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  1. here the file list http://www.datafilehost.com/d/d1f545aa
  2. You can try to set Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE_00\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System] "EnableCursorSuppression"=dword:00000000
  3. Latest news from winpe development. First photo is from a windows 8 ramos. It has classic windows 7 shell for to keep it small. It can boot to system and admin users. Only changing "HKLM\System\Setup\cmdline=winpeshl.exe" and i use "HKLM\System\Setup\SetupType=2". It has nearly all windows drivers and most of the services. Mediaplayer, wireless, recovery environment, photo viewer all exist it its small size 226mb. Media player capable to play Divx and MP4. Other one is windows 8.1 ram os. It has all of the above one + new start menu + flash 253mb. Unlike Windows 7 PE, i could not get device center to work ever. Also metro apps and store not works. Micro 8 150MB
  4. pecmd.exe has a function for it. i do not know to use it very good but can be something like this. just for you to understand the logic. pecmd.ini TEAM WAIT 2000|EXEC =!%WinDir%\SYSTEM32\OEM.CMD need to put "pecmd.exe load %WinDir%\SYSTEM32\pecmd.ini" to HKLM\software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer\Run but maybe you will need to use pecmd call two times. from pecmd.ini need to call another pecmd2.ini. because explorer waits until the 2000 finishes and opens later.ı have solved it in a way but need to check at home how did i do it.
  5. There is wireless connection in build and can be seen from the screen records. After disable UAC metro apps complain need to open UAC. Because of that UAC is open. It is not a pe because there is no winpe registry in it. All the registry is from a real operating system. Also wpeshell not works at boot and winpe related, wininit, wpeutil etc.. not works and not needed. This is more interesting than windows 7 ram boot os. Because in windows 7 ram boot os, at boot dinotify.exe runs and there is lots of new device found popups and driver loading takes too much time. After all devices loaded there is popup that need to reboot windows. Also volsnap service try to load its storage driver again and it complains that old driver in memory and fails. Because of that i could not find a way to drives can be show up in explorer. I deleted volsnap inf services but no luck. In windows 8 ram os. All drivers loads with the speed of lightning, There is no new device founded popups also no reboot needed popoup. There is no drvload.exe lags. Also drives can be seen after boot. Probably new volsnap driver is better than windows 7 one.
  6. After a long time, i worked on windows 8.1 pe. Until now nobody could discover how to run metro ui under winpe 8 and i do not expect in short time anybody to discover (also i do not). Microsoft does not want us to use winpe as an operating system that they also canceled profiling under winpe 5.0 and getting everything harder (at least for me, it is now difficult to reduce system). So i go on other ways like running the reduced OS from Ram. This movie is a Windows 8.1 (360mb boot.wim) running from X: ram drive. It is not a Winpe. It auto logins as Administrator. I have spend lots of time to get it boot and did not spend any time to get perfect. Functionalities are just by luck because need to investigate files one by one to get some functions to work. Also made x64 version of it and it has same problems. I could not find a good program to record so i used teamviewer session for to make screen capture. At the time of writing main problems. 1-) Admin account "Getting ready your desktop" phase takes too much time. There should be some problem of copy default user profile to under admin account or starting the explorer shell should have some problems. 2-)Everytime running a program it pop ups and complains about signitures. 3-)Internet explorer not works. 4-)Media player not runs movies (a few files missing) Here is a little "how to" in a chineese web site (can translate with google). I do not know if it will be helpfull for you. I can not say i read and i did. There is not much information. http://bbs.wuyou.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=316491&extra=page%3D2
  7. A privilege that the service requires to function properly does not exist in the service account configuration. You forgot to add your service to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Svchost]. Change that key with normal windows 7 one. I should wrote it a few times in this topic. Other question is yes.
  8. I always use serviwin. More then services mmc snappin. Not much at windows 8 systems but i made services comparation hundred of times previously. I am more suspicious "volume" class than "disk" class. "Partmgr" services same at both. I will investigate more deeply time by time. If i get progess i will share my findings here.
  9. when i look (device manager)-(storage)-(general device)-properties it says one of services disabled. Driver properties shows fvevol,volsnap and rdyboost. fvevol and volsnap services already exist in winpe and values are same. I was disabled rdyboots with making service start=4 because it can not run from ram. at registry there is [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM_01\ControlSet001\Control\Class\{71a27cdd-812a-11d0-bec7-08002be2092f}] LowerFilters=fvevol rdyboost at winpe there is [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM_01\ControlSet001\Control\Class\{71a27cdd-812a-11d0-bec7-08002be2092f}] LowerFilters=fvevol Until windows 8 it was safe to remove rdyboost from first. Now if i remove it, it gives bsod. If i keep it not crash. If i delete rdyboost from services (device manager)-(storage)-(general device)-properties says registry corrupted. Normally after removing rdyboost from lowerfilters and its service, storage devices should be successfully loaded because it will not understand there is one more driver needs to be loaded. there is no more mention in inf files. After microsoft made lots of improvements at rdyboost somethings should be changed. There should be some registry keys i miss. removing inf files did not solve the problem.
  10. i set SystemSetupInProgress to "2" nothing changed. will try "1" and other hexing solutions. this can be a solution because i think i solved this issue previously when i was working with Windows 7 by deleting some inf files. will try them too. And jaclaz X:\>dd.exe --list > x:\as.txt rawwrite dd for windows version 0.6beta3. Written by John Newbigin <jn@it.swin.edu.au> This program is covered by terms of the GPL Version 2. Win32 Available Volume Information \\.\Volume{d9b257fc-684e-4dcb-ab79-03cfa2f6b750}\ link to \\?\Device\Ramdisk{d9b257fc-684e-4dcb-ab79-03cfa2f6b750} fixed media Mounted on \\.\x: NT Block Device Objects \\?\Device\Harddisk0\Partition0 link to \\?\Device\Harddisk0\DR0 Fixed hard disk media. Block size = 512 size is 120033041920 bytes \\?\Device\Harddisk1\Partition0 link to \\?\Device\Harddisk1\DR1 Fixed hard disk media. Block size = 512 size is 320071851520 bytes \\?\Device\Harddisk2\Partition0 link to \\?\Device\Harddisk2\DR2 Fixed hard disk media. Block size = 512 size is 250058268160 bytes \\?\Device\Harddisk3\Partition0 link to \\?\Device\Harddisk3\DR3 Fixed hard disk media. Block size = 512 size is 80025280000 bytes Virtual input devices /dev/zero (null data) /dev/random (pseudo-random data) - (standard input) Virtual output devices - (standard output) /dev/null (discard the data) X:\> do not know what you mean with testdisk but the software i found from Google is this TestDisk 6.13, Data Recovery Utility, November 2011 Christophe GRENIER <grenier@cgsecurity.org> http://www.cgsecurity.org TestDisk is free software, and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. Select a media (use Arrow keys, then press Enter): >Disk /dev/sda - 120 GB / 111 GiB - ST3120026A Disk /dev/sdb - 320 GB / 298 GiB - ST3320620A Disk /dev/sdc - 250 GB / 232 GiB - SAMSUNG HD251HJ Disk /dev/sdd - 80 GB / 74 GiB - ST380215AS Drive X: - 3162 KB / 3088 KiB - Microsoft Corporation RamDisk >[Proceed ] [ Quit ] Note: Disk capacity must be correctly detected for a successful recovery. If a disk listed above has incorrect size, check HD jumper settings, BIOS detection, and install the latest OS patches and disk drivers. For the best solution i need to keep autoinstalling of all drivers but need to keep hard drives visable. Also i made changes at IDConfigDB key. because it should have connection with hardware profiles and autoloading them. winpe and normal Windows install is different but nothing changed after test. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\IDConfigDB] "UserWaitInterval"=dword:0000001e "CurrentConfig"=dword:00000001 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\IDConfigDB\AcpiAlias] [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\IDConfigDB\AcpiAlias\0001] "DockingState"=dword:00000001 "AcpiSerialNumber"=hex:00,00 "ProfileNumber"=dword:00000001 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\IDConfigDB\Hardware Profiles] "Unknown"=dword:00000001 "Undocked"=dword:00000001 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\IDConfigDB\Hardware Profiles\0000] "FriendlyName"="New Hardware Profile" "Aliasable"=dword:00000000 "PreferenceOrder"=dword:ffffffff "Pristine"=dword:00000001 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\IDConfigDB\Hardware Profiles\0001] "PreferenceOrder"=dword:00000000 "FriendlyName"="Undocked Profile" "Aliasable"=dword:00000000 "Cloned"=dword:00000001 "HwProfileGuid"="{847e48a5-d6ef-11e1-af98-806e6f6e6963}" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\IDConfigDB\CurrentDockInfo] "DockingState"=dword:00000001 "Capabilities"=dword:00000000 "DockID"=dword:00000000 "SerialNumber"=dword:00000000 "AcpiSerialNumber"=hex:00,00 Most good part is this works will be, i will try to get metro ui work under ram booting. If Microsoft put a winpe check for people not get metro work under winpe we should have metro working under user login full Windows ram booting. Until now "unknown hard error" contiues also with user login, without winpeshl.exe.
  11. at first one yes. bcd store same both of them. default of setup dvd. if you explain how to set disable automatic driver search offline i will be glad. i can also search from net but i can miss somethings. What do you advice for "SystemSetupInProgress" to set to solve the problem. maybe it can be changed to something else as soon as boot with a command or loader isn't? MININT key by default not exist in system hiv. i think it is created after boot under winpe by winpeshl.exe. but winpeshl.exe is never executed. should i create a minint at system hiv to make it think it is winpe. And jaclaz i will try to run the solutions after boot and write the results. When i run "ddlist.cmd" it says "& undefined".
  12. screenshot should be informative. this is full windows boot to ram. winpeshell.exe not executed. autologins as user. this is winpe. winpeshell.exe executed. autologins as system user or admin winpe4 they are complately same system with all files and drivers. only registries modified. their system\controlset1\services brach complately same.
  13. Under winpe all drives can be seen. No problem at drive labels. But for now i discovered to get a full windows boot from ram. When it boots at very short period of time drive labels can be seen but after windows loads all drivers automatically only ramdisk drive can be seen. I can not explore the disks on computer. At device manager at disk drives section all drives listed and loaded but under storage devices i see only general storage. The reason should be when windows loads, it try to load storage drivers but for them to work properly need a reboot and until a reboot storage devices can not work as expected. I try to explain as clear as i can wish you understand what i mean. I wanted to add device manager screenshots to explain more clearly but i could not save anywhere the photos. If i am not wrong, anybody that boots full windows from a vhd or anyway to ram and wants to explore the disk drives on same pc should have same problem. I want "full windows boot to ram" load the drives as "winpe" do. ı have a few ideas but did not try yet. Maybe need delete storage class from system\control\class
  14. My first 8 rtm winpe. It was better than to manage by compared to previous beta builds. explorer and metro not works as expected. Approximately 400mb in size with all adk packages (.net,powershell..etc.). Not profilled and optimized. My one hour work. Maybe i will work on it when i bored.
  15. reproduces the problems with explorer? how? example?
  16. i asked about can you install your camera after you boot to winpe? there are so many parameters. need to investigate.
  17. do you have this? Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Class\{6BDD1FC6-810F-11D0-BEC7-08002BE2092F}] "Class"="Image" "ClassDesc"="@%systemroot%\\system32\\sti_ci.dll,-52" @="Imaging devices" "IconPath"=hex(7):25,00,73,00,79,00,73,00,74,00,65,00,6d,00,72,00,6f,00,6f,00,\ 74,00,25,00,5c,00,73,00,79,00,73,00,74,00,65,00,6d,00,33,00,32,00,5c,00,73,\ 00,74,00,69,00,5f,00,63,00,69,00,2e,00,64,00,6c,00,6c,00,2c,00,2d,00,31,00,\ 30,00,30,00,30,00,00,00,00,00 "Installer32"="sti_ci.dll,ClassInstall" "LowerLogoVersion"="5.2"
  18. need to compare performance issues vhd boot and wim boot. mine boots like winpe from wim.
  19. But this one works from ram. As i know embedded just can install on usb. not complately works from ram. am i false? Also thinpc is not thin at all enough
  20. I never made ram booting full windows builds before, because i do not know to do it. I just make winpe builds. This one is from a russian developer yahoo002, AEK or whatever. He is coder of inftoreg.exe tool and i had it years before. Today i decided to convert it from russian to my own language and modify to work better than it built. It is full windows that boots to ram. Works like winpe but it is not (maybe hybrid i did not investigated so much). User control panel fully works. Directly boots to local account. Everything that is not works in a winpe session are works in it. It needs more work on it yet. 493mb boot.wim and can boot with 1gb ram. Of course it says nongenuine and desktop warns about it.
  21. I am quite sure not a missing registry or file problem. probably 1-)"productoptions" registry 2-) walpaperhost.exe 3-) explorer.exe or 4-)Minint string in a file or registry needs to be patched. Just my opinion.
  22. i use "internet explorer, media player, remote desktop" template and add other stuff. after i use "beyond compare"
  23. consumer preview lite english .lst file http://www.mediafire.com/?uxf668cl46tthym release preview lite turkish .lst file http://www.mediafire.com/?d3462o6sw94eyoq there is no release preview lite english. do not ask. happy unpack

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