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  1. Thanks, thats great! But I still want a 7 version of TweakUI. Is there some other way to get rid of the shortcut arrow? I know there are many programs to do it in older versions of Windows, but not everything is compatible. Icon Tweaker is a dissapointing example.
  2. In every version of windows from 95 to XP, you right click on the desktop, click properties, and somewhere in the box that comes up, you can change the title bar, menu, icon, and other fonts, and adjust the icon spacing (horizonal and vertical) and the icon size. Microsoft seems to have decided I don't want this feature. Microsoft if full of fertilizer. How do I get my font and icon controls back? Do I need a third party product? Is there a TweakUI for Windows 7? Please don't suggest Windowblinds. It isn't quite as stable as a pile of water.
  3. > MDGx's SFC_OSFX to disable WFP "This update canNOT install on your Windows operating system" Where do I get the XP version?
  4. Tripredacus, I'm using an 850Mhz PIII with 320Mb RAM. When I run Windowblinds 5.5, it slows way down. -X-, thanks for the link, I'll try it out.
  5. Windowblinds looks great, but unless you have a very expensive computer, it's too slow. I have found enough information on the internet to confirm that skins can be installed in XP, and that something must be patched to make it accept non-Microsoft skins. (Where do I get that patch?) All I can find about making or (with rare exceptions that install themselves) installing skins requires Windowblinds. How do I make an *XP* (not Windowblinds) skin from existing graphics (actually I installed Windowblinds just so I could steal the bitmaps from a skin I like ) and install it?
  6. I'm using Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, and I would like to upgrade the icons. IMO Fisher Price was the wrong company for Microsoft to buy icons from, but I have a nice set I'd like to use instead. The recource editor in IcoFX, a good free icon editor, works with many files but not all. Windows File Protection - some horrible malware installed in XP and 2K by Microsoft to keep them in controll of your computer instead of you - replaces upgraded files as soon as they are saved with the original. How do I remove this attack software so I can do what I want with my system files? Some files can't be edited if they're in use. I have only one OS installed; how do I replace shell332.dll, and similar files, with upgaded versions, while the computer is running? (I'd do this when it's turned off or not booted, but I'm not very good at doing stuff that's impossible.)
  7. In Windows 98 & 2000, I can click "customize this folder" and use a wallpaper for the folder. XP doesn't have that option. I heard XP still has active desktop, but Microsoft hid the controls. Where? Did they also hide the folder wallpaper option? Where?
  8. > WHICH EXACT notebook make/model is it? IBM ThinkPad 600X, 2645-9FU > WHICH EXACT video card has it? Neomagic MagicGraph256ZX with 4MB > "According to Microsoft" tells nothing, WHERE have you read this piece of info? (link > please) http://support.microsoft.com/kb/238886 > Windows 2000 sees a single large monitor instead of two. No it doesn't. Windows says it sees multiple monitors (control panel/display/settings) but the external monitor is a copy of the internal one. The second monitor can be used seperately in Windows 98/ME, so the problem is in Windows 2000, not the hardware. In control panel/display/settings/advanced/neomagic, there is a "set dual display" check box, but it's greyed out.
  9. My notebook supports a second display, but only in 98 and probably XP. According to Microsoft, Windows 2000 doesn't work with a second monitor unless you have a separate controller for each screen. How do I fix 2000 so it will use both monitors?
  10. I am looking for a Casio Cassiopeia E-125 Pocket PC. I will also need a sync cradle or cable and ac adapter.
  11. > You didn't post your operating system. Windows 2000. > In Windows 2000, they're in browseui.dll. Thanks, I'll start hacking.
  12. I changed the folder and drive icons in Shell32.dll using the resource editor in IcoFX. The new icons show sometimes when browsing to save/open a file, and as the default icons in Icon Tweaker. But in My Computer, all the ugly original Windows icons are still there. The new drive and folder icons are not. Where are they? I thought they were in - or at least controlled by - Shell32.dll.
  13. I used the latest stable version.
  14. That not only worked, but it started up in the same windows that were open when I installed the driver. The disk administrator only shows existing partitions, (2 gig FAT16 and 8 gig fat32) no empty space. FDisk does better than that. The FAT32 driver is working perfectly, and except for going through the BIOS (128 gig limit) the 98 big hard drive upgrade works perfectly. So this little disaster is unusual. Did I do something wrong, or do I need to find a different driver? If it matters, I'm using an IBM ThinkPad 240, 400Mhz Celeron, 320Mb RAM, 320 Gig IDE hard drive.
  15. > Is this after installing a new driver? Yes, the first thing that happened. I'm going to try reinstalling from CD. (98 is working fine.)

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