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  1. Could you give me a little more information about your system ? What did you have before installing 3.0a1 ? Did you have 2.1a ? Any other update pack ? IE version ?
  2. Thanks. I will check it. Maybe there is a newer HTML Help update. When ? After rebooting ?
  3. Thank you very much. I will try to reproduce it. I also should check that if there are other CDVSD.VXD versions such as 2225, 2224 etc.
  4. I can add it on the next releases, if I get more request, no problem.
  5. sleffing, Molecule, thanks for your feedback. Yes, uSP 3.0 contains unofficial updates. Now 3.0 Alpha 1 is almost ready [Alpha releases will focus only to collect currently best updates]. There are only 2 problems: - Although I added required Windows Update information into the registry. Q891711, and Q918547 are still showing up on the Windows Update. Does anyone know something about it ? - "COMCTL32.DLL file cannot start" problem during uninstallation of Adaptec ASPI or Boot/Shutdown logos. Some new features like USB thumb drives support, Enable48bitLBA will be included in the next alpha/beta release.
  6. @sleffing, Thanks for the info. MDGx has already a update for timezones, dated March 2007. Q931836.EXE. But I think it doesn't contain New Zealand update probably. Could you post/email your INF ? It will be great and helpful.
  7. Thank you all for your nice welcome messages. @about IE5 updates: They are a part of OS. Some users don't update IE at all (like 98lite and/or Firefox, Opera users). I think these updates can be still useful for them. BTW, I will think about it. @about NUSB: I think it still contains WinME files. I don't want to add WinME files into USP. @about Copy2GB, Enable48bitLBA: Copy2GB is in the 3.0 Alpha 1. But I am not sure about Enable48bitLBA, because data loss possibility is very dangerous. I want to make sure that it is working successful on different systems.
  8. USP is a "service pack" that fixes operating system problems. It doesn't try to add 3rd party software. It will be not different from older USP versions. It will not contain any Windows ME files, but with this 3.0 release it contains unofficial fixes. I don't have enough information autopatcher, because I was away for a long time. By the way, I will release an alpha version soon, there will be beta version(s) and release candidate(s). I hope all users who needs/likes the USP will help me to improve this new release. Thanks.
  9. Working on the new version... I hope I will release it in the next week. * New/updated file ! New/updated file (unofficial) + Minor improvement x Bugfix - Information only 3.0 Alpha 1 * Added MSHDC.INF [from Q276602]. * Added T2EMBED.DLL [from Q908519]. * Added KBDSP.KBD [from Q312586]. * Added Q897225 [REG]. * Added TIMEZONE.INF [from Q933360]. * Updated NDIS.VXD + PPPMAC.VXD + VIP.386 [to Q301453]. * Updated RICHED20.DLL [to Q918118]. * Updated HLINK.DLL [to Q920670]. * Updated MSVBVM60.DLL [to, Q930828]. * Updated JSCRIPT.DLL [to Q917344]. * Updated HHCTRL.OCX + HHCTRLUI.DLL [to Q928843]. * Updated SNMP.EXE + SNMPAPI.DLL [to Q926247]. * Updated ASYCFILT.DLL + OLEPRO32.DLL + STDOLE2.TLB [to 5.0.4528]. * Updated ROOTSUPD.EXE with ROOTSUPD.CAB [to 13.0.2195]. * Updates SERVICES [RFC 1060 / IANA]. ! Updated INFEx [to 0.5]. ! Added VOLTRACK.VXD [from U249824]. ! Added KRNL386.EXE [4.10.1999]. ! Updated UPDATE.SYS [4.10.2223 - CPU microcode updates]. ! Updated SHELL32.DLL [to 4.72.3812.634 - Corrects lockups while deleting large number of files + Fixes 2-4 GB files errors]. ! Updated GDI.EXE + GDI32.DLL [to U918547 - 4.10.2227]. ! Replaced KB891711.EXE + Q891711.DLL with USER.EXE + USER32.DLL [U891711 - 4.10.2233]. ! Added FORMAT.COM and updated FDISK.EXE [Display errors are fixed in this versions]. + Added a new option: Uninstall Microsoft Virtual Machine. + Added "LocalLoadHigh=1" to TWEAKS.INF. + Moved EXPLORER.EXE from SUPP.CAB to SP2.CAB. + Replaced CRLUPD.EXE with CRLUPD.CAB. x Fix for "Properties Slow Down" issue. - Cleanup the SPUPDATE.INF code. - All optional parts can be uninstalled seperately.
  10. Wow, great Petr. This list will help me much for making a new version. Thank you.
  11. Hello all, This is a quick post, I will write again frequently in next days. I am extremely sorry for my absence. Now, I am back. I had some job, school, and health problems, but I am OK now, I solved all my problems, and I will continue to release new updates. But there are lots of new works during my absence, so I need your patience again. [Anyone who made some works after 2.1a, you can share them with me, if you want.] Thank you. Gape.
  12. Sorry guys. There was a lot of things to do. A new version will be definitely released. Please patience a little more.
  13. Finally, I made my thesis presentation last Friday at school. There are lots of internal changes in the service pack. The project is not dead.
  14. maybe in the next few months. it's up in Gape's hands to release a new version but right now he's currently very busy. Yes, sorry, I'm very busy nowadays. On the other hand, I have almost completed a beta version. I hope I will release it asap.
  15. If they looks good on Win9x, I can change my Win2000 icons replacement with Tango icons. Thanks for the links.
  16. I hope I'll release a new version in this weekend.
  17. * Check that is your BIOS latest? * You must install Intel Chipset Software Utility, and IAA 2.3. (Your chipset should support IAA 2.3, I got your "System Information" email, thanks.)
  18. You need IAA 2.3. Why it didn't work? Before installing it, you have to install latest Intel Chipset Software Utility, firstly. I mean this: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=38193 As already stated in this guide, you must close all open programs. Please, read carefully "Installation Guide" part of this guide.
  19. This endless loop of registry checking is not unofficial pack's fault. It is a bug of Q311561 update (which is a OFFICIAL update, and there is exactly same version in the unofficial pack). Please, try to google. Even without unofficial service pack, this Q311561 update causes mentioned problem on some systems. One of the reasons of this loop is bad memory modules. I highly recommend that you should check your ram modules with a program such that MemTest. Could you write your detailed hardware list ? Also make sure that you installed latest version of your mainboard and vga drivers (especially IAA). Did you read installation guide of the unofficial pack ? You think OFFICIAL service packs are perfect ? IMO, they're not. For example, my old machine (which has old VIA Apollo VPX chipset), has serious problems with XP Service Pack 2.
  20. In fact, I mean XDMA. I have not any experience yet, but I'm going to try it. I think you can use HDTach to comparison. I should work in compatibility mode, too.
  21. I think if you install DOS UDMA drivers, it should be much faster...
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