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  1. Hey I get "Could not register the audiofile YYYY.XXX" during instal......Any ideas. Same error when instaled from RunOnceEx.cmd or after a frech xp instal. I created a sfx arcive like this; --- First unpack power dvd setup to a folder. Copy "setupCustom.ini" and "PDVD8.reg" files in the same folder as where you extracted your setup. Open Winrar -select option "Create Sfx archive" -select "Best" from "Compression Method" -select comment and copy this: ;The comment below contains SFX script commands Setup=Setup.exe Presetup=REGEDIT /S PDVD8.reg TempMode Silent=1 Overwrite=1 --------------- No go...."Could not register the audiofile YYYY.XXX"
  2. Are the WINNT.SIF the same after as before Sp3 ??....... I created a new WinNt.sif with nlite(WinXp & Sp3)....and now .....it works
  3. Hey I thougt that the "Windows XP SP3 updates for use with HFSLIP" was a complete list...? I dont use Hfslip to create an image.....I use CDIMAGE.EXE to do that.
  4. Later! No Go. Xp runs the gui part of the instalation begins, then BSOD ---> setupdd.sys.
  5. Thankyou for your answer! Iam quit sure that this is not a mem problem. Tried on 2 Pc's and one laptop. According to "Windows XP SP3 updates for use with HFSLIP" the files chould be where I put them.... But Iam trying your sugestions now Will be back Edit: New Log file, new atemp. HFSLIP.txt
  6. Hey I have hfslip-1.7.8 and wmp11 and SP3, and XP Pro and I have tried to do the slipstream. But during xp instal I get BSOD reffering to setupdd.sys. Have tried to slipstream sevral times + new DVD's and tried it on Virtual Pc--> Same result! Can some one help me with some clue's? HFSLIP.txt
  7. My language is not English If I burn the small ISO on a dvd I can boot from it. I did the "MagicISO" thing.(See pic) Thank you for your effort!
  8. Hey I used the same ISO as I wrote to DVD. It has never failed.The thing is that when I tried to boot from the USB pen, it seems that the pen is found during post up....but the process seems to halt.That's why I was wondring about if it was possible to chck if the pen was bootable. And thankyou for responding to my question.(And for ignoring my bad spelling )
  9. WinXp I tried with iso only 450Mb---> The program finished ok. But I could not boot from pen, Message was "NO OPERATING SYSTEM" Will try more! Edit. Tried On a diff. PC, nogo..Howe can I see if it's possible to boot from pen.That the pen is bootable?
  10. I have tried this. NoGo I bought a 4Gb disk(the right kind) My ISO file is 2.3Gb. I renamed it to U3CUSTOM.ISO. (under \bin). Then I runed Universal_Customizer.exe.There are 5 steps in this program. Step 3 Backup seems to fail evry time, and then the program halts. If i run the ISOCreate.cmd, and then Universal_Customizer.exe it goes to step 4 and 5, but halts on 5 after that you have pulled the usb pen out and inserted it again. Iam not abel to boot from the pen.And yes my mb is capebale of doing so.(DFI NF4) Any ideas?
  11. Hey I need to know if it is Pro or Home that beeing installed. There are some applications that I only instal for pro, and I use the same $OEM$ for Home&Pro. So during install I need to know the diffrent! So far I have "read" the C:\WINDOWS\system32\EULA.TXT and for WinXP Pro it says "EULAID:XPSP2_RM.0_PRO_OEM_NO" WinXp Home it says "EULAID:XPSP2_RM.0_HOM_OEM_NO" WinXP Corp "EULAID:XPSP2_RM.0_PRO_RTL_NO" It works,but Iam looking for a better way to achieve my goal Any ideas!!!??
  12. I see two problems.1) You are including both msxml6_x86.msi and msxml6-KB933579-enu-x86.exe. Silent .NET Maker only takes one and it uses the MSI because it's faster, but the file named "msxml6_x86.msi" is old so you should remove it. Silent .NET Maker will then use msxml6-KB933579-enu-x86.exe. If you want, you can use msxml6.msi from inside msxml6-KB933579-enu-x86.exe to make things faster but it's not required. This should solve the KB933579 problem. 2) Your KB934238 problem is probably due to the absence of the KB934238 update for the main .NET 3.0 package. You only have the KB934238 update for your language pack. Thank you for your reply!!! I followed your advice, and it worked perfect. Excellent work from you as usual!!
  13. Hey I have 2 KB's giving me a hard time.(KB934238 and KB933579) (Norwegian XP) Have read through this forum I fond this: KB934238 Iam using the SNM script. an the folder looks like this; What amI missing? Can you pls. tell me how you did this? HFSLIP.txt
  14. Hmmm It seems like my antivirus program was the problem.... I turned it off,did a slipstrem and instaled it the same PC...and it worked
  15. Hey I have a WinXp Pro Corporated, and I have used Hfslip many times to keep it up to date, no problems. But yesterday when I installed on a PC(the install passed on fine) and did a reboot, a message was diplayed saying somthing like; "The licens can not be verified". Then I can not log myself onto the Pc...... Has anyone experienced this? Any clue what's wrong? HFSLIP.txt
  16. I tried chkdsk /r on F., it took about 60minutt's to complete. Copied c:\HFSLIP to F.\HFSLIP....same error I will stick to c:\HFSLIP Strange huh? Thankyou for your effort Tomcat76!!
  17. Thanks for your help Tomcat76. I tried "the special version", and it came up with a log. I downloded the KB in the report. Run "the special version" again, new KB in log. Repeat Repeat Repeat Then I saw that the KB in the log repeted itself.... So moved Hfslip from "F:\hfslip" to "C:\hfslip",,,,,,, and all errors disappeared Maybe there is somthing wrong with my disk, or maybe HFSLIP feel comfortable at C: instead of F: ?
  18. Hey I have downloaded the kb's that preceding the one's that gave error. No change. Is there a list/log somewhere that scows me in what order the kb's are processed?
  19. Thanks for your respons. Will check out my HF folder
  20. Hey During hfslip I get these errors running over my screen: 1: Directory or the file TEMP already exsist 2: No accsess 3: Directory not empty 4: Error during creation of file - system does not find the file Theese errors commes all the time, for several KB's.. My log is attached. The funny thing is that when I use the Image to instal WinXp, all updates seems to be ok...... HFSLIP.txt
  21. Thankyou for your reply!! I have removed the file that you mentioned. And then I conscientiously compared your XpSp2 updatlist with my HFSLIP. (Puha) So now the Error is gone! New error.... Iam doing my XP in Norwigian. So the error text during hfslip is in norwigian. I says somthing like this; ------------------------------------------------- WindowsXP-KB873339-x86-NOR.exe Folder is not empty TEMP`\hypertrm.dll 1 File(s) copied Folder is not empty WindowsXP-KB885626-v2-x86-NOR.exe Folder exsist or file TEMP exsist already TEMP\update.sys 1 File(s) copied -------------------------------------------------- HFSLIP report this sevral times for diff. KB's My HFSLIP folder is F:\HFSLIP Iam the administrator. I have tried to make a new HFSLIP folder and copied the occupied directorys (HF,HFTOOLS, etc) over. Fresh SOURCE. The error stays. Any ideas? EDIT After running this compilation an doing a MS-update(via net) Iam only missing this updates; KB930916 KB931768 Can this updates be added to HF? HFSLIP.rar
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