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  1. My monitor shuts off for no apparent reason

    Well, I'd probably just call it shiat!
  2. My monitor shuts off for no apparent reason

    I have another monitor that I did try. It worked fine. That's why I think the monitor has problems. Oh, and something I forgot to mention. After the monitor shuts off, I have to wait a certain amount of time (a few minutes) before it will turn on again. If I try to turn it on before that time, the indicator light will come on, but the monitor won't show any graphics.
  3. Hi there. I have a problem. It seems as though my monitor likes to randomly shut off. I could be doing anything from surfing the web to playing a game. I have a Compaq MV900 monitor. All of my drivers are installed properly, I have a GeForce 4 Ti4600, my desktop resolution is on 1024 x 768, and my refresh rate is on 85Hz. I have the suspicion that my video card is just too powerful for the monitor. Previously, I had a Ti4200 and I had the same problem. Have any of you heard of a problem like this before? Is it the monitor or is it a software/hardware issue? If you need any more information to troubleshoot, go ahead and ask! Thanks!
  4. Photoshop 7 Tutorials

    I've found these tutorials really helpful! They taught me a bunch about Photoshop, and I can do some awesome stuff now! Thanks guys.
  5. Screen Screws Up, Game Freezes

    Well, I changed the video card to a GeForce2 MX 400 (*vomit*) and I've been playing BF for about 30 minutes now with no problem. I think my Ti4200 is just messed up. By the way, thanks for the help everyone. I love these boards.
  6. Screen Screws Up, Game Freezes

    Well, I have a habit of running my computer with the case panel off. It's what I'm currently doing too. I don't believe my video card has a heat sink. If it does, it's small. Oh, and I have a 350 Watt power supply. I think that's enough. Anyway, I'll turn off my computer and take some pictures, so I'll edit my post when I'm done... ------------------------------------------ UPDATE: Inside of the computer showing motherboard, video card, and CPU: The error screen I get when playing games: There you go. Make of it what you will! And you may be wondering why I have an Apple monitor. Well, it's a really high quality monitor.
  7. Screen Screws Up, Game Freezes

    MSNwar: It's autoselect, and everything is compatible. The model is Asus A7V8X ACPI BIOS Revision 1010. I think it really is a video card problem. It's always seemed like an overheat to me. What I have done is put a standard floor fan pointing inside my case, right on the card. I'm about to test it. ------------------------------------------------- UPDATE: Well, I guess it's not a heat problem, unless the fan didn't do it's job right. Plus, I did get the CPU speed message again. I don't know. This kind of sucks.
  8. Screen Screws Up, Game Freezes

    FthrJACK: I tried to take a screenshot from FRAPS, but I can't because the computer freezes right away when all the colors come up. asklepios: I believe have a VIA, but it makes no difference because the same problem occured with two different motherboards. Note that I got an error message the last time. The screen did it's usual "color me up and shut me down" maneuver and when I restarted the computer, it went straight into the BIOS and said something like "The CPU stopped responding on the last boot because of an improper CPU speed detection" So, I'm thinking that's the problem. I played around with some AGP features thinking they might be conflicting, but I have yet to test them...
  9. Screen Screws Up, Game Freezes

    Yeah, actually I had done that before I saw that message. I was turning off a bunch of features, and that was one of them.
  10. Screen Screws Up, Game Freezes

    Thanks for the help everyone, but man, I am having THE WORST luck. Ok, first my video card doesn't work. Now, my hard drive died on me! I'm now using my dad's HD and I've installed BF on it. I'm so totally screwed over! Now you see, my dad has gone out of town, and he took my backup hard drive AND my old CPU! I really wanted to try and revert to fix all my problems, but I can't for a week! Knowing my luck, THAT probably won't even work. I turned the hardware acceleration as far down as I could while still being able to run the game, but it happened again. Then, I installed DX 9 (I had 8.1 before) to see what would happen. No go. Same thing. I think my card is just messed up. That sucks. Aren't they supposed to be designed to, I don't know, WORK. I guess we'll see what happens when my dad comes back. If nothing resolves, ah well, I have money to burn.
  11. Sattelite Images Of Bagdad

    I love satellite images. They're so amazing. I wish I had full access to these surveillance satellites. They say you can read a piece of paper in someone's hand with them!
  12. Screen Screws Up, Game Freezes

    Before I begin the problem, let me tell you guys that I just changed my motherboard and CPU. I wasn't happy with the motherboard, so I switched to the old one, but kept the newer CPU. It seems like it shouldn't be a problem, since I have the exact same system, except for a slightly faster CPU (1.7 to 2 Ghz). Funny thing is, it started after I did all this. So, If you do think this has anything to do with my problem, let me know! Anyway, every time I play Battlefield 1942 recently, at a non-specific time in the game my screen will get messed up; all kinds of colors are all over the screen. You can't even see any part of the game through it. The computer freezes too, and if I restart, the screen is the same. I have to actually turn it off and back on again. Anyway, like I said, this happens at no set time. It could happen 5 minutes after I start playing or 30 minutes, and only when I play games (obviously because they are graphics intensive). I can't figure it out. I have: - Windows XP - AMD Athalon XP 2Ghz CPU - GeForce Ti4200 64MB I run BF on: - 800 x 600 16 bit color - All detail levels high - Most card features off (AA off, Antistropic filtering off, etc.) I'll spare you the other specs as they probably don't matter. I had the old Nvidia drivers installed, and the problem occured. Then, I installed the newest Nvidia drivers, same problem. It's really starting to get aggravating. Maybe the card itself has issues. It's not like I'm pushing it to its limit or anything. Plus, it's been working fine for a long time. I just don't get it. So, if you have any thoughts or ideas, let me know. I appreciate it.
  13. Bomb Saddam Video

    "How bombing can be cool things?" Um, what?
  14. Bomb Saddam Video

    Hey, thanks for the credit on the bfcentral boards JACK. I also posted a thread there, but it was moved into the off-topic boards.
  15. Bomb Saddam Video

    Check this out. It's a video compilation of a bunch of different aircrafts bombing and generally doing cool things. Bomb Saddam Video