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  1. This works, thanks to Greenmachine steering me to the AVGamin7 DL and the information it contains: avg70free_289a392.exe /HIDE /DONT_START_APPS /NO_WELCOME /NO_AVGW_STARTUP /QUIT_IF_INSTALLED /LOG "D:\installs\AVG\AVG7INST.LOG" The AVG 7 free version will then install silently and not self-start at the end of the installation. It will also create a log file containing too much information beyond the point where it tells you there were no errors. I found similar info in other AVG threads, but not all of them from the command line AND for the free edition.
  2. Well, I solved my own problem before I read your reply. All I had to do was extract the ork.exe file with Winrar into it's component files, one of which was setup.exe. Anyway, you can use the "standard" /qn or /qb switches with that setup.exe file. It works silently now in the unattended install. Thx for your interest.
  3. No, didn't work. Although that page implies that it is for the Office 2003 Resource Kit, it is really switches for the Office 2003 install. The switches on that page do not work when installing the Resource Kit (ork.exe). If I do a ork.exe /? I get a list of 4 switches, one of which is /Q, which purports to be the Quiet Mode. It is not Quiet. It still asks for the EULA and what kind of installation I want. Definitely not for unattanded use. I really need ORK.MSI for Office 2003 so I can use msiexec with its quiet switches. I see that others are using ORK.MSI, but I don't know where or how to get it.
  4. What are the silent install switch(es) for Office 2003 Resource Kit (ork.exe)? Thx.
  5. It works as you have described. Any batch file (.CMD) works in the cmd line of the config.js file as I should have expected (and tried), as long as the start /wait mechanism is used in the batch. Experienced a good install...
  6. How do you run a .cmd file (batch file, of course) from the WPI config.js file and have it wait until the batch has finished before continuing? The batch file is required for a particularly difficult app install where the user/serial # is entered via regedits and app restarts. Thx. PS Please don't request me to search, if this has been answered in the Forum before. I am sending this in a half-destroyed garage in Florida, trying to resume my occupation. I do appreciate your charity.
  7. Thanks! Much more elegant as a solution. I tested it this afternoon and it does work. The only difference is that I check for %%d\setup.exe, since that always must be present on any Windows install CD.
  8. I have always been annoyed at the start point of Explore when right-clicking the Start Button going to C:\Documents and Settings\"UserID"\Start Menu, so I added this "Explore from C:\" selection to the Start Button right-click menu: ;Add "Explore from C:\" to Start Button right click menu [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\ExploreFromC] @="Explore from C:\\" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\ExploreFromC\command] @="C:\\WINDOWS\\explorer.exe /e,/n,C:\\"
  9. Removing the %cdrom% will not work since the [GUIRunOnce] .cmd batch is running from the hard drive install directory and not from the cd.
  10. "substituting the drive letter of your cd-rom for %cdrom%" will work if there always is a known drive letter for a particular machine. But for some machines its D: and for some its E:, etc, depending on the number of hard drives and/or partitions installed. I'd like the install to be machine configuration independant. One would think there is a system variable.
  11. the xcopy command gives me the following error: File not found - i386 0 File(s) copied Its as if the %CDROM% variable is not being recognized. Also, shouldn't %SystemRoot% be %Systemdrive% ?
  12. I now totally agree, after several attempts using variations. Disk1.config cannot work in Winnt.sif. BartPE/WinPE must be used, which is not pratical for home/casual users. Oh well...
  13. What specifically is it doing? Creating a full partition? Or is it failing altogether? I am attempting to do something similar, with mixed results.
  14. Cool thread. I'll give some of the suggestions a shot. Thanks.
  15. Yep. Thats what I eventually tried last night. With autopartition off, I get to choose the partition to install to AND the method, Full or Quick, just 1 and half minutes into the unattended install. From there on it installs in a completely unattended fashion. Thanks. I still want to figure out how to force it without my having to do anything at all. Somebody else has another suggestion I'll try.
  16. Obviously, don't use \ / : * ? " < > | which can't be used in a directory name. Also, $ should be avoided since the installation app ascribes special meanings to directories depending on how it is used. I have not personally had any problem using an ampersand in a directory name, but I can understand why it should be avoided.
  17. I noticed that when "Repartition=Yes" is specified under [unattended] in the WinNT.sif file located in the I386 subdirectory, the installer performs a Quick NTFS format. I would like it to perform a full (or long, if thats the correct term) format. I cannot find any info defining the type of format in the documentation or within this forum. Any ideas?

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