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  1. I have a site (well, just a forum currently) that is hosting PNG files. I have a number of them and would like to invite people here who make the icons to post your creations on my site. I will also take feedback. I am looking for a gallery that I can either use separately or as a part of the Invisionboard forum. Let me know if you can help out in that area. The more the icons, the more likely this will grow. Comments are welcome and suggestions are always welcome. Thanks. Edit: I guess I should put the link: http://www.pngresource.com/forum/ or you could click on the WWW below this post. Aaron
  2. Hello, My name is azhuey(Aaron). I am a 25 year old who works for an ISP (look @ sig). I do recommend them!! I live in Mechanicsburg, PA and enjoy working with computers. I am a computer geek and enjoy fulling around with my own computer. I am also the owner of a PNG hosting site. If anyone is interested, click on the WWW and it will take you there. I dont have a lot to say here, but since <<spam>> is down, I am looking for a new community.
  3. For those of you who want to upload your png files or request png files, there is a site for you. It is currenlty in massive construction so the forum is in place right now. Please visit and upload your pngs, request pngs, talk about icons, icon programs or whatever suits your fancy. Please visit @ http://www.pngresource.com. If you use a Dock program, then this site it for you. Come check it out and register.
  4. I have IBF Xtreme running with IBF as well. Both running on my WIndows 2000 Adv Server. It runs well..BUT, I cannot use MYSQL with a password, thus cant create databases in PHPmyadmin. It works tho.

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