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  1. Yes, worst case hyperterminal will take a long time to respond. if that happens just power down again, establish connection and do last steps.
  2. BSY is a sudden occurrance. If the hdd started to act funny, but sometimes still worked, it is not BSY. The rest of the things , however, does sound like BSY. You might have more than one problem (or one big one that is not within the scope of this thread) No harm in trying the fix once more to make sure you did it right the first time.
  3. Another thing I learned in high school physics was the concept of significant digits. When taking measurements, available precision depends upon the tool or method used to measure. Exactly. The question is how close do you want to get to the answer? Even if you say one billion significant digits (which in most real world applications application will be closer to one than 1 itself ), you can just add one billion and one 9's and you are in spec again.
  4. As I see it, 0.999... = 1. Proof: 1/3 x 3 = 1 .333...x 3 = .999... =1 Hope this helps to clear any misunderstanding. Edit: I see a similar proof to my proof is in the original also. Still I learned in physics (long ago, not sure about current mathematical theory) that it is exactly equal to one (due to above proof) and not less than. Wikipedia agrees: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/0.999...
  5. The random characters were probably caused when the GND wire touched something. It shouldn't have broken anything. Just try the whole process again, making sure the wires are secure and not touching and make sure you do all the steps carefully.
  6. Continue the fix from after the "optional" power down which you did belatedly. See guide here http://www.mapleleafmountain.com/seagatebrick.html
  7. Unplug your hdd, and start again from the beginning, making sure you follow all the steps.
  8. How sure are you of the correctness of the driver? Is that the driver from the driver cd that came from the converter? There is no universal driver for all Nokia CA-42 cables and the best way to get the right driver is to get it from the driver cd that came with that specific converter. Also see FGA #6.
  9. Some signs are for specific places (e.g most roads in South Africa) Some are truly international... and some are just a waste of space in any language:
  10. ... or deemed to be not a problem To be not, or not to be , that is the question dilemma. Since neither Shakespeare, nor Hamlet is there to comment on this most difficult of dilemmas, we have to accept that there are no answers to a question that does not even exist there. Additionally , it is impossible to be behind the green glass door, and attractive not to be there.
  11. So they allege, but they are still using kangaroo courts where the poor, gullible globetrotting opportunists are being accused of trespassing and doomed to occupy the slammers, unless they are expelled to far off communities where they are deemed not to be a problem.
  12. It would never be allowed for them to stay, but to tarry for an abbreviated spell might be permitted.
  13. Excellent repartee, but surveillance allowed for the impression that there are no US citizens, and that they are all filled with illegal immigrants.
  14. I see . I choose to believe http://grammarist.com/usage/gases-gasses/ , but since both the freedictionary and oxforddictionary http://oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/gas ,accepts it (admittingly it is the US spelling, and the US is NOT behind the green glass door) , it will be permitted under duress.

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