q-tips soaked in alcohol and swab the heads gently a few times to remove the grime/oxidation and things usually start working again. Though the disk could have damaged spots on it. There's a tool called "Spinrite" that's made for data recovery on hard disks, but it also works on floppy disks too, you should try it. It helped me save a cusomers data they were storing on a floppy disk, but I had to ask why they were using a floppy disk in 2013 when they had alternatives like USB flash drives.
  2. The 965 chipset only supports 1066 MHz FSB CPUs, so the fastest CPU that thing could support would be a QX6700 (quad 2.66 GHz/8M cache.) QX6700s are rare and expensive due to their limited production runs, you'd be lucky to find one for less than $100. The next quad down would be a Q6600, but it runs at a slower 2.4 GHz. You'd still have better threading performance ,but worse single thread performance from the lower clock. If it were me, I wouldn't put another dime into that thing and just sell it as is. Adding a larger drive or the top end CPU isn't going to make it fetch a higher price due to its age.
  3. Licensed Memory in Windows Vista

    Ah, I tried doing the same thing with a Windows 7 install but I couldn't get it to work. I have a few machines that I'm forced to use Linux on because the processors don't support EM64T/AMD64 and they have 4 GB or more of RAM. One server is an old dual socket Netburst Xeon (8 GB) and the other is an older first gen Intel Core Duo (not Core 2 Duo) with 4 GB. Linux is fine and all but there are some things only Windows can do due to lack of support on Linux.
  4. KernelEx 4.5.2

    After I installed that 98SE2ME patch, it fixed the annoying bars after words in the tabs and menus. Though it broke all of the classic icons and transparency, I guess it's a tradeoff; Or the 98SE2ME doesn't play well with the Revolution's Pack 9.7. I couldn't stand to have the classic WIndows 98 defragger though, it brought back all of those horrible memories between 1997-2000 with "all night cookouts" where the defragger would be painfully slow and restart every 5 seconds because one bit on the drive had changed. Reeh.
  5. KernelEx 4.5.2

    I'd like to see some discussion of this issue as well. For the moment, there's the Steamless CounterStrike Project, which will allow you to play the various HL1 games in their original state without Steam. Of course this does not address the HL2+ games. I read somewhere that if you already had Steam installed before they dropped Windows 98 support, and did not allow it to update itself, then you could still use it. I can't vouch for this, as I have never had Steam installed, and probably never will. (I refuse to install or buy any game that requires it, or requires any form of "online activation" garbage.) However, if one could track down the installer for a version of it prior to the end of 98 support, then one might manage to work around the issue. I installed the old WON version of Half-Life last night, and it works, all except for online play. Whenever I click the "Internet Play" to view the server list, HL crashes :| I have a feeling it's something to do with the weird process patcher it has running in the background that came with the steamless update. As for the old versions of Steam for Win98, the only way to keep them working is to stay in offline mode (which back then rarely worked.) And usually the second Steam got a whiff of an internet connection, it would attempt to update itself, even if you told it not to. In offline mode, you were pretty much limited to SP only games, and possibly LAN games since you couldn't connect to the auth server or had the same version as other players. Finding an old installer won't help our case since all Steam installers are web installers and store the content remotely. I can totally agree with you that the online tether and activation is really lame, but Steam is the lesser of two evils when you look at a even more horrible system like EAs DRM that is poorly written trash that almost never works. I took one look at BF2142 and was so appalled that I never touched it again.
  6. KernelEx 4.5.2

    Would it be possible to get Steam (the content distribution network for games www.steampowered.com) to work? Many of the older games on the platform (and some few newer games) were written to support Win9x/ME (Half-Life Series, HL2, HL2 Ep1, etc.) Steam 1.0 and 2.0 actually supported 98 up until I think 2007-08, but dropped support for it later on. I wouldn't care if the GUI was mostly broken, as long as the games list was somewhat legible. Right now the problems that hinder the installation and running of Steam are: - The MSI installer doesn't allow Steam to be installed due to being run on Win 9x (gives an error) I think there's a workaround for this though. - When Steam is installed and you run it, it gives this error dialog: Sorry if this has been asked before, only saw one post about it that wasn't answered.