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  1. VistaUA Full

    Is this project discontinued now?
  2. Turns out I reinstalled the old version ... works fine
  3. Hi, I cannot create a catalog of install.wim in Windows System Image Manager. I get an error saying: Windows System Image Manager There was an error generating a catalog file for Windows Vista ULTIMATE in windows image file "D:\WindowsUnattended\install.wim" Details: Exception from HRESULT: 0x800F0823 I have WSIM version 6.0.6000.16386 Any help would be much appreciated
  4. Nero Burning ROM v7 installation

    Yes, that's good .
  5. Nero Burning ROM v7 installation

    Yes, it is a shame they are hardcoded . I just extracted each SFX and created a new SFX for each package using my custom install path. Perhaps also you could add the option to set AdvancedMode in StartSmart (HKCU\Software\Ahead\Nero StartSmart\Settings). And LastUserAutomaticUpdateDays in Nero Update (HKLM\Software\Ahead\Installation\Settings) to change number of days before Nero checks for updates.
  6. Nero Burning ROM v7 installation

    Would be good if NeroVision Content (NV4Content.exe) could be installed too. Do not worry about editing comment in Nero7_chm_*.exe with WinRAR, it does not work.
  7. Nero Burning ROM v7 installation

    To get around the problem with Help files not being installed when you specify a custom installation path, download WinRAR and change the comment. Original PATH=%ProgramFiles%\Nero Custom PATH="C:\Program Files\Nero" or whatever your custom path is
  8. Nero Burning ROM v7 installation

    After spending a few hours tinkering with the script I believe the error to be in line 110. $search = FileFindFirstFile ( @TempDir & "\NER*.*" ) I changed it to... $search = FileFindFirstFile ( @TempDir & "\NERO13349" ) which is the random generated directory name, and works fine. You might need to check this name on your system to make sure. I will keep investigating to see why the wildcard *.* in the original script is failing.
  9. Nero Burning ROM v7 installation

    I get that same error, also the conf.txt file won't delete which stops Start Menu and Quick Launch shortcuts from being created, I have the Nero StartSmart desktop shortcut set to be deleted which it doesn't. I would also like to be able to select file associations with the script, as I'd rather use Windows Media Player 11 to play most files. It would be good if multiple serial numbers could be input so people can automatically activate plugins they own. The ability to change setup path would be good too as my WINDOWS directory is on E:\ and my Program Files are installed on C:\ so my actual Nero installation should be "C:\Program Files\Nero\" instead of defaulting to "E:\Program Files\Nero\"
  10. Hi, I was just wondering how to update WPI with the latest version, I have 4.3.5. So far, the last two times I've updated, I've spent hours copying over all program descriptions and file paths to the newer WPI version.
  11. Duplicated User Accounts

    Hi Esas, I would like to know if this will work on machines which don't have the user profiles set at the default location of Documents & Settings, as mine uses a path of C:\Users or %systemdrive%\Users (basically the same path). And, is the silent parameter supposed to restart the machine automatically? I tried running the new exe but it didn't even attempt to restart.
  12. Duplicated User Accounts

    How do you set the silent parameter when using UserProfileChecker.cmd?
  13. I have user profiles set up on my pc, and have windows installed on C drive with a backup directory stored on D drive where I backup each users documents and some settings to. C:\Users\user D:\backup\user I was wondering if it is possible through a script (cmd, bat or vb) to restore each users documents when they login for the first time, which could also be used for favorites, and running reg files with individual customisations.