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  1. Hi GM not been here for a long long time ! lol looking at using xpcreate again and seen that you have XPCREATE.INI - Plug-In XPCDLHFS.CMD DLURL [Hotfix List Base URL] URL downloading Hotfix Lists. Default Value: http://xpcreate.com/members/HFLISTS how does the hotfix list have to be formatted to work with xpcreate ? I would host the HF list and I am in the process of setting up a web based admin for keeping the hotfix list uptodate with some help lol !
  2. hope peeps find it useful!!!! For those who not knowing what to do visit the link above go to the bottom of the page and download this http://www.beginningtoseethelight.org/patc...kproscripts.zip then use ftp to get this ftp://sunsite.dk/projects/wget/windows/wget-1.9.1b-complete.zip ://ftp://sunsite.dk/projects/wget/wind...b-complete.zip ://ftp://sunsite.dk/projects/wget/wind...b-complete.zip ://ftp://sunsite.dk/projects/wget/wind...b-complete.zip ://ftp://sunsite.dk/projects/wget/wind...b-complete.zip ://ftp://sunsite.dk/projects/wget/wind...b-complete.zip ://ftp://sunsite.dk/projects/wget/wind...b-complete.zip ://ftp://sunsite.dk/projects/wget/wind...b-complete.zip ://ftp://sunsite.dk/projects/wget/wind...b-complete.zip ://ftp://sunsite.dk/projects/wget/wind...b-complete.zip ://ftp://sunsite.dk/projects/wget/wind...b-complete.zip from the 2kproscripts folder put 01_wgetfiles.bat in the wget-1.9.1b-complete folder then execute the 01_wgetfiles.bat. It will then download all the listed updates inc sp4 to the same directory TIP IF YOU HAVE SP4 THEN EDIT OUT THE BAT FILES TOP ENTRY BEFORE EXECUTING AS ITS 129MB FILE !!!!
  3. To keep this at top for others post reply's... Or if a mod or admin would put it in a sticky please The file could do with being on the server here the downloaders i mean not the actual updates less than a meg !
  4. Hi guys found this as i was asked my a m8 to update his win2k disk with as much as pos found this on my search and its great gets all the updates hotfixes etc from win updat for w2k! ENJOY!!!!!! Sorry missed a couple of files out there attatchment cant be revised forum does not allow the file as its too big!!!!! Go here they are there look at the very botton of the page
  5. Hi Guys Has anybody had any look getting the apps to install from cd? Need to find a way of using ktool but install apps from cd instead of hdd? Looked at the post above with code to find the cd but were would I put this ? In the config.ini or the say xp.ini? Any help on this!!PLEASE!!
  6. I think the key to this problem of it hanging for input (asking for file associations) Would be to find the relevent registry key and put them in to regtweeks.reg so they are in place before NVE is set up this should work if I can find them in my registry! been looking for the last 3 hours now! I presume this will work as NVE pull the serial number from the reg as i install nero first with the serial!! Any one willing to help find the entry's in the resitry for NVE file associations!!
  7. The only problem i have using: ECHO. ECHO Installing Nero vision express 2.1.12 ECHO Please wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\Install\Applications\Nero\Setup.exe /silent /noreboot /no_ui For nero vision express 2 is that it hangs and waits at the file assosiations screen for user input! I dont add the serial to this as it pulls it from the registry as nero has been installed already So not unattended or silent realy unless any body has a solution for this please !!!
  8. Hi guys sorry to be a pain in the butt!, I have two things left to do to complete my unattended xp> 1...Get my nero plugins to install silently? any ideas im not any good at autoit before anyone suggest it as i cant seem to fugure that out ! 2.... Is there any way of stopping windows messenger being installed at set up as i have put msn messenger on the disk and dont want both on there? Or will this cause probs with windows afterwards? Many thanks in advance! I'm hoping to have this done by the week end then im haveing a break from the pc!!
  9. Sorted it guy thanks did a bit of both and jiggled it now it works thanks again
  10. Hi i have office 2003 5 in 1 and i can get it to start silently but requires user input? Have tried all the stuff on here but it does not work i have been at it for a week ! Any help would be great i have tried making stand alones of the seperate software but the silent still not work ?

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