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  1. XP Permissions

    if you just want to install an app, righ click on it and then chose run as... chose any administrator account and fill in ur passwd. u shd be on
  2. Host file could cause problems

    it is exactly the thing that they say, "if you don't know what you are doing, better be away from it". if you know what all entries you have in your HOSTS file it will be a big help or else it dooms u
  3. Explorer.exe priority settings

    explorer.exe is the usually the process with highest priority at startup. if you are not sure abt it then use an application like bootvis to know which application is starting first up. most probably u will come to know that it is explorer.exe
  4. Pop-up's

    It use port 139 http://www.techtv.com/screensavers/answers...,3374542,00.htm
  5. Forgot Password Logon

    getting files out of an old install would not be a problem. you need to force hal.dll at the time of install. check out about this procedure in this M$ article. btw i like crispy's idea lot, that would be the best thing to do but if you have a seperate HD then you should go for Drew's idea. you have lots of choices. try anything you like!
  6. Forgot Password Logon

    you tried the install over current install? that would allow you to get in so that you can take backup but imo a format and install is the thing you should go for.
  7. Redhat Linux 9.0 Released!

    kewl...will be waiting for them btw what do you suggest for a newbie...mandrake 9.1 or RedHat 9.0?
  8. Screen Screws Up, Game Freezes

    what kind of mobo do you have? is it a VIA chipset? if it is, then did you install the 4-in-1 VIA drivers? without these drivers you usually have sound and graphics problems.
  9. Redhat Linux 9.0 Released!

    so any one got hands on 9.0? any user reviews? i have read about it on a few sites and only things missing are XMMS and a bit of problem with vid card drivers. how are any personal experiences coming up?
  10. Windows XP SP2 ...

    nope...SP2 is not officially released as yet. some beta thing is lying around though but IMO you should remain far away from a beta release. cheers
  11. Intel To Give Its Best Shot In Late 2004

    Yeah and I will post more about Grantsdale chipset that Intel is developing for this specific processor.
  12. Internet Explorer Becomes Windows Explorer

    so you'll be going for format and reinstall?
  13. With the growing popularity of AMD and never ending want of processing power has led Intel to give its best shot in form of their most lavishly planned processor Tejas. Late 2004/ Early 2005 is likely to see the birth of Intel's new baby, christened Tejas. Starting at a clock speed of 4.5 Ghz, it is expected to cross 5 Ghz pretty soon. It will be fed by an 1066Mhz Front Side Bus and will have 90nm fabrication process. Tejas will also bring along 8 new instructions, an enhanced HyperThreading and an improved Level-I cache (L-2 cache is expected to go upto 1MB). Perhaps the most visible difference will be that Tejas will come without pins - it will use a 775 contact, Land Grid Array (LGA).Look at the picture on The Inquirer. The processor will be nestled within a direct socket loader, which will serve a triple-purpose - maintaining contact with the motherboard, processor and insulation - from the potentially damaging heatsink. The Grantsdale chipset will baby-sit Tejas, and oversee the transition from the Intel Prescott to the new kid on the block while the optimists reckon that the memory industry will be ready with new form of DDR to harness the complete power from the processor. Read more on The Inquirer and endian.net
  14. Internet Explorer Becomes Windows Explorer

    i don't understand whats going on. my last shot... go to view menu--->explorer bar--->folders. if it is checked then uncheck it.
  15. Internet Explorer Becomes Windows Explorer

    format for a pagefile corruption? anyways what can i say... screen shots that i requested?