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  1. just got them... avatar and sig.
  2. From earlier this month: Click for the full size: From a week or so ago: Click for the full size:
  3. Sorry but I dont use VS... I am a WindowBlinds user. The wallpaper I have is scaled to fit my laptop (1280 x 800) so you might want to do some edited if you want it for a regular screen... Here ya go. Click on image to get the full size (1280 x 800)
  4. I made this a few days ago... need to update it. Click image for full size...
  5. Info in image... Click for full size [~286k]
  6. WindowBlinds: Black and Gray by Bones2112 Wallpaper: Metallic Atmosphere V3 Icons: Prey by Z71 (Z Studio) Click for full image [~425]
  7. hmmm... you cant post in the right sections and this type of thing has already been started... October Desktops, Let us see yours.. and there is a whole section for sigs here...
  8. October ?? Oh no ... I am in a time warp again.....
  9. I picked it up the other day.. still trying to get used to. I still miss Wes and yeah its a lot harder edge to it... Will comment more after I get used to the new style.
  10. ************************************* Wallpaper: -noautographsplease-.jpg Skin: MetalColor Skinning App: WindowBlinds Icons: Overbyte Misc: Winamp 3.0 Winamp Skin: Pad ************************************* - Click Thumbnail For Full Size [ ~273k ] - Last One For September
  11. the actual sig itself only took about an hour... the images under the sig took about 20 mins, The codeing for all the email forum guidelines and my website took like 2 hours on and off thru trial and error. :/
  12. thanks for all the nice comments... It took me longer to get the code working than it did for me to make the images...
  13. Ok.. for those who didnt understand by the term 'footprint' this is the definition. When an application is running it runs in RAM and since you are physically limited by how much RAM you have you want the applications you run to use as little as possible. WindowBlinds ( I was incorrect before, my other system WB has a footprint of 417k ) but as you can tell in the image included you will see WindowBlinds has a 2.7meg footprint. Not the worst and not the best but a good trade off IMO.
  14. Doesnt WindowBlinds suck up a huge chunk of RAM ? not really... it has a 712k footprint.
  15. Wallpaper: American Flag (Dont know where I got it from... have had it a long time. Skin: Longhorn Skinning App: WindowBlinds Icons: Chaninja Style (SubZero) Misc: n/a Laptop Capture. Click for full size [~312k]
  16. Forget about him... he is on his own agenda. Is there a way we can just ingore him on the forum??
  17. Well said AaronXP... we have been having the same issues with Viper Snake over at NTFS.org
  18. Last one for August... will carry over into September.
  19. Happy Birthday... oh wait we did that already. I guess we do the kicking again ??
  20. What theme are you using there? It looks pretty The skin is called Longhorn and its for WindowBlinds. It has several sub-versions. Its one of my favs.
  21. Well I have this weird obsessions with the Ring Wraiths... Dont ask. Anyway I made some wallpapers and I plan to make more... enjoy With my new screen resolution on my laptop I need to make my own wallpapers. So here's a new one I made. A little plain but I like it. Click on thumbnail for full size. [~396k] Another version And this is at 1280 x 1024...
  22. ]Pai_Natal[ : you have to make a thumbnail pic ... the code is like this [url=http://the_url_to_the_full_size_image][img=http://the_url_to_the_thumbnail][/url] That way ppl cn click on the image and it links to the full size one... Widnez_boy : Here ya go ... WinAmp 3 Skin Invicta Lots of different colors you can use in it.... I love it.
  23. New laptop so new screen cap... 1280 x 800 Standard stuff till I can get it all tweaked. Click on thumbnail to view full size. [~256k]
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