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  1. I think Doggie did it,he seems crazy. Tell the cops to check his frequent flier miles. Another mystery solved by me.
  2. Microsoft deserves a spot on my keyboard,without it my keyboard would be perfect.And we know nothings perfect.
  3. I have mine set to 38 using hex,I never read that it had to be set to decimal. I've had this setting for months now without any instabilities. Can you give me the link to where you read that it had to set to decimal @38?
  4. What's the highest # I can set win32priorityseparation to? The highest I've seen is 38. Can I go any higher?While keeping my system safe at the same time.I'm not sure what this does,is it the percentage of time the cpu splits between regular apps and background apps?
  5. I haven't done it yet,but thanks ahead of time.I'm almost micrsoft logo free. Wasder is very cool,unlike Doggie,his keyboard types on it's own.
  6. Just say sorry and,everything will be okay.
  7. "It doesn't have anything to do with the topic". Doggie is just alittle off his rocker
  8. I don't have a problem with my serial #,all 40 of them work fine.Are you mad that you paid for yours,which I doubt you did.You just want us to think that. Don't you
  9. yeah, that's what I'll do. I since Betrayal :lol:l
  10. It should have the highest priority when starting up your system. It runs windows ,it has to start first doesn't it? But it doesn't have high priority while windows is running. At least task manager says so.It's at the setting "normal". I just want to set it to the setting "above normal"so when windows boots it's already at that setting,if that works well,then I'll set it to "high. If it's not possible to do this, someone whos knows what their talking about should tell me. And,I would like an Explanation.That's the only way I'll learn. I have to mess with stuff I don't know about,that's evolving. No disrespect to anybody on this forum that actually tries to help people with their problems. To them I say thank you.
  11. Come on people,why can't I run explorer.exe in high priority all the time?I want windows to boot with it like that.
  12. very sad,you think everybody plays with their keyboard as much as you. Don't worry someday you might find a girlfriend.
  13. I take it you don't have a girlfriend.
  14. Okay,your right... But there's no way to Hack it and then put it back without windows refusing it?
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