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  1. Hey First of all; Thankyou Tomcat76, your program has helped me a lot Running hfslip I get this,(see Pic) I used an older ver. of HFSLIP and there was no error. Now I used 70512 and I have this error.... Any Ideas? HFSLIP.rar
  2. Maybe Iam missing out on somthing here, but I have used that script for; WinXP PRO WinXP Home WinXp Corp (PRO)
  3. @Shark007 Thank you for an excellent job Iam using this; Sun Java - version Adobe Shockwave Player - version Adobe Flash Player - version 9.0.28 And I have this in my RunOnceEx.cmd REG ADD %KEY%\022 /VE /D "QuickTime" /f REG ADD %KEY%\022 /V 1 /D "%PP%\Applications\QuickTime\QuickTime.msi /qn" /f REG ADD %KEY%\042 /VE /D "Java 1.5.0 Update 10" /f REG ADD %KEY%\042 /V 1 /D "%PP%\Applications\Java\java15010.exe" /f REG ADD %KEY%\052 /VE /D "Adobe Flash Player 9 ActiveX" /f REG ADD %KEY%\052 /V 1 /D "%PP%\Applications\Adobe_Flash\FlashInstaller.EXE" /f REG ADD %KEY%\062 /VE /D "Adobe Shockwave Player" /f REG ADD %KEY%\062 /V 1 /D "%PP%\Applications\Adobe_Shock\swInstaller.exe" /f Is there a way to make the POP up extraction during instal to never show.... So it will be QUIET
  4. Without LUSETUP.EXE, yes! And LUSETUP.EXE is what?
  5. Hey Does anbody know the size of SymantecAntiVirus 10.1.5. My old 10.0.1 was 210Mb, but the one I got now (10.1.5) is about 28Mb
  6. The /d just makes oemscan show you what happens...right? Or does it change how it works...... Update I tried it just running oemscan.exe...........success I have more grey hair now Thanks to the ones who helped me!!
  7. commands are ok, have you placed promptkey.vbs and test.cmd in the right place? (same dir as oemscan.exe) Yes, i have If I run; oemscan.exe /d I get ; Matched: SM Running: PromptKey.vbs : Failed or with test.cmd in oemscan.ini; Matched: SM Running: test.cmd : Failed
  8. Ok, I will try to show you! Thank you for your respond This is my oemscan.ini ; ; Fujitsu Siemens OEMBIOS Files ; SLP = Fujitsu Siemens ; [FUJITSU SIEMENS] PATH=".\FUJITSU\" RANGE="" MATCHARG="" CMD=".\FUJITSU\OEMCOPY.CMD" ; ; ASUS_FLASH OEMBIOS Files ; SLP = ASUS_FLASH ; [ASUS_FLASH] PATH=".\ASUS_FLASH\" RANGE="" MATCHARG="" CMD=".\ASUS_FLASH\OEMCOPY.CMD" [SM] CMD=".\cscript PromptKey.vbs" ;CMD=".\test.cmd" This is my cmdlines.txt [COMMANDS] "useraccounts.cmd" "RunOnceEx.cmd" "./HomePreaktiver/oemscan.exe" I have used this on sevral diff. PC's, but not with this part; [SM] CMD=".\cscript PromptKey.vbs" I wanted to test it firts on Microsoft Virtual PC, and the [sM] trigs OK but the <<CMD=".\cscript PromptKey.vbs">> goes : FAILED. It does not matter if I run the oemscan.exe durin install (cmdlines.txt) or from the desktop, after instal. If I change <<CMD=".\cscript PromptKey.vbs">> To CMD=".\test.cmd" The result is the same : FAILED This is my test.cmd Pause Iam trying to prompt for changing the XP key if there is no match. Is there another way tho promt the user to change the XP key, if oemscan doesen't do it's "thing"?
  9. The tihing is that nothing will run if I write like this; [SM] CMD=".\test.cmd" It just fails Iam trying to prompt for changing the XP key if there is no match.
  10. No Go I tried this: [SM] CMD=".\test.cmd" and test.cmd Pause No Go Same error : Failed Iam realy confused
  11. Trying this on WinXP Home I have PromptKey.vbs in the same place as oemscan.exe/ini. (1.3.1) I have this in oemscan.ini [SM] CMD=".\PromptKey.vbs" Written at the end of oemscan.ini. When I test it it say's; Matched: SM Running: PromptKey.vbs : Failed I have tried to run a cmd file instead(test.cmd)...no go. Why on does it do that? If I run PromptKey.vbs, it works. In real life on a Dell pc it workes perfect..... ----------------------------------------------------------------- Update Sorry about this. The problem seems to be more complexed. The CMD="" thing does not work at all, it worked like a charm earlier today, but not now. I copied the hole oemscan directory over to another PC and tested there, but it does not work. Same error : Failed. Any ideas?
  12. Nice @xehqter SLP keys aren’t locked to the oembios files. Aha, it took a while befor I got that part
  13. WinXp Pro WORKING In the oemscan.ini; [Dell Computer] PATH=".\Dell\" RANGE="" MATCHARG="" CMD=".\Dell\OEMCOPY.CMD" [Dell Inc] PATH=".\Dell\" RANGE="" MATCHARG="" CMD=".\Dell\OEMCOPY.CMD" Will oemscan.exe see the diffrence between "Dell Computer" and "Dell Inc"? Or will it "trig" on "Dell" and that's it? ( I know it will use the same OEMBIOS files in this setup)
  14. @xehqter Sorry, I thought you were asking for a XP Home SLP key. Windows XP will install with SLP CD Keys but won’t activate a non Royalty (Motherboard & Oembios) system, I can see why the admin’s don’t want us to publish the keys, but it makes it allot easier to say, Just use this key for home, and this key for pro. I use winnt.sif and have one static SLP key for Pro & Home. It's ok I will trie to achieve static SLP key for Pro & Home. I do have the SLP key for home, but not for pro..... @FreeStyler Unlocking WinXP's setupp.ini Thank's, that helped. @TripleA You might find this Microsoft article enlightening: hmmm, I have read that one a few times , thanks. And I found this one; http://wiki.djlizard.net/Product_IDs
  15. @xehqter I did NOT ask for any SLP CD Keys. Iam doing this the legal way. My understanding was that the key on the MS site was a key that you could use during a PRO SLP instal. BUT that you neede a "genuin" (my language is realy bad,I know) key for activation. I have a leagal WinXp PRO CD with KEY, and I thought that I could make that work the same way as I did with the WinXp Home. And that I could use the OEMBIOS files from Home on Pro, but that I need the Pro SLP key to get it ACTIVATED.
  16. Hey Back again..... I have used the dvd that I made on several different Pc's(HP,DELL), and they all worked fine. That was for the WinXp home edition. So I made the same thing for WinXp pro. I have read this; http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechn...y/oempreac.mspx. As far as I understad it, I can use this key for Windows XP Professional. The OEMBIOS files are the same for Pro and Home..?, I have read something about that Now I have a DELL PC that I have tried it on.It came with PRO pre. instaled. I have tried the MS key, the sticker key....but only the key that followed the org. cd works????!! in the oobeinfo.ini; [Version] ProductKey="MVF4D-W774K-MC4VM-QY6XY-R38TB" When winNt.sif prompts for key that's the one I enter, but it say's "Not Valid Key" Can someone help me???
  17. Success On a ComPaq pc. No key in winnt.sif and; cmdlines.txt COMMANDS] "./Preaktiver/oemscan.exe" Thanks to FreeStyler xehqter for helping me out
  18. I DL'ed magicaljellybean and the key stays the same, that's a good sign for me because then the key works. I had another key in wiNT.sif.....or should I leave that key blank? Thanks, I have read most of it...I will get it .....slowly B)
  19. Hey I have tried this on a Old COMPAQ PC (6 years old) I have this; oemscan.ini ; ; HP / Compaq OEMBIOS Files CRC32 = 06D652A4, CD4E1902, 00A1EECB ; SLP = Compaq, Hewlett, HP Pavilion, Hewlett-Packard ; ;CRC32 = CD4E1902 [Compaq] PATH=".\HPQ\" RANGE="" MATCHARG="" CMD=".\HPQ\OEMCOPY.CMD" oemcopy.cmd copy oemlogo.bmp %SystemRoot%\System32\ copy oeminfo.ini %SystemRoot%\System32\ copy oobeinfo.ini %SystemRoot%\system32\oobe copy OEMLOGO.JPG %SystemRoot%\system32\oobe\images The oemlogo.bmp & oeminfo.ini works fine! I have a unattended WinXP Home cd. After OS install I run oemscan.exe, it identifies COMPAQ, and seems to do it's thing. Then I reboot, but the aktivation thing stays on. Then I manualy copied the 4 OEMBIOS files from HPQ to their directories. Then I reboot, but the aktivation thing stays on. The oobeinfo.ini looks like this; [Version] ProductKey="MK48G-CG8VJ-BRVBB-38MQ9-3PMFT" [Branding] OEMName="PC" OEMLogo="OEMLOGO.JPG" It does not work....is the pc to old? Can some one see somthing wrong? Help Edit: I used a tool called rockxp.exe(key Changer),Used the same key as before--->activation ok... Does this mean that the oobeinfo.ini did not come through?
  20. Thanks, do not give up on me now!!! I have one last question before testing live on a Fujitsu Siemens PC.... Ins winnt.sif file, I have this; [UserData] ProductKey="" In that way I have to type in the key, and then the unattended instalation goes seamless. My DVD will contain many OEMBIOS files (DELL,HP,....). What do I enter for "ProductKey="""....?
  21. Here is the expanded ver. of Fujitsu Siemens OEMBIOS Files. http://rapidshare.de/files/37304961/Fujitsu_Siemens.rar.html Can I execute the oemscan.exe in the cmdlines.txt at T-12?
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