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  1. Translation Maximus Decim Data Access Component Update 2.0 into Czech. Download here
  2. Translation Maximus Decim 6.0sp1 InternetExplorer Component Update 3.4 into Czech. Download here
  3. Stable Czech nSP 3.0 download here
  4. Good Day. I would like to ask someone who could create an installation package for Hamachi with Czech translation
  5. That sucks. The only way to fix it is by sending me unicode .rc files. Use Notepad on Czech NT(XP) system (or some editor on 9x which handles Unicode) to open extracted (with ResHacker, not Restorator) .rc scripts and save them in Unicode encoding. Also translate shl8.dll plz. The file was repaired RP8.dll Czech Download file here
  6. In Task Manager shows wrong diacritic in the Czech language
  7. The Czech translation RP9 Author Tihiy RP9 add this translation program. Download RPConfig RP8.dll here
  8. Czech translation of the final Service Pack 3.0 BETA 4. Download here: ricrdsson.ic.cz/nsp.html
  9. Preparing for Service Pack 3.0 beta4 localization for the Czech Republic. I need help as wrap all the translated files into. CAB and final installer. I can not so much English perhaps you will understand
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