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  1. NET 3.5 Offline Installer for Win8

    can I do this on 64bit install.wim + 64bit sxs but on 32bit host? wanna make 32/64bit iso with netfx35..
  2. [beta] User Creation Tool

    tnx 4 reply, but how to make simple .exe that will start on 'winntbbu' stage of xp setup?
  3. [beta] User Creation Tool

    hey man.. is this topic still 'alive'? can you make some 'lite' version of your program? something like this? (just edited in paint) edit: or even 'lighter' with only username & password dialogs?
  4. What is WIHU?

    is this posible? some nlite addon or something like that?
  5. you are the man and this work perfectly i have another 3 questions, and i will stop be annoying any more 1. Can I Edit "Windows Boot Manager" text on top of booted screen (eg. to "Multiboot DVD - WIN7 + XP") 2. What is [EMS Enabled], is that needed for win7 setup, if no, how can I disable that? (One question ) 3. Disable "Seconds until the highlighted choice will be started automatically: 30"? thanks in advance.. and sorry for my bad english EDIT: You can create separate topic "Multi boot Windows 7 and XP [Easyest way]" with all of this EDIT2: I open edited BCD with Visual BCD 0.9 and disable EMS
  6. hey man, thank you for fast reply.. its my bad, i try to complicate very simple thing... now i use only your method (bcdedit and oscdimg) and it work perfect i have another question O:) when booted i have 2 options install win7 or xp, and down on the same screen i have Memory Diagnose Tool, or something like that.. is there any way to remove/disable that tool from screen? If no, nevermind, thank you in every case sorry for my bad english...
  7. hey cdob, thank you for that bcdedit commands.. i have question.. is this a good configuration? Default: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Timeout: 30 seconds EasyBCD Boot Device: C:\ Entry #1 Name: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 BCD ID: {default} Device: [boot]\sources\boot.wim Bootloader Path: \windows\system32\boot\winload.exe Entry #2 Name: Windows XP Service Pack 3 BCD ID: {ntldr} Device: boot Bootloader Path: \I386\SETUPLDR.BIN when I boot iso file to virtualbox, that show me this 2 options.. when I start 1st option, it start win7 setup, but when I start 2nd option computer just restart and again show "press any key to boot..." dont start xp setup.. what i do wrong? sorry for my bad english... EDIT: is win7 setup.exe needed in main directory to start xp setup? and i dont make iso with oscdimg, i make it with rt7lite..
  8. nevermind, i fix that.. problem was on my ntoskrnl file i installed win7 and than create 'bugged' xp setup, that restart my computer after formating and copying files to hdd.. i thought that win7 create that problem, because i read somewhere about downgrading problems, bla bla.. lock or delete this..
  9. I have some question, and sorry if it is in bad section... Is there any addon that add XP "boot loader" or something similar to windows installation? I need this for computers that have installed Vista or Win7, and than want to downgrade to XP (same partition), but bios or something dont allow that.. I know for program EasyBCD, but is there some addon/bootfix or something other for this? Is that posible to add XP lines to win7 boot loader, or create some "universal boot loader" to fix this problem? sorry for my bad english, and thanks..