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  1. http://www.hauppauge.com/pages/products/da...r500mcekit.html i use them & they work great on XP/Vista MCE
  2. Hello, when i integrate the hotfix into vista image its only integrating into vista ULTIMATE version, but want it to update all the vista version in side the image ? (i'm using this guide: http://firegeier.unattended-sponsor.de/en/updates.html) Thank you,
  3. Thank you , best program a windows can get
  4. there is no use in installing .NET Framework 3.0. when the application doesnt need it. just waste of system resources. you should install .NET1.1 SP1 and that would work great
  5. can you add Windows XP MCE 2005 Support ?
  6. Hello, I like to know that can i play/watch Dvix, xvid Files on Media Center Extender? if not, is there any software which would let me play dvix, xvid files Media Center Extender? can watch Live TV & Recorded TV ? can I schedule recordings from Media Center Extender(which will be recorded on MCE PC)? can i listen to radio in Media Center Extender? is there any new version of Media Center Extender to be released soon ? how many Media Center Extender can be used on one MCE PC ? where can i buy one ? (web Link) Thank you
  7. Hello, I have an Geforce 7800GS VGA CARD & an WinTV PVR 500 MCE TV CARD so is the following Possible I should be able work & control MCE with remote in one Monitor, at the same time should be able to do other normal things(checking mail, web browsering) in another monitor(dual Monitor setup) (so me & my brother can use the same pc at the same time) this is somewhat Possible now, what i mean is i'm able bring MCE in one monitor, do things in another monitor but to control mce with remote . the mce window must be active. when that window is active mouse goes to that window(unable to bring it back), so i'm unable to work in the another monitor. (I can work with out the mouse thats not a big problem. the main/big problem is the MCE window & the window i want work must be active at the same time. ) even if i bring mouse back by pressing windows key & moving mouse to the another monitor. when the mouse leaves the MCE Monitor. i'm unable to control MCE with remote. because MCE window becomes inactive. so if you guys know any thing to do something like this please tell me? Thank you, Suren
  8. Ok, 1X Intel Pentium 4 3Ghz HT 512KB L2 CPU 1X Intel D875PBZ MainBoard 1X XFX Geforce 7800GS 256MB AGP VGA CARD (the overclocked Edition) 440MHZ 1X SB Live 4.1 Sound Card 2X Maxtor 080GB 7200RPM PATA HDD 1X Maxtor 160GB 7200RPM PATA HDD 1X Maxtor 300GB 7200RPM SATA HDD 1X NEC DVD R/RW 4X DVD Burner 1X hauppauge WinTV-PVR-500 MCE Version TV Card 3X System Fan 1X 500W 24pin Powersupply 2X 512 MB DDR400 RAM this is my system info Is the Power OK ? (is the 500W Powersupply ok to power this computer) ? or do i need a PSU with more power ? every thing works in vista but in xp some files are not working from the 160GB HDD
  9. i think it's not problem with HDD because. others HDD also sometimes stop working i think it's a problem with Mainboard
  10. Hello, the files & HDD working Good on vista but in XP MCE 2005 . HDD starts & stops, OS Reboots, Files are not working I reinstalled XP but still Files are not working, but os and hdd are working Why is this happening like this ?
  11. some times (connected with another HDD(master-slave) the 160 HDD stop working. it makes some sound & then HDD Stops Working. after that I need to reboot
  12. i used chkdsk to check for errors it said the HDD ok. even HDD life software telling HDD ok. but now another file stoped working.(i get the same error this file also) but my HDD was working in overtemp(50 c) for a week. & i finally found the Overtemp problem and fixed it now it's at (30 C)temp. this problem started within last week
  13. sorry, guys i was burning DVD of MY HDD so i forgot to post the error screenshot . now i have posted it in my 1st post please help
  14. Hello, when i try to copy or move a file from my 160GB HDD to another HDD i Get the error posted below Please Help can someone tell me what that means ? what i have to do ?
  15. Hello, When i try to add RVM Pack & IE7 B3 to my XPSP2 Nlite takes very long time to do it, why ? i'm using the Lastest versions of all 3
  16. will IE7 Beta 3 work with nlite 1.0 final ?
  17. nuhi, you should see this: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/918093 and fix nlite timezone settings
  18. Thank you nuhi @nuhi, can you add the Users page on Unattended section in the coming versions more info : http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=58363&hl=
  19. Thank you guys, LostGhost: you know exe is more cool(it will luck like i made a software)
  20. Hello, is there any software to Compile .bat & .cmd files to .exe files ?? I know about "Quick Batch File Compiler" but you know it's not free
  21. Suren

    XPize 4.2 BETA 2

    Thank you, XPero for a great release of XPize!. XPero, can add the MCE logon screen to 1386 path mode/nLite update pack mode.
  22. Hello, sorry for this but, what is DriverPacks ? how can i use the DriverPacks ? what is the use of it ? is there any guide ? what is the Advantage of it ? is it made for a Single PC or lot of pcs? I searched and ended up with nothing. help me.
  23. Xpero, I use XPize I386 Patching Feature for my Windows CD using nlite to patch now do i need to disable SFC/WFP ? because in some topics people have said we need to disable SFC/WFP. OS:Windows XP SP2
  24. Suren

    XP Shell pack

    i'm asking for pack that can be Integratable to the XPCD like xpize (Xpize I386 mode)

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