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  1. Hi, I posted a method to do this using Autoit see the following topic: - http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...869&mode=linear The method works by copying the exe files from your previous version of office to the unattended disc then mapping the folder where they are stored to a drive letter and using this drive letter when installing the new version. Regards SteBro
  2. Hi Colin, My script is attached, you would need to change the sid and wepkey entries I have marked in the script (mine have been removed). The script also creates a dail-up connection for my broadband (through a USB modem) if you don't need this it can be removed leaving just the lines that apply to the wireless card (ie remove lines 51 to 150). Cheers SteBro CreateNetConnections.au3
  3. Hi Colin, I use AutoIT with a script to run the control panel applet ncpa.cpl. As the script is very hardware dependent my script won't work for you but if you are intrested in it for reference let me know and I will post a copy. The best option is to get yourself a copy of AutoIT and work through making a recording then you will be able to adjust it when things change. Cheers SteBro
  4. Hi ArmyDoc, 1) If you are trying to install all the OfficeXP applications then you would need all the previous office exe files, if I remember correctly I tried to remove some and it failed. However I didn't need access or outlook from the previous version even though I am installing OfficeXP professional, I guess 3 is enough for MS . 2) I use autoIT to install OfficeXP so when the install fails because it cannot find the previous office I have mapped a drive on my unattended DVD to B: drive so autoIT then tells officeXP to look in B: for the files. As long as you can tell OfficeXP where the previous version files are you can put them anywhere you want but this method was easiest for me. 3) See above, files don't need to be on the system drive. Cheers SteBro
  5. Hi Tinywoods, The different drive letters in not a problem, the script checks all the cd/dvd drives for the file uADVD.here, this is an empty text file placed at the root of the unattended DVD. When the script finds the file it uses the drive letter where it finds the file for the install. If you want to sometimes install Office 2k and other times Office XP you would need a software selection tool how are you planning to do this? Cheers SteBro
  6. Hi Tinywoods, I have a working solution for this using AutoIT. I have the Office 2000 program files Excel.exe, Powerpoint.exe and Winword.exe (get these from your Office 2K disk) in a folder that I map to B: drive then when Office XP fails to find a previous version in my AutoIt script I direct it to look in B: and it then installs. The might be a more elegant solution to this but my way does work. If you are interested the script is attached. Since I install from a DVD the script uses a folder on my DVD as the B drive, I also copy over an activation file from a previously activated office XP to automatically activate after installing. Cheers SteBro InstallMSOffice.au3
  7. Hi Radimus, If your happy to go the Autoit route here is a script, works OK with Avast Home Edition version 4.5.549 Cheers SteBro InstallAvast.au3

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