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  1. Turns out that DigeratiPrime's guess was right, the problem lies with the monitor. I had totally forgotten (duh!!) to test my secondary monitor (I run a dual monitor system) and sure enough on it I had no problem playing various video files or at reboot. Dell has arranged to substitute the faulty monitor (still in warranty) within 48 hours - fast procedure, hassle-free, so it appears that everything is solved. Thanks to everybody for the help!
  2. Hi, I am not sure how to describe the issue so all my googling has been in vain, I hope you can help. I am not even sure which section to post, I assume it's software-related but maybe it's not. I am running Win 7 with Asus p5K motherboard 4GB RAM NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT. Since yesterday (no new installs) when playing videos occasionally red or/and short squiggly lines appear for a few frames - kind of flash-like - and disappear. They return in different parts of the frame at irregular intervals. Could not make screens as in KMPlayer scrolling between single frames the lines appear to be inter
  3. GrofLuigi, thanks for your advice, the issue is solved. Just for the record: > this time I used nLite 1.49 > I followed your various suggestions > I installed all the various drivers for motherboard, video etc. on the base XP SP3 *full* install, and saved them with Driver Genius > I integrated these drivers in my new nLited XP > tested, worked well on the VM, is now working well in the real install thanks to everybody for the help
  4. Thanks to everybody for all replies and ideas. @GrofLuigi 1. ok, will try installing SP3 first and working from that 2. ok 3. if the VM install was working fine, should this still be a potential problem? And if yes, any suggestions for where to find it? 4. [KeepFiles] also for @TranceEnergy I went through Bold Fortune "System32 files never to uninstall" and kept the ones that seemed relevant @ricktendo64 have tried both your suggestions to no effect @TranceEnergy 1. concerning [KeepFiles] please see above, but if there are specific ones for *old nvidia* cards and you let me know, I'll delete t
  5. Hi, I hope you can help me, I was so proud of my efforts [first attempt with nLite] until this problem. I have a new PC with Vista Ultimate trial preinstalled which I want to revert to XP Pro. I experimented several times with nLite 1.48 - regularly testing the results in VirtualBox - until I came up with a satisfing one which installed and worked perfectly on the VM. I then attempted to install it for real and it hanged forever (1 hour+) at "Installing Devices" [34 minutes to go]. Ok, reinstalled Vista from a backup image and tested again the .iso on VirtualBox and again it worked fine. But a
  6. Have you see this guide link? haven't used it myself, but it looks pretty thorough
  7. I have been reading of an excellent version of XP (231 mb ISO, apparently very fast performance). Now, I am not interested in warez but I thought I could apply those tweaks to my original XP copy if I could have the Last Session.ini file and work through it. Can anybody help me with this? thanks
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