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  1. I have used MediaPlayerClassic & MPC-HC. With the FFDshow codec (but MPC[HC] has a lot of FFDshow built in so its rare that you need any extra codecs) it will play *anything*. I have used it for years on a win2000 box connected to a quality CRT TV in my workroom as a sort of HTPC that can also do anything a 'real' computer can do. There was a blip some years back where it looked like it was coming to EOL, but it became MPC-HC and got a new lease of life. Thanks for that. I cant remember the versions that can be used on a bog standard w2k box without doing anything, but whats listed here seems fair I do have a box (with old version) like that and it still works fine. Just checked 'Media Player Classic 6486' and folder dated 2005 :-o ...and IIRC I have used an updated version using some of BWcats smart updated stuff.
  2. Still using some versions from your site almost without any problems. With my x1650XT PCIe and HD4650's. Using ATI/AMD 9.12 ATI 9.12 beta 2 fixed win2k driver has been faultless. But the 10.1 versions has some problems with the x1650XT PCIe card when on my server 2003 box. Just kept saying no driver found ? I might have another go, but TBH it works so well as is why change ?
  3. You dont need to go the sledge hammer to crack a nut (IMO) way of a K-Lite pack, just try FFDshow codec. IIRC now called (or new versions are..) FFDshow tryouts, an older version might be needed, because a quick look at the install directory showed my version to be from feb 2008 on this 2k box. I use this with MPC (a modded 2010 version from clsid not the HC version) and I have yet to find something it cant play. That said, the Klite pack does have the Tweak Tool which is a very niffty little tool for checking things out and sorting problems, dis/abling filters and getting into your vid/audio codecs and filters, but you can get that on its own. This is a good new version I have used with my W2k installs http://majorgeeks.com/K-Lite_Codec_Tweak_Tool_d5738.html The page http://codecpack.co/download/K-Lite_Codec_Tweak_Tool.html seems to be doing something new with their versions and I have yet to check them out. I dont like the size or new files added in there.
  4. Yep, I have to add that C&B is correct, with... 1) The included binaries, DXSETUP.EXE and dxdllreg.exe will not run (at all). Just give "not valid win32 apps" err I have not checked the files, I just went with the Feb version erpdude8 posted the link for above. That said the Feb version is 106 Mb against the June versions 97 Mb ?
  5. Hey, glad you like Pitaschio, I dont think I could really live without it now, I love the re-naming function that keeps the extension out of the way when you just use a single F2 to re-name. Another I like is Taskbar Shuffle from http://www.freewebs.com/nerdcave/, but Taskbar Shuffle is more to do with me being silly and wanting the stuff on the taskbar the way I want it But the important part, sorry to here you have had problems, its been faultless running for the last 3 years. But I am not running Paint Shop Pro, but I do have an old v4 version CD somewhere, but its in the box of CD/DVD's from before I got good at keeping them all cataloged, when (or if) I find it I will give it a try and see if I can get to the same place. Again, never had any Explorer problems, I have it set to go to the above folder with a double click on empty space and not much else. The window setting page/menu does seem quite powerful I have yet to really get to have a good play with it.
  6. I have never had a problem running multi monitors via Win2k ? Just select the second monitor in the display options, but these are all with ATI cards. done so with 9550, x1650xt, and 4650 Radions. I have used the Omega modded ATI drivers, but I am sure the box I have running two via the x1650xt has a much newer ATI driver with Blackwing cats driver bits added to get later versions. In fact I have also done so via a 9500GT I have as a spare. OK, just re-read and seen the PCI card bit and its, or the laptop drivers that seem to be more of the problem ...sorry.
  7. I am getting the June 2010 versions ATM, because I have a box that needs some new hardware and I will try this version on its Win 2k install when I have finished and report back here.
  8. ...Again great work. I dont have 'very' up to the minute CPU's most are a few years old, but reading your posts keeps me happy that I can update and not have to loose 2k, because its still the only M$ OS I am happy with. I did put a 32 bit version of XP sp2 C2D box for testing and it 'still' does loads of things I dont want it to, but I might have another look to see if its worth the time ...one day.
  9. Well it is much slower and uses 3 times as much memory and space as my 2k installs. But it also does a lot of things I dont want, like or need, I dont need fisher price 'bling' and eye candy to keep my brain active while I work. I have yet to see a security hole that I or more often, some other cant patch, I also am 99.9% sure that my networks are so safe that I could run 2K or XP unpatched and still be safe, most security problems come from the bit in the chair. If you feel the need to sign up people to the Emperor's new clothes please try some place where they care, I for one dont, I have been using computers before 'windows' turned up, and remember when my dad showed one of the first versions to me and said my reply was "whats the point, how can I run or write anything ?".
  10. Well done Phenomic at getting most of it working, and good score on the Phenom II . Cheers to Blackwing for you help in keeping one of the better M$ OS'es running. MagicAndre1981, I have no need to run an over bloated Vista or its service pack w7, its also well known that older software can have less holes in it because of all of the updates and things being sorted over time. Also Win2000 did not "(started as NT5.0)" it is NT5.0, everything I want and need works, often in half the time and space.
  11. For any one wanting to scroll windows without clicking in them, and a lot more as well, I thought I would add in this smart little tool I have in every windows install, I cant do without it now. http://pitaschio.ara3.net/ Also a lifeHacker page about it can be found at... http://lifehacker.com/software/featured-windows-download/make-minor-windows-tweaks-with-pitaschio-260608.php
  12. I cant see why not, but I would have thought the best place to ask is their own forums, do they have any ?
  13. I have had (and are still doing so with 4 boxes and 6 racks) win2000 running on many multi core/chip boxes and heard of many others doing the same. I also seem to remember reading something from the past as to it being able to see 32 chips/cores, but as to what version I cant remember. Most of my multiple core chips are from AMD, I have a few C2D and C2Q chips, but see no reason for the re-engineered Opteron at a far greater cost Intel ask for their ix chips. The keyboard and mouse being the same, I run both and have never had a problem, I run a 3 tier KVM (PS/2) for most of my boxes and often plug in a USB mouse or keyboard in to one or other to do something on one while the main screens are still on others. If you had problems in setup I expect you did not have USB keyboard and mouse switched on in the BIOS. To pointertovoid, I just hi-lighted NTswitch from your post and (using Firefox) sent it to google UK and got back "about 21,800 results (0.25 seconds)" I checked a few and found many had links to it (NTswitch) and this link seemed as safe as any... http://www.governmentsecurity.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=4509
  14. IIRC its all built into the one slider, when its set in the middle (point 6) there is zero acceleration and the more you move it right the more acceleration you get, the left ...less.
  15. Thank you for these, I have quite a few win 2000 boxes with Radeon cards (using 9550, x1650XT and 3x HD4650's) and have been quite unhappy with what ATI[AMD] have done over this as I have been a long time user and always happy with AMD. The result being that I have 3 9500 GT cards (got one day when I had said I would never use ATI again) sitting doing nothing and a Core 2 Duo box running XP pro as a test box that never seems to do any work, or even get switched on. I used to have a go at the driver/installer myself until I gave up some time ago, its nice to see someone else doing a better job ;-)

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