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  1. Dear all,

    I am sorry, I was not active for a long time. I was so busy with my job and my personal life, and I could not find free time for this project.

    But now, I want to finalize 3.0 version, so I will appreciate any help about it.

    3.0 final will probably last version of uSP.

    Thank you for your support.

  2. Gape already asserted some time ago that he would only include official, unmodified updates in his Service Pack. No third parties, no elements belonging to other operating systems.

    It's the man's choice and we can only respect it.

    On the other hand, nobody stops one from installing soporific's Auto-Patcher for Windows 98SE which offers all colors of updates, NUSB included.

    3.0 has lots of unofficial updates. :) BTW, the fact is that I don't like to add ME files into uSP, and NUSB has lots of ME files.

    I think I should reconsider this decision, some ME files are the only way to fix some problems in 98 SE.

  3. Security Update for DirectX 9 (KB904706)

    Download size: 567 KB

    Security Update for Windows 98 (KB891781)

    Download size: 152 KB

    Q329048: Security Update (Windows 98)

    Download size: 267 KB

    Hi, only 891781 is included in uSP 3.0 B1. Did you install IE before or after uSP ?

    About Q329048, it will be probably included next beta.

    Thanks for feedback.

  4. The version of msvcrt.dll included in uSP is older then mine - I have 6.10.9359.0 - any particular reason to not include that in uSP?

    Because of version consistency:

    atl.dll - 3.0.9782

    mfc42.dll - 6.0.9782

    msvcirt.dll - 6.0.9782

    msvcp60.dll - 6.0.9782

    msvcrt.dll - 6.0.9782

    Dated Feb, 2004.


    If I include 6.1.9848 version of msvcrt.dll, I need to update to 6.1.xxxx versions of these files. Does anyone know latest 6.1.xxxx versions of these files ?

  5. Hi Fred,

    Already included in Beta 1:








    Will NOT included in uSP:

    SCANFRAG.EXE -- ME files

    TOOLS9X.EXE -- 3rd party files

    PNGFIX.EXE -- IE 6 specific

    Q222930.EXE -- IEAK 4 specific

    Q909363.EXE -- XML3 specific

    Q920213.EXE -- no idea

    COPY2GB.EXE -- this problem is fixed by another fix which is included in uSP.

    vcredist_x86.exe -- which version ?

    Will probably include in the next beta:


  6. Service Pack 2 changed Windows logo in the system-wide About box. The new picture was an ugly 16-color WinXP logo. Perhaps it is not a good idea to apply XP artwork to 98?

    It was very old version of Service Pack (1.x). I am sure that all versions of Service Pack 2 and 3 doesn't change About box logo.

  7. So when I install 3.0 ALPHA 3, (or any pack for that matter)and those pop ups-- pop up asking me -- do I want to keep this file--am I supposed to click OK or NO? I've always had that problem, (the way its worded) confuses me! I've always clicked yes, but am checking here, just to see if I should be clicking no. It's Carnival over here so I am a tad foggy in the mind! In fact I have no idea at the moment if this post is going to end up in the right spot!

    Thanks for the feedback. You should select OK, in other words, you should keep the newer files. I will try to improve version handling in the next version to avoid these popups.

  8. And what about 48-bit LBA patch by LLXX (http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=78592) ? Are you going to add it to uSP?

    Yes, probably.

    I had the same issue as described by Xeno86, and have solved it also by downgrading CDVSD.VXD to

    As for the hotfix itself, it seems not to be available anywhere... but I'm willing to test it also, if any of you find it and post it here.

    Changing subjects, I've updated my VIP.386 from to, and it got less resource hungry, when surfing the internet. Thanks, Gape! :thumbup

    Thanks for the feedback. Now, we know that at least 4 different computers have problems with 2226. So, I am planning to replace 2226 with 2224 in uSP.

    If anybody has 2225, please post it.

    Current situation of 3.0 Alpha 2

    Thanks to Tihiy, sleffing, erpdude8.

    * Added GDIPLUS.DLL.
    * Added 2_4DATE.EXE.
    * Added WIN.INI ShortDate fix.
    ! Added RUNHELP.CAB.
    ! Added "key bindings patch" for NOTEPAD.EXE.
    - Added optional Windows 2000 Theme (Color Scheme and Desktop Icons).
    - Uninstallation of MS Java is silently now.
    x Added Q265854 (RUNPOST.BAT).
    x Added 98lite Sleek support (RUNPOST.BAT).
    x Update INFEX [to 0.5.1].
    x Corrected SHELL.INF.
    x Corrected FDISK.EXE.
    x Fixed copying of SERVICES problem.
    x Corrected fix of "slow down properties" problem.
    x Added missing Q835732 registration lines.

    What do you think to add these as optional parts into uSP ? Please share your ideas.

    - Windows Media Player (1.5 MB).

    - WinTop.

  9. My wish is to be able to make a stand-alone installer package that can be run silently. If i knew how you managed to incorporate it into uSP, i will have a great chance of being able to use that knowledge to make a proper iexpress package that DOES install silently. Can you help?

    Got it. It was very long time ago that I added DUN 1.4 support, so I should look my notes, and examine it again. I will provide more information soon.

    As for now 4.10.2224 works ok.

    Thanks, good. Maybe 2226 supports only some Intel chipsets, or it requires IAA. Any idea ? I will keep 2226 version in uSP until we have more information about this issue.

    From Windows Server 2003 SP1. DO NOT USE THESE HTML HELP FILES!!!
    1700 is from IE6.0SP1. But I am not sure about 1710. What is its source ? Maybe MDGx modified the version.

    I modded this one, Gape. explorer.exe build 1710 is no different from 1700 except for very minor tweaks that I'll keep quiet about.

    Thanks for the feedback. But very minor tweaks that you'll keep quiet about ? :wacko: So, It will not be included in uSP.

  10. Thank you all for very important and valuable feedback.

    Fdisk.exe, Services, Slow properties, q265854...

    All of them will be fixed on Alpha 2.

    We've been busy while you were away ... i've been meaning to ask you about your Dial-up Networking 1.4 update pack but i've forgotten what the question was ... it was something to do with how to get it to install without an automatic reboot. My solution in the end was to create an AutoIT script and use that to cancel the 'Do you want to reboot now' prompt. But i'd prefer your method because it doesn't add one of the components ... anyway, i'm starting work on the new version of the UBCD project and i'll get around to working out what exactly i wanted to know ... i can't wait to test out the new version of the service pack ... again, welcome back!

    uSP doesn't contain the full package of DUN 1.4. I extracted and added only necessary parts of it.

    Just installed sesp30a1.exe. No problems except that it seems to have knocked out the new My Computer and Recycle Bin icons.

    Desktop icons will be return on Alpha 2.

    I have CDVSD.VXD 4.10.2224 from KB265314.

    Get it here :Download site

    Hope this helps :D

    Xeno86, can you try this ?

    For the record the numbers are:

    HH.exe - 5.02.3790.1830

    HHsetup.dll - 5.02.3790.1830

    ltirc.dll - 5.02.3790.1830

    ltss.dll - 5.02.3790.1830

    I could not find the source, where are they from ? Any idea ?

    I noticed that you are using explorer.exe *.1700. MDGx has a newer version *.1710.

    * Unofficial Windows 98 SE 256 Colors Icons Explorer EXPLORER.EXE 4.72.3612.1710 Fix:


    - EXPLORER.EXE 4.72.3612.1710 Patch [172 KB, English]:


    1700 is from IE6.0SP1. But I am not sure about 1710. What is its source ? Maybe MDGx modified the version.

  11. Oh why the heck? Forcing installing explorer.exe and shell32.dll looks extremely wrong to me. It instantly breaks Revolutions Pack or 98SE2ME Option 3, why'd you do that? That'll also break 98Lite as well. Or that is supposed to run if shell32.w98 is NOT present? Looks like wrong way.

    Those files should copy only if shell32.dll version is 4.72.*.

    One more [minor] thing: infex main window hangs while installing INF. I think just disabling window and checking if process still running (via timer / GetProcessVersion/GetExitCodeProcess or directly in message loop) will be right thing.

    About shell.inf installation, I didn't focus it on the this release.

    But you are right. Both of them are fixed for the next release. ;)

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