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    So I finally got around to trying Fred's XP fileset. To my surprise, unlike the 2K fileset, I can't log in to XP without a password. Didn't see anyone else complaining about this in the forum. Am I the only one with this problem? (Or did I miss it in a readme?) Vbox 4.10. FDV fileset 4, HFSLIP Beta J v 5, slipstreamed XP Home SP3 Source (got the 19 missing files warning during install), only the IE6 HF. (When I copied HF's from an Offline Updater CD, I get a BSOD.) P.S. Oops. Meant to post this in the FDVXP section. Can a moderator move for me? Thanks.
  2. Oops. Meant to post this under the exisiting "FDV fileset for XP" Topic. But I don't see a way to delete or move a post. (Moderator, can you do it for me?) Sorry. Hi Fred: I'm anxious to try your fileset for XP, mostly because I'm paranoid about Internet hackers. (Listen to a few episodes of Steve Gibson's SecurityNow podcads and you'll be paranoid too.) nLite has worked well for me for a year now, but given your fileset for W2K, I assume your XP will be even more locked down than nLite when you're finished slicing and dicing. I know I should try this before asking so as to not waste your time. But my particular setup is very particular about installing nVidia's AHCI SATA drivers. (Apparently it needs some direction in a PnPInterface instruction. A Moderator over in the BartPE forums helped me work it through.) And I really, really like Nuhi's registry tweak page and the unattended install page for further directory tweaks, etc. Sooo... I know your warning about two mechanics. That was for W2K, where you were removing IE. I don't get the impression you're removing IE from XP. (So what about "zones" in XP?) I'm trying to keep it simple without having to learn about someone else's Integrator, etc. Will I be able to build an XP using your fileset in HFSLIP then run it thru nLite to integrate nVidia's AHCI driver and do the nLite tweaks? Or would it be better to integrate the ACHI driver first with nLite and feed that to HFSLIP as a SOURCE? And then run that result thru nLite again for the Registry tweaks. (I'm aware of the "keep files" requirement for going HFSLIP to nLite.) Thanks in advance, Mike <><
  3. PMikeP

    FDV fileset for XP

    Hi Fred: I haven't started testing your XP FDV yet... it may be moot for me, per a question to follow on using nLite to integrate fussy nvidia AHCI SATA drivers. In the meantime, if you haven't removed all this stuff already, below is a list of core items I cut out from XP using nLite. After months of trial and error testing beforehand, I've been successfully running this trimmed nLite XP for a year. (XP Home Upgrade.) I'm not as much of a power user as you are - I run your FDV W2K in Vbox for internet. In XP I run Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus 15, Corel PaintShop Pro X, WP Office 12, Dragon Natural Speaking standard. (Makes me wonder about SAPI removal if ever I upgrade to their speech to text version.) Nothing exotic. Some of the programs installed a higher version of C++ Visual Runtimes. I don't use NETFramework. (I run nLite and stuff on another instance when I need NETFrame.) I use K-lite for what little video stuff I need on my host XP. No Flash. I don't use wireless, as you can see. So FWIW, here are the items that can be removed in XP, if you haven't done it already. (The only "problem" I've noticed so far is that the Human Interface Device service isn't startable. Some dll's had to be hand copied into System32 to make that work. Don't know if that's a Nuhi problem or if I did when I set a custom program folder in the unattended install page.) Mike <>< ;# Network # Communication tools Comtrol Test Terminal Program Connection Manager FrontPage Extensions H323 MSP Internet Connection Wizard Internet Information Services (IIS) IP Conferencing MAC Bridge MSMail and MAPI MSN Explorer Netmeeting NetShell Cmd-Tool Network Diagnostic Network Setup Wizard NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Protocol Peer-to-Peer Share Creation Wizard Synchronization Manager TAPI Application Support TCP/IP Version 6 Vector Graphics Rendering (VML) Web Folders Windows Messenger ;# Operating System Options # Blaster/Nachi removal tool Disk and Profile Quota Document Templates DR Watson Extensible Storage Engine (Esent97) FAT to NTFS converter Help and Support IExpress Wizard Manual Install and Upgrade MS Agent MS XML 2.0 Private Character Editor Remote Installation Services (RIS) Search Assistant Security Center Shell Media Handler Symbolic Debugger (NTSD) Tour User account pictures Visual Basic 5 runtime Web View ;# Services # Alerter Application Layer Gateway DHCP Client Distributed Link Tracking Client Fax Service Indexing Service Internet Authentication (IAS) IPSEC Policy Agent Kerberos Key Distribution Center Messenger Network DDE Network Location Awareness (NLA) Performance Logs and Alerts QoS RSVP Quality of Service (QoS) Remote Registry Removable Storage Route Listening Service RPC Locator Secondary Logon Service Advertising Protocol Simple TCP/IP Services TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper Text Services Framework Uninterruptible Power Supply WebClient Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) Windows Time Wired AutoConfig Wireless Configuration
  4. I know this is off topic (although I mention HFSlip and nLite in it) but after doing a google search for this problem with BartPE (search for "bartpe petmphive" without quotes) and seeing my question on the msfn board in the top 10 or so, I'm posting a solution to the problem. I kinda hacked my way to this, which means I don't really understand what's going on. Here's my particular setup. YMMV. I have a motherboard that uses a Nvidia AHCI SATA controller. BartPE, of itself, won't integrate the Nvidia AHCI SATA drivers per Bart's instructions. (Well, the driver will be in the build, but PE won't fold it in during boot and you'll not see your SATA drives.) But I wanted BartPE to be able to see my drives without my having to change my motherboard BIOS to "Normal IDE" every time I booted Bart. (I use BartPE often for image backups using Terabyte Unlimited's "Image for Windows.") This particular problem (that is, the error message above) seems to only happen when you try to get fancy with Bart and sneak AHCI drivers into it via nLite. I've been able to integrate lesser SATA and IDE chipset drivers into Bart the normal way without this particular lockout. So this post will address the error above as well as how to get Bart to integrate an AHCI driver. I've been using Nlite to integrate all the Nvidia drivers for my full install of XP. Works as advertised. (Hint: Do NOT install a video driver in any XP system until you've activated Windows. If you activate after installing a video driver, you will always have to reinstall fresh with THAT driver for the same numbers to work after a reinstall.) Now, to get BartPE to integrate the AHCI Nvidia SATA driver: 0) I have an XP SP2 Upgrade CD as a base. 1) HFSlip XP SP2 to SP3, per hfslip instructions. (Must use wbemoc.cab.) Nothing else in HFSlip folders for this step. [Or you could probably just skip to Step 2 if you are happy with your particular SP or already have SP3. I don't know if SP3 is necessary for Bart to integrate the AHCI driver. It may be.] 2) Use the HFSlip SOURCESS as the "Working folder" for nLite to iIntegrate the Nvidia SATA. (Per nLite instructions.) Integrate the SATA driver only. No need to make an .ISO yet from nLite. The nLite "Working folder" will become the BartPE working folder after this. (We're kinda chaining here. There's something about nLite's TXTSETUP.SIF) 3) Copy the same files from where you got the SATA drivers for nLite to a folder you create in Bart in its drivers > SCSIAdapter directory. Let's call it "SATA." So it's drivers > SCSIAdapter > SATA > actual driver files (probably includes txtsetup.oem). Needless to say, the driver version you used in nLite must be the same version you use in Bart. 4) You need to find a file called idecoi.dll in order for Nvidia drivers to install. I found these in the ECS (motherboard maker) build of the Nvidia driver. Copy idecoi.dll into the SATA directory. 5) Make a copy of idecoi.dll in the Bart SATA directory and then rename it idecoiins.dll (So that's two of the "same" files there.) Now, here's the part I can't explain. It appears you MUST build the BartPE i386/ISO on the same machine (same Administrator, etc.) that you built the nLite working folder on. I think it might have something to do with Registry Permissions in Windows because I theorize that Windows thinks you're doing some Registry modification when you sneak an AHCI driver into Bart from nLite. Maybe Windows is trying to lock things down? So if, instead, you were to build the integrated nLite working folder on one machine (as I tried) and copy it to another machine to run it in pebuilder, you will get the errors above. (Or if the versions of your SATA drivers don't mach in nLite and Bart, that will error out too, which is what got me started down this path. I was too smart by half.) I've spent 48 hours trying every variable I can think of. [including investigating a Y2KX problem. My last good BartPE was from Christmas Eve, 2009. Then JKdefrag updated, so I tried making a new Bart after the first of the year.] It seems to come down to having to use the same machine, same OS for the nLite and pebuilder steps. You can't even burn an ISO from nLite and feed it to Bart on a different machine without getting these errors in this chain scenario. (I even tried it with Windows on FAT v. NTFS / W2K v. XP to test for permission problems there. - No change.) 6) So then the last step is to use run pebuilder and point it to your nLite working directory to burn a PE ISO. Again, it doesn't seem to work if you change any variables. I have two instances of XP on one machine (dual booting C: drives) and when I tried executing the exact same pebuilder on the exact same nLite build (on a DATA drive accessible from both XP's) from the other XP, I got the error message above. Copying files back and forth, copying from NTFS to FAT32, nothing seems to make a difference. Again, I've not had a problem using Bart in the normal way... I can use a pressed CD of XP to make a PE ISO even with lesser SATA drivers in Bart's driver directory. It seems this problem only shows up when you chain nLite to Bart to integrate an AHCI driver. Whether this is a manifestation of Windows registry protection or not, I don't know. (If someone has any ideas, I'd like to hear them.) Hope this saves someone 48 hours of frustration. Mike <><
  5. UPDATE March 1, 2010. Oops. Now I'm feeling really stupid. I decided to try it all over again with a clean XP SP2, HFSLIP Beta F and SP3. This time Bart handled the build without the errors below. (Although ever since the first of year 2010 I cannot integrate my SATA drivers into Bart anymore.) I don't know what I had done wrong the first time with the HFSLIP build. But it appears I sent a false alarm here on the forum. ==========================================I'm guessing this may be a BartPE problem since the application is old and has not been updated in quite a long time. I thought I'd make the perfect bart xp sp3 CD. I've been using nLite to slipstream SP3 into XP for a couple years without problems. But then I re-read the hfslip page about using wbemoc.cab to fix a buried problem with normal slipstreaming of SP3. I thought, "What could be better than an hfslip'd slipstream of xp?" (I don't know if nLite addresses the same problem when slipstreaming SP3 that hfslip does with wbemoc.cab.cab.) But when I try creating a Bart iso using an hfslip'd iso, I get the following errors: ---------------------------------- Closing/saving the registry hives Saving hive: C:\PEBUILDER3110A\BARTPE\I386\SYSTEM32\SETUPREG.HIV Saving hive: C:\PEBUILDER3110A\BARTPE\I386\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SOFTWARE Saving hive: C:\PEBUILDER3110A\BARTPE\I386\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\DEFAULT Closing hive: C:\PEBUILDER3110A\BARTPE\I386\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\petmphive Error: closeHive() failed: RegUnLoadKey (key="PEBuilder.exe-C:/PEBUILDER3110A/BARTPE/I386/SYSTEM32/CONFIG/petmphive") returned error 0: Access is denied. Creating file: default.log Creating file: sam Creating file: sam.log Creating file: security Creating file: security.log Creating file: software.log Cleanup temporarily files Error: DeleteFile() "C:\PEBUILDER3110A\BARTPE\I386\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\petmphive" failed Error: DeleteFile() "C:\PEBUILDER3110A\BARTPE\I386\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\petmphive.log" failed Error: DeleteFile() "C:\PEBUILDER3110A\BARTPE\I386\SYSTEM32\setuphiv" failed Error: DeleteFile() "C:\PEBUILDER3110A\BARTPE\I386\SYSTEM32\setuphiv.log" failed ----------------------------- Not a big deal... as I said, I've been using nLite to make SP3 version of BartPE's for a while now with no known drawbacks. But I thought I'd mention this in the forum. I didn't see anyone else squawk about it. Am I the only one still making BartPE's with XP? (I'd make a VistaPE if I had a Vista CD. Not sure I want to tackle it the SDK route.) I tried the Bart build on both Win2K and WinXP. The base is XP SP2 hfslipped with XP3 and wbemoc.cab only. Mike <><
  6. PMikeP

    Fileset 9, all done

    Hi Fred: "Shoot, I just can't get this right!! Sorry!" Hey, I'm thankful you've stuck with this project this long! No way I could do something like what you've done. Yes, at first I hit ESC and it installed fine without REBOOT. But since I'm a perfectionist, I copied REBOOT from an old archive and reinstalled. So far, so good. Am posting from Fileset 9 within VBox, within an nLite'd XP. Mike <><
  7. PMikeP

    Fileset 9, all done

    Thanks Fred: I dnld'd the updated fileset with hivesys.inf and iexplore.inf updated 9/21. I got the error "cannot copy reboot.exe." I notice that file is missing from the archive. I'll copy reboot.exe from a previous fileset into the new and do it again. Mike <><
  8. PMikeP

    Fileset 9, all done

    Perfect timing! I finally got around to building FS9 with June beta HFSLIP (ver L) and got the same error message in VirtualBox 3.0.6. Line 498 of hivesys.inf is corrupted. Glad someone else smarter than I am (jimmsta) found the problem. Will try commenting out the offending line. (Will have to find a text editor that numbers lines!) Mike <><
  9. PMikeP

    Fileset 9, all done

    Fred, went to your site, redownloaded the fileset for W2K. First time was a short 300kB file, with a .bmp called "beartown.bmp." Any idea what's going on? Second try got the file set okay. Mike <><
  10. Hello Fred: I emailed this to you a while ago but see it didn't make it in your May 28 update to the Total SlipStream wesbite. So maybe I don't know what I'm talking about? In Step 1 you say: --------------- Copy the i386 directory from the Windows 2000 CD to D:\HFSLIP\SOURCE Copy CDROM_IP.5, CDROM_NT.5, and CDROMSP4.TST from the Windows 2000 CD to D:\HFSLIP\SOURCE --------------- But the SP4.TST file will only be present if you have an Original Win2K CD with SP4 built in. (Is there such an animal?) If one is copying an OEM W2K CD with no Service Pack, as Step 1 implies (since Step 2 is to slipstream SP4), there will be no CDROMSP4.TST file yet. Likewise, the graphic in Step 8 would need correction. A small nit, but a newbie might spend a lot of time headscratching trying to find the "missing" file. Hope this helps. Mike <><
  11. PMikeP

    Fileset 9, all done

    fdv: If you want things like Agent or Windows Scripting Host, right click on the corresponding INF file (AGTINST.INF, WSH.INF, etc. etc.) and select "install." Dumb question: Right click the WSH.INF in the FDVFILES folder before running hfslip? Does this persist? Or copy WSH.INF into the INF folder in W2K after the installation is complete and install from there? Mike
  12. I tried 1.7.9_beta_k. I get a nice DOS box, as per usual hfslip operation, with a message "please redownload the hfslip zip archive and extract prior to running this program. Press any key to continue... " Naturally, I did extract the archive before running. The archive tests good with 7 zip. Mike <><
  13. I found a solution. (Although I still don't understand the "why" of the problem. I'm still thinking it's something Fred had to do to eliminate IE. Or maybe a consequence of removing IE?) Logged into Administrator, started group editor (gpedit.msc) > User Configuration > Administrative Template > Desktop > Active Desktop > Disable Active Desktop. Was initially "Not configured." I changed it to "Enabled." That solved my nit of a 'problem.' No more Active Desktop flyout in the User account. That gpeditor is a powerful utility. I don't understand most of the implications of its settings. Seems like one could do a lot of damage by indiscriminately toggling things off. I wonder who wins in a battle for control? The Registry or the Group Editor? It seems you could do things to the Administrator from gpedit that couldn't be undone by the Administrator through normal channels. [interestingly, there are two antithetical options for Active Desktop: Enable and Disable. I wonder what happens if you set them both to "Enable?"] Mike <><
  14. I tried installing a FDV W2K with no IE, but WITH OE, by modifying Fred's SYSSETUP.INI file, per his comments in the file. (I wanted a cheap newsreader for the one time a year I post in a newsgroup.) It didn't work. I got an OE icon in the Start menu, but when I click on it, I get a message about not being able to find an OE DLL. I notice that Autoruns points to an OE5 setup file. So maybe this is obvious. Can you install OE without IE? (IOW, does OE depend on IE?) The way Fred's comments in his SYSSETUP read, the implication is you can toggle one or the other or both. He doesn't mention any dependencies. And you say... ?
  15. This isn't a big deal, but I'm obsessive. (Besides, inquiring minds want to know!) I'm running W2K, built with HFSLIP 1.79beta and Fred's latest file set. No IE and no OE. I use the latest TweakUI for W2K from M$. TweakUI works as expected under the Administrator account. Under the IE tab, I've unchecked "Allowchanges to Active Desktop." And that works. That removes the Active Desktop Context menu when clicking the right mouse button on the Desktop. But when I create a User account, not all these settings transfer over to the User account. Nor can I change some items under the IE tab in TweakUI. In particular, I can't get the Active Desktop options to apply. They will "uncheck," but not persist. (That is, when I click "Apply," they come back.) In fact, none of the IE settings in TweakUI can be changed from User. I'm wondering if this is a FDV thing, because I notice that under "Display Properties," Web tab, the behavior is different from an OEM W2K install. In particular, I can't uncheck the "My current home page" box and in my other W2K installs, I don't even have a Web tab. I think I disabled Active Desktop somewhere in the OEM installs. But that option doesn't seem to be available in an IE-less W2K. As a sanity check, can someone verify this behavior on their FDV W2K no IE, no OE system? If it's not just me, then is there a way to modify the User account TweakUI IE settings? If not, why not? It works in Administrator. Is there a Registry permission I need to unlock as a consequence of no IE? Mike <><
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