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  1. Do u wub MSN Messenger 6

    Erm... suddenly I feel very very stupid I hadn't even thought of that and yet it's so **** simple. Argh! I just assumed it was diff than MSN Msgr 5. Thanks for the info!
  2. Do u wub MSN Messenger 6

    Currently it appears you cannot. Maybe this will be added further down the road. Maybe someone knows how to hack it but for now that's beyond me and I haven't spent time looking. I definitely like being ablt to pick the background in the windows when I am chatting, though. I get to pick colours easier on my eyes.
  3. Do u wub MSN Messenger 6

    Okay, MS added the logging of conversations. That's nice and was needed but I'm not enthralled that it's in XML format. What else was added that Patchou's Plus! adds? No plain old text-file logging, no IRC-like commands, no easter egg sounds which are silly but cool, no away messages... Do I need to go on? Sure it'd be great to not have to use another program like Messenger Plus! but when you take all the added features and put them together. I don't see MS making Messenger Plus! obsolete anytime soon. I still have Windows Messenger on my system but I've been using MSN Msgr 6 beta without any problems thus far. It might have bugs... what software doesn't but I haven't seen them. It's a giant step forward for MSN Msgr though and I see it as positive. I still love the simplicity of Windows Messenger 4.7, however. There was no reason for me to switch from Windows Messenger 4.7 to MSN Messenger 5.0 but with the additions in MSN Messenger 6.0 we'll have to wait and see and that's exactly what MS wants. w00t On a side-note, Windows Messenger Webcam support worked great for me but when they released the addon for MSN Messenger I tried it with MSN Msgr 5.0 and found all I got was crashes of MSN Msgr as a result. I removed the addon and things worked fine again and yeah I know if you had Windows Messenger you already could use webcams in MSN Msgr but I was hoping for improvements and I sure didn't get it. I'm looking forward to a much improved webcam support in MSN Msgr 6.
  4. What OS are you?

    Funny but this is true
  5. Scan disk in ME

    My brother purchased a computer sometime within the last year or two that came with Windows M(igrain)E. He's had this exact problem every time he's wanted to run scandisk and defrag on his system. I ended up manually killing a load of processes to resolve the issue. This is one of the many peeves I have with M(igrain)E. As has already been recommended, running scandisk and defrag in Safe Mode is the best solution, IMO.
  6. Which version of Windows sucks the most?

    ME should never have happened. Win98 was supposed to be the end of the road for any of the 9x line. IMO ME was just Microsoft throwing in a release to keep up the release cycle and suckering people into wasting the money paying for it.
  7. Third Watch

    Yes, it's a great show It premiered in 1999 on Sunday nights if I remember correctly.
  8. Joe Millionaire

    I wanted to see how bad it was when he told the woman he wasn't really rich. That's why I only watched the last 10-15 minutes Besides, I wanted to see if Sarah's little "movie career" was at all mentioned And... above all I can pester my girlfriend about it
  9. Joe Millionaire

    I admit I saw the last 10-15 minutes. I was surprised by the result and I would have gone for Sarah, personally. I don't think she did want the money. Her reaction, to me, said she didn't. Who knows. I think using the reasoning he did that his decision was right but... he even said she never really opened up to him. That leaves a question in my mind. His problem not mine It always kills me how people on any of the reality shows [in general] get mad when they don't make the grade. They decided to put themselves there to begin with so how can they complain?
  10. Protests

    President Gerald Ford removed assassination of world leaders as an option in an Executive Order approximately a quarter century ago. I'm not sure when he signed the Order but it was obviously during his Presidential term (1974-1977). To my knowledge this has yet to be altered. Mainly this order would pertain to the CIA because it would be the CIA's job to carry out such an order [generally], however, this order pertains to all government agencies as far as I have ever had knowledge of. The main goal was to remove assassination as a means of policy change in a foreign country [by replacing a leader]. Of course this would not be the case during a war... In the U.S. the President cannot alone declare war [even though he might wish to]. Assassination would be something only the President and the relevant agencies would be involved in. Surely Congress would never be informed. This is too much power to hand to a President, IMO. The Executive Order was a good one however it was too broad because, yes, there are times, like now, when assassination would be the best resolution to a situation saving immeasurable bloodshed.
  11. Looks Like We Go To War...

    It's been 12 years since the Gulf War. At least 3 UN resolutions dealing with inspections and disarmament have been ratified. Iraq has not fulfilled their end of the deal for 12 years. They say they will and then they do not. They are failing to meet the requirements over and over. Saddam will not just give up his power or his weapons and diplomacy with him is a joke. This impending war is not hasty because it has been 12 years in coming. When will people actually acknowledge this?
  12. Looks Like We Go To War...

    An interesting read... Top 10 Stupid Arguments Against War in Iraq .
  13. ThA_FiLeR's New Sig..

    lol, my camera sucks, I took about 12pics and this is the best I could find, btw, its resized with less height and the width a lil more.. I did this b/c the limit is @ 100pixels height and 450width.. Well, just my 2 cents, but if you wish to use the picture at least reduce the size proportionally: 143x100 pixels. The distortion just ruins it.
  14. Dalnet Problems

    As far as I know DALnet is not officially back up from the DDOS attacks and most definitely the entire network is not back up. This, of course, creates a game of musical chairs. My pre-DDOS list of DALnet servers included about 45 different servers. Currently I would say that I am able to access only 3 or 4. That's why the servers are full. With the upcoming changes (no more file sharing) you should be able to get on much easier when that is done. Goodbye DALnet.
  15. MSN Junk Im's Now!

    Windows/MSN Messenger and the Messenger service in Windows are two totally separate things. Removing the instant messenger won't fix the Messenger service issue because they're unrelated. It's the local TCP port 135 that is involved with this spam. Turn off the service in Windows or block the port with your firewall.