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  1. Legitimacy?

    Yeah, I know its says I run W7 beneath my screen name, but I also have a PC with XP64-bit. Anyhow, a brief search revealed there are copies of XP all over the place with a price range from $69 to $139. But are these copies legitimate? Is there any way to determine just what you're getting for the money being spent?
  2. Feeling Very Stupid!

    jaclaz, sorry for the mistake, but as you can tell, I am a little new at this. the only option offered was saving this file as a .rar, which has been attached to this post. cannie, thank you VERY(!) much for the suggestion. Now the HD is totally usable. Oh! And there is no need to create a bootable CD. Just click on the desktop icon, and tell it what partition to delete. It puts the PC into "Boot Mode", and does it's thing in about 8 hours, and its seems to have been done without any glitch or hitch. MBR_HardDisk0.rar
  3. What's Your Favorite Brand of Motherboard and Why?

    Jeez!! Whoa!! Sounds like you guys are way ahead of me in terms of both knowledge and experience. I've only built three PC's all for personal use. Building one to satisfy a customer might be a totally different ball game. CoffeeFiend's post has given me something to think about 'cuz it might explain why vids tend to play a bit choppy on the Intel motherboard. Also sounds as if the Gigabyte motherboard might be worth looking into assuming I ever scrape enough money together to build another PC. Do I have any real need for another PC? No, but building them is fun and challenging, and once you start, there's no going back to buying a PC off the shelf. Anyhow, as was said earlier my main reason for liking the ASUS is the manual is very helpful for those with limited experience. Also the ASUS does seem to run cooler.
  4. There are so many different brands out there that listing all of them seems hopeless, but my favorite is ASUS because the manual and install CD's that come with it are very helpful with troubleshooting. My Intel motherboard came with an install CD and a sticker... not all that helpful.
  5. What is your HardDisk's Brand?

    Seagate just cuz I got an OEM real cheap, but it seems to be working ok.
  6. Feeling Very Stupid!

    Thank you for your interest, jaclaz. hdhacker was downloaded and a copy of the MBR is attached as a notepad document. cannie, I really I had read your post deleting that 70 MB System Reserved partition, but so far, no harm seems to have been done. Perhaps the install CD can be used to repair the damage. New Text Document.txt
  7. Top 5 80's Music

    Finally!! A thread after my own heart! The 80's rocked!! Both the music and the basketball were awesome. The Celtics and the Lakers RULED!! Here are some of my favorites just off the top of my head. Metal Health- Quiet Riot Photograph-Def Leopard(the whole "Pyromania" CD was terrific!) Diary of a Madman-Ozzie Osbourne Talk Dirty to Me-Poison 7200 Fahrenheit-Bon Jovi The *0's was a real joy ride...most of the time.
  8. Hello All!

    Oh? Makes sense.
  9. Feeling Very Stupid!

    I can only tell you what "Computer" and "Disk Management" show. When clicking on "Computer" it shows "C:/" to be a total of 442 Gigabytes. The lower box of "Disk Management" shows the following from left to right: System Reserve 100 MB NTFS(Healthy Primary); 96 MB Unallocated; C: 931.31 GB NTFS Healthy(System, Boot, Page File, Active, Crash Dump, Primary Partition) The upper box of "Disk Management" shows an icon that looks like a metal brief case, then "(C:). Simple, Basic, NTFS, Healthy, 442.31 GB's. The second metal briefcase icon below that shows, System Reserved, "Simple, Basic, NTFS, Healthy, 100 MB, 70 MB of free space. Can "System Reserved" safely be deleted in order to expand "C:/"?
  10. Comment

    For some reason videos seem to play better on the machine with the ASUS motherboard than on the Intel. The HD has been installed in both desktops without losing any data much to my pleasant surprise. The playback on the Intel motherboard is a little jerky for some reason. strange.
  11. Hello All!

    Thank you for the link, Tripredacus. But why not have all those programs in just one file with the option of which to install?
  12. Feeling Very Stupid!

    Agreed. But the old partition does not seem to be visible on either GParted or on the Windows 7 GUI. According to both there is 931 gigs of total space, but wen an attempt is made to expand the Windows 7 partition beyond 442 gigs, it is not allowed.
  13. Feeling Very Stupid!

    It did not occur to me that Windows 7 has it's own partitioning tool, which was why my attempt to use GParted failed. In the past GParted was used for partitioning off a HD with XP, and it worked pretty well. The problem is that I have a 1TB Seagate OEM HD with only 442 GB's in use and would very much like Windows 7 to take over the whole drive. I clicked on Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Create and Format HD Partitions. Right click on C/. It'll let me shrink it, but not expand it. Other than doing a fresh install is there some way to get Windows 7 to take over the entire HD? Are there any commands that can be entered from cmd.exe? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.
  14. Hello All!

    How the heck is everyone? My bad habits are computers, board games, cards, and any other form of decadence and irresponsibility. Since I am taking an accounting course, it might be a good idea to try and learn more about Microsoft products and the people who use them.