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  1. found. managed to make it work with the bcdw module
  2. hello, im using the latest version of powerpacker with the new boot manager, but i want to use cdshell.ini so i overwritten the boot folder. i have a problem, when in cdshell i try to load /XPPC/XPPC.BIN that is the same entry of the new loader. i receive this error from cdshell: Error file cannot be larger than 64kb can anyone help me to make the files created with the latest version of powerpacker work with cdshell? thanks sonica
  3. Hello, i've found a problem with Audio Player and Classic Theme: it doesn't play any audio file in WPI but it does play during install. v5.3 please move my message to bugs section, i didn't notice it before posting.
  4. I removed the forced reboot and the wga check, i haven't touched anything else. http://www.megaupload.com/it/?d=GEEJGQ48 enjoy sonica
  5. i'm posting it tonite, as soon as i go back home.
  6. hello if you want to install Microsoft Private Folder in unattended way you have to use /quiet /norestartbut you may see that your system will reboot anyway. you may circumvent this behaviour editing the install file with Microsoft Orca. once you opened the installer with Orca you have to drop line UCA_REBOOTfound in InstallExecuteSequencedone that, you may install it unattended without the automatic reboot. enjoy sonica
  7. hello! i'd like to see 2 new features in wpi: 1) a checkbox in application configuration pale to disable a specific entry. at present i'm able to do that using the "flase" keyword in condition entry, but i think it would be more pratical and less mnemonical with a little checkbox 2) i have a couple of apps that force my system to rebbot... no flag can avoid this. but i'd like to add them to wpi, to give the opportunity to install. what i'm asking is a flag that make a entry not selected even if a user choose "select all". so i can install thos apps manually with wpi but i must not fear that a user can select it if i choose "select all" thanks for your job sonica
  8. [InputOutput] XPSource=D:\sloth_patchato XPDestination=D:\dvdnew [Exclusions] [Extra Files] ExtraPackDest= ExtraRootDest=D:\file da aggiungere ExtraRoot=Y [Custom Options] PackNameOn=N Tri-Pack=N [Unattended] Unattend=X Winnt.sif=D:\ $OEM$=D:\DVD\ROOT\XOPC\$OEM$ [DriverPacks] DriverPack=P DPSource=D:\driverpacks\UWXPCD_ROOT [WinXPVersion] XPVersion=P [WinXPEdition] XPEdition=C [Win2k3Version] 2k3Version= here it is
  9. hello. i think i've found a bug in v1.0 RC8 Beta3 my winnt.sif file is not loaded. after loadining it in powerpacker and creating the files, if i look in folder %MYUCD%\ROOT\XPPC\I386 the winnt.sif file doesn't includemy specific settings and also %MYUCD%\XPPC\wXPPC.sif doesn't include them is this behaviour correct? i tried both in tripac and in simple version but none of them worked
  10. thanks but i need details view in save as windows... and nothing happens if i do what you wrote.... it still remains in list view...
  11. huh? sorry but i'm not able to find a way to switch from "List" to "Details" at the link you posted. it just describe how to change Default Open/Save Shortcuts am i wrong? thanks sonic
  12. hi all. i've already searched the forum but i'm not been able to find this hack. i'd like that the "Save as" window shows up always with a presetted "Details" view instead of the default "list"(i'm not sure if i'm using the correct labels beacuse i use an italian version of windows, i hope you'll understand anyway) can anyone help? i hope there's a registry for this simple request thanks sonic
  13. hi all, i've found what was the problem tha caused the BSOD: \DVD\XOPC\SYSTEM32\SMSS.EXE is missing when using powerpack with my nLited windows. just this. if i manually copy it everything works fine. i hope this could help anyone thanks sonica
  14. Hi. version has an layout issue when displayed in 1400 resolution. sidemenu does't show up in top left corner but just in left middle area. old 3.6.1 version works fine thanks sonica
  15. thanks for suggestion... however i dislike captive, it has problem with localized version of needed Windows files... i guess i'll try NTFS4DOS... it's just a bit tricky cause it asks me a floppy drive to create image and i haven't got any... i can use any version of dos? freedos? thank again sonica
  16. hi all i need a suggestion: i need some tool to write to ntfs to include in my multiboot cd but i don't have to much space... max 10MB can you suggest me some app or image? thanks sonica
  17. it worked, thanks a lot! but i can't help with knoppix grazie sonica
  18. Good news I wonder why it creates an error? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> hi i have the same problem with a windows "nlited" i'm not sure how your program works but maybe the problem is related to this: in the MSFN Multiboot tutorial there's this: Creating the Boot Folder Thanks to gosh from the MSFN forums, I have discovered a much better way to obtain the boot files. While this method is a slight pain, it ensures that everyone has the proper boot files for their DVD. Go to Start -> Run and type or paste the following command with the correct drive letter of course: D:\AIO-DVD\SETUP\XP\Professional\i386\winnt32.exe /noreboot taken from here http://flyakite.msfnhosting.com/xpprosp1.htm but i remove the "manual install and update" component with nlite i no longer have winnt32.exe file... i hope this could help to track the issue, however i'd really like to have PowerPacker working without the manua linstall and update component thanks sonica
  19. almost done, but i've got a strange problem. i'm using cdshell, tryingo to add **** Small Linux to my cd if i put dsl's original isolinux.cfg it loads dsl splash screen, in which you can editkernel optios if you press f2... but it freezes there! but if a do not give any isolinux.cfg it gives me a prompt saying it cannot load any kernel, but here, if i give it the same string that there was in isolinux.cfg i.e. /BOOT/modules/isolinux/linux24 ramdisk_size=100000 init=/etc/init lang=it apm=power-off vga=791 initrd=/BOOT/modules/isolinux/minirt24.gz nomce noapic quiet BOOT_IMAGE=knoppix dsl starts successfully now, i could remap the most common kernel option in a cdshell menu, but i will still miss the dsl console and i would like to use it any suggestion? thanks sonica
  20. hi all, i have the same problem, trying to include **** small linux, same screen too does anyone have ny suggestion? thanks sonica
  21. The goal of this document is to collect instructions for performing unattended / silent installations of many popular application installers. Such instructions are useful for automating these installations. A quick word on terminology: Strictly speaking, an unattended installation is one which does not require user interaction, and a silent (or quiet) installation is one which does not display any indication of its progress. However, most people use these terms interchangeably. Here, we are interested not only in performing unattended installations, but also in waiting for those installations to finish and suppressing any reboot they might want to perform. This is necessary for reliably installing multiple applications. Just found on sourceforge, maybe someone finds this document useful... bye sonica
  22. thanks for links i add this if anyone needs it http://clarence.supereva.com/download/wallpaper/
  23. hi all. i need help to understand how to set the default save format in Open Office 2 what i want is a global setting, so each user that will be created on my system will always have my chosen file format as defaults. i've searched open office forum, i've found this interesting topic: http://www.oooforum.org/forum/viewtopic.phtml?p=79010#79010 and i've done some try with the share user Setup.xcu but i'm not been able to obtain what i want can anyone help? thanks sonica
  24. great background image, could you share it? and... does anyone know where to find such beautiful natural backgrounds? thanks sonica

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