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  1. DPC High Latency Issue

    Is no one gonna help me with this? I got a new problem for you. I've since went back to Windows XP. (I made an image of my drive using Norton Ghost before upgrading to Windows 7) Now, I'm getting worse latencies than before. 500us and up to 900us during idle. Rather than before it was at 29-50us with an occasional red spike. Also, the latency was caused by port.cls or some file along those lines. I found it its a audio driver. I stopped using my on board sound and had installed a Sound Blaster 128PCI (CT4751) sound card. An old one I know, got it out of my Pentium 3. I was surprised Windows 7 had drivers for it. Still, the driver was causing the high latency. So I thought XP's latency would be lower. However I'm getting a very higher idle latency like I said 500us and up. I hope you haven't given up on my case. ~Chris
  2. a few problems..

    To address your first problem, I recommend you download or install Anti Virus software. This will correct the first issue. Regarding your second issue, have you tried searching for a driver on Google? I found a driver that worked with Windows 7 (32Bit) for my unsupported video card (Powercolor Radeon 9250) Of course Windows is telling me the card can't take full advantage of Windows 7. Since the card only has Direct X 8.1 support. I knew this already though. Anyways, see what luck you have searching on Google for a driver you may find one. ~Chris
  3. DPC High Latency Issue

    I have 2 hard drives. My main C drive is a Western Digital connected as a "master" My second drive, a Seagate Barracuda, is connected as a "slave" to the WD drive. No optical drives are on the same IDE channel as the hard drive. Isn't it better to have "one" hard drive per channel? I heard a slave drive hurts performance. Oh, and I've plugged in a USB mouse. It now seems usbport.SYS is the high latency culprit now. As seen in the attached report. I have a question, all the modules stay under 1.00% CPU usage (if I'm reading the report right) Doesn't a module that cause high latency have to use more than 1% of the CPU? Also, I'm not going to do a BIOS upgrade. I've heard some pretty freaky stories. Computers not being able to boot after the update, rendering them useless... Sure this BIOS is a little outdated (2005) but it serves my needs. Update, I have tired it again. This time I moved my mouse fast over top of my desktop icons. The spikes went into the red. I knew it was the USBport.SYS As seen in this updated report, USBport.SYS uses 1.06% of my CPU the highest I've seen so far. If I'm playing a game, and using this mouse, those latencies will effect performance. NOTE the updated report is the bottom one. latency_report.txt latency_report.txt
  4. DPC High Latency Issue

    I'll admit, this thing is a little old, the only thing lacking in here is the video card, the Radeon 9250 isn't a great card at all. However, it seems to run Windows 7 fine. Apart from the latency issue which seems to have improved since I downloaded updated drivers for my VIA IDE controller. It runs it quite well. Punto, I don't understand what you mean by "So, drop that info of those drives here please." can you clearify that a little more? Oh, and as of now, I'm able to run the checker for a record of 5 minutes during idle. Latency stays under 100us (usually around 29-50) Also, when I was playing a movie using Media Player the latency went into the red again. Is that normal? as soon as I turned off Media Player it went back down to 29us. Oh, and Magic, I'm running Windows XP SP3 on a 300MHz Klamath Pentium II with 256MB of RAM and an old 1x AGP video card. Latencies on that machine are all in the green. I don't think hardware has much to do with latency. Should I do a test and leave the checker running overnight do you think? I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your help. I wouldn't have gotten this far with out it! ~Chris
  5. System Restore

    Download Winrar, that can open zip programs, give it a try. I'm not really sure about the product key thing, what "products" are you trying to use?
  6. DPC High Latency Issue

    UPDATE: I have just updated every possible driver on here. Checked with driver detective (just to see if they were all updated) they are all updated now. Had a little trouble finding a PCI network card for Windows 7 (all the ones I have are too old) So I'm stuck with on board. I just did a check, for your convenience, I have made up a report (just one) Which I will attach to my post so then you can just open it or whatever. It looks like ataport.SYS has a little high latency, but I updated the IDE controller that I have on this board (VIA Master Bus IDE Controller 0571) It has the latest driver. Oh, and sorry if I shouldn't have double posted. I just thought I'd give you a report instead of making you download those 2 huge ones. Besides, those ones above, are "before" I updated each driver. In the report, the very top, seems to have the most, although I have no idea what it's referring too. latency_report.txt
  7. What is your HardDisk's Brand?

    Sorry if this is considered necro posting I have 5 of those brands actually (in different computers, I have 6 older computers. NOTE these are all IDE drives.... I'll list were each brand of drive is... I have one Western Digital 80GB in my main computer One Seagate Barracuda 120GB in my main computer One Maxtor 20GB in my Pentium 3 One Seagate Barracuda 20GB in my Pentium 4 I also have a Hitachi Deskstar 1TB external drive Oh, and there was a brand I have that wasn't listed in the poll... Fujitsu it's in my Pentium 1 MMX (it's a 16GB drive split in half since that computer's BIOS can't read a disk over the size of 13GB)
  8. You could download Tune Up Utilities 2010. They have an option to change the boot/login screen. ~Chris
  9. Howdy

    Welcome to the community! Hope you enjoy your time here & also that you learn something from us computer geeks. (I may be a new member, but trust me, I'm a computer geek....)
  10. Howdy

    Good to see another one join the community. Welcome!
  11. DPC High Latency Issue

    This site only allowed uploads of 500K so I uploaded it to a different site, I hope that's no trouble. Also you'll need to wait a few seconds before downlaod (the site makes you wait) This one is when I had my LAN enabled.... LAN Enabled This is when I disabled it.... LAN Disabled Again sorry for the trouble. ~Chris
  12. DPC High Latency Issue

    Back. I have included a screen shot of the DPC Latency Checker below. I don't know if the first red bar is because I first opened the checker or what. Usually the bars go off the chart as with the second one. Here is a screen shot of the Xperf report. It seems ataport.SYS is the cause of high latency when the on board LAN is disabled. Note, at this point in time, I don't have hardly anything enabled. On board sound is disabled, all my USB ports are disabled, just to narrow down the trouble maker. My hard drivers are IDE so, I can't exactly get rid of them. However, would this be an outdated chipset driver issue? Thanks for your help thus far. ~Chris
  13. DPC High Latency Issue

    I am using the on board LAN provided by my motherboard: VIA Rhine II Fast Ethernet Adapter Yes that is correct, I did see that ndis.sys was the cause for the high latency. I downloaded the driver direct from VIA. The driver version is below... Driver Provider: VIA Driver Date: 8/6/2010 Driver Version: Digital Signer: Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher I will disable the on board LAN in device manager, then do another DPC check then report back. ~Chris
  14. DPC High Latency Issue

    Hello, sorry if this is the wrong sub forum to post this in. I know my way around a forum since I've been in a clan with a forum for 4 years. Anyways, enough of that. Onto my problem. I will first list my system specs below... CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2800+ (Barton Core @ 2.12GHz) RAM: 1.2GB Hard Drive(s): Main System drive, Western Digital 80 GB (IDE) Second drive (For programs & documents) Seagate Barracuda 120GB (IDE) Video Card: Powercolor Radoen 9250 (AGP) Motherboard: ABIT VA-20 PSU (Power Supply Unit): No Name 450Watt (cheap PSU) Alright, my problem is high latency as you probably have guessed. I had just recently installed Windows 7 Professional on this computer. I was getting sound drop outs in game (I listen to music while playing games) So I found out about DPC Latency Checker. I downloaded it & sure enough I was getting very high latency. A few green bars then it would spike off the charts. Now, I have just reinstalled Windows after searching for hours for a solution. however, my high latency problem still exists. I do not have a screen shot of the DPC latency checker. I did 2 checks with DPC latency checker. The first revealed that ndis.sys was the cause of my high latency. I then went into the BIOS & disabled all the stuff I either don't need or never use. (Floppy drive, it's controller, S-ATA on board controller, on board sound, on board LAN, & I even disabled my USB ports thinking they were the cause of the latency issue) Upon further testing (with the on board LAN disabled) I have the report shown below... NOTE you may have to zoom in to see the report clearly. Now, as you can see, Wdf01000.sys is the cause of the high latency (or at least it's the one with the highest latency) From what I understand, this is an import process, part of the system kernel itself? Oh yes, I am pretty knowledgeable with computers. Anyways, I know this system isn't the best, & I also know my video card isn't fully supported. However, I have ruled that out as a suspect. On my previous Windows installation upon receiving high latency, I uninstalled the video driver (I found a driver online that worked with my card) No Catalyst Control Center, but that's no big deal. Anyways, I uninstalled the driver because my first impression was of course the video card driver, since the card isn't really Direct X 9 compatible. However, it turned out my video card driver was not the cause. As I said previously, I have just reinstalled Windows & I haven't begun to install the video driver. Yet I'm getting the large spikes (off the charts) in the red during idle times. If you need anymore info please don't hesitate to ask. Thank you very much in advance for your time ~Chris
  15. Hello everyone

    Hello, I'm new here (just registered yesterday. just thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Chris & I like to fix computer, I'm very interested in how they work. In fact, I know quite a bit about them (not to boast or anything!) But, if you want to get to know me better feel free to PM me. I use x-fire for communication. ~Chris