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  1. Hello before I had joined the army a few years back I bought a gaming pc from dell. XPS 410 Core Duo 2 put windows 7 on here as well. I recently just got out of the Army and realized so much has changed in only so few years that I need to catch up to life and to my pc hehe. So I have upgraded it a little and was wondering what you guys thought and if there are any more upgrades I can do before I got rid of it or sold it if I could not sure how much it would be worth now. But I thought about trying to upgrade processor and hard drive. Maybe motherboard if possible and keeping the same type of memory if possible or not. I am sure there are a lot of experts here and I'd loved to hear your advice and hope this is the right forum for this! Thanks so much! Here is a cpu-z specs of what i have done so far on this system. http://valid.canardpc.com/2875044 Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 Windows 7 Ultimate Edition 64-bit SP1 (Build 7601) CPU Arch : 1 CPU - 2 Cores - 2 Threads CPU PSN : Intel Core2 CPU 6700 @ 2.66GHz CPU EXT : MMX, SSE (1, 2, 3, 3S), EM64T, VT-x CPUID : 6.F.6 / Extended : 6.F CPU Cache : L1 : 2 x 32 / 2 x 32 KB - L2 : 4096 KB Core : Conroe (65 nm) / Stepping : B2 Freq : 1596.09 MHz (266.02 * 6) MB Brand : Dell MB Model : 0WG855 NB : Intel P965/G965 rev C2 SB : Intel 82801HH (ICH8DH) rev B0 GPU Type : NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 DirectX Version : 11.0 RAM : 8192 MB DDR2 RAM Speed : Unknown (Unknown) @ N/A Slot 1 : 2048MB (5300) Slot 1 Manufacturer : Kingston Slot 2 : 2048MB (5300) Slot 2 Manufacturer : Kingston Slot 3 : 2048MB (5300) Slot 3 Manufacturer : Kingston Slot 4 : 2048MB (6400) Slot 4 Manufacturer : PNY Electronics
  2. I get errors on windows 7 x64 saying can not download/play video when I am not trying to play or download a video just trying to download a normal file. It started happening because of my fault. I tried to download a movie torrent file and it came with a virus from some codec file I tried to install. I got rid of the viruses but still have these errors. It's my fault so now I am trying to find a way to fix it. hehehe. Any suggestions or ideas? Also I noticed a few programs aren't working properly now either. I tried using razer game booster but it doesn't work anymore. I uninstalled and reinstalled still doesn't work.