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  1. Thats what I call an answer Nice job Arie.
  2. broadband connection

    Create two batch-files, one with this line: ipconfig /release and the other with this: ipconfig /renew The first one will disconnect you from Internet and any kind of LAN. The other one will request an IP from your ISP and then Internet should work. The reason for this could be that you are behind a router and the router do the login for you. Else, it seems like your ISP is using PPPoE and normal DHCP to let you out on the Internet.
  3. What Not To Remove For Some Programs

    Um, I have a problem with MSN Live Messenger, wont save my specialchars (swedish åäö ÅÄÖ) when I rename my groups, put it in my username and so on. Its like messenger dont support unicode when it saves the information of my username and groupnames. It works when I change it and have the process running tho. Here is a list of my nLited winxp OMG in swedish ;p Customized by nLite v1.2 beta - www.nliteos.com Components removed: Fil och inställningsguiden Guidad tur Guiden för skrivbordsrensning Konverterare för FAT till NTFS Manuell installation och uppgradering Mediahanterare för skalet Remote Installation Services (RIS) Sökassistenten VB-skript för Administratörer Webbvy Verktyg för Save Dump ClipBook Viewer Hjälpmedelsinställningar NT Backup Pinball Portfölj Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Bandenheter Bildskärmskort Flerfunktionsenheter Grafikkortsdrivrutiner (äldre) IBM PS/2 TrackPoint IBM Thinkpad ISDN Logitech WingMan Nätverk (LAN) Scanners SCSI/RAID Serial Pen Tablet Sony Jog Dial Toshiba DVD-dekoderkort Trådlöst nätverk (WLAN) Brother-enheter Gravis Digital GamePort Smart Card Stöd för Bluetooth Stöd för Firewire (1394) Stöd för FireWire-nätverk Stöd för flera processorer Windows CE USB Host Exempelmusik Gamla CD-Spelaren och Ljudinspelaren Media Center Movie Maker Muspekare Tablet PC Talstöd Windows-ljud Client for Netware Networks Comtrol Test Terminal Program Guide för Internetanslutning MSN Explorer Netmeeting Outlook Express Synkroniseringshanteraren Tillägg för Frontpage Web Folders Windows Messenger Albansk tangentbord Arabisk (101) tangentbord Arabisk (102) AZERTY tangentbord Arabisk (102) tangentbord Arameisk skrift tangentbord Armenisk (västlig) tangentbord Armenisk (östlig) tangentbord Azerbajdzjansk (kyrillisk) tangentbord Azerbajdzjansk (latinsk) tangentbord Belgisk (komma) tangentbord Bengali (Inscript) tangentbord Bengali tangentbord Bosnisk tangentbord Brittisk (utökad) tangentbord Brittisk tangentbord Bulgarisk (latinsk) tangentbord Bulgarisk tangentbord Dansk tangentbord Devanagari - INSCRIPT tangentbord Divehiskrift för tangentbord tangentbord Estnisk tangentbord Finsk med samiska språk tangentbord Finsk tangentbord Fonetisk arameisk skrift tangentbord Fonetisk divehiskrift tangentbord Fransk (belgisk) tangentbord Fransk (kanadensisk) tangentbord Fransk (kanadensisk, gammal) tangentbord Fransk (schweizisk) tangentbord Fransk tangentbord Färöisk tangentbord Gaelisk tangentbord Georgisk tangentbord Grekisk (220) Latin tangentbord Grekisk (220) tangentbord Grekisk (319) Latin tangentbord Grekisk (319) tangentbord Grekisk (latinsk) tangentbord Grekisk (polytonisk) tangentbord Grekisk tangentbord Gujarati tangentbord Hebreisk tangentbord Hindi (traditionell) tangentbord Irländsk tangentbord Isländsk tangentbord Italiensk 142 tangentbord Italiensk tangentbord Japansk tangentbord Japanskt indatasystem (MS-IME2002) tangentbord Kanadensisk (flerspråkig standard) tangentbord Kannada tangentbord Kazakisk tangentbord Kinesisk (förenklad) - amerikanskt tangentbord tangentbord Kinesisk (förenklad) - Microsoft Pinyin IME 3.0 tangentbord Kinesisk (förenklad) - NeiMa tangentbord Kinesisk (förenklad) - QuanPin tangentbord Kinesisk (förenklad) - ShuangPin tangentbord Kinesisk (förenklad) - ZhengMa tangentbord Kinesisk (traditionell) - alfanumerisk tangentbord Kinesisk (traditionell) - amerikanskt tangentbord tangentbord Kinesisk (traditionell) - Big5-kod tangentbord Kinesisk (traditionell) - ChangJie tangentbord Kinesisk (traditionell) - DaYi tangentbord Kinesisk (traditionell) - fonetisk tangentbord Kinesisk (traditionell) - matris tangentbord Kinesisk (traditionell) - ny ChangJie tangentbord Kinesisk (traditionell) - ny fonetisk tangentbord Kinesisk (traditionell) - snabb tangentbord Kinesisk (traditionell) - unicode tangentbord Kirgizisk kyrillisk skrift tangentbord Koreansk tangentbord Koreanskt inmatningssystem (Hangul) (MS-IME98) tangentbord Kroatisk tangentbord Latinamerikansk tangentbord Lettisk (qwerty) tangentbord Lettisk tangentbord Litauisk IBM tangentbord Litauisk tangentbord Makedoniska tangentbord Malayalam tangentbord Maltesisk (47 tangenter) tangentbord Maltesisk (48 tangenter) tangentbord Maori tangentbord Marathi tangentbord Mongolisk kyrillisk skrift tangentbord Nederländsk (belgisk) tangentbord Nederländsk tangentbord Norsk med samiska språk tangentbord Norsk tangentbord Persisk tangentbord Polsk (214) tangentbord Polsk (programmerare) tangentbord Portugisisk (Brasiliansk ABNT) tangentbord Portugisisk (Brasiliansk ABNT2) tangentbord Portugisisk tangentbord Punjabi tangentbord Rumänsk tangentbord Rysk (skrivmaskin) tangentbord Rysk tangentbord Samiska språk (utökad, Finland-Sverige) tangentbord Samiska språk (utökad, Norge) tangentbord Serbisk (kyrillisk) tangentbord Serbisk (latinsk) tangentbord Slovakisk (qwerty) tangentbord Slovakisk tangentbord Slovensk tangentbord Spansk tangentbord Spansk variation tangentbord Tamilsk tangentbord Tatarisk tangentbord Telugu tangentbord Thailändsk Kedmanee (utan ShiftLock) tangentbord Thailändsk Kedmanee tangentbord Thailändsk Pattachote (utan ShiftLock) tangentbord Thailändsk Pattachote tangentbord Tjeckisk (programmerare) tangentbord Tjeckisk (qwerty) tangentbord Tjeckisk tangentbord Turkisk F tangentbord Turkisk Q tangentbord Tysk (IBM) tangentbord Tysk (schweizisk) tangentbord Tysk tangentbord Ukrainsk tangentbord Ungersk 101-tangenters tangentbord Ungersk tangentbord Urdu tangentbord Uzbekisk (kyrillisk) tangentbord Vietnamesisk tangentbord Vitrysk tangentbord Error Reporting Messenger Telnet Server Uninterruptible Power Supply DOCS SUPPORT VALUEADD Språk
  4. my guess is the cable. "are both network card configured to autonegociate the speed ?" if she/he ? havent changed it before it should on auto. Hope it works out tho! To bad you cant get a new cable to try with :/
  5. Symantec Security checker

    hi m8E, I was going to send a PM til I read some new posts in here You have antivirus, firewall and antispyware installed, thats good but do not forget to update them (norton does that auto, spybot doesnt). About your ports that are opened... your firewall, Norton Internet Security if im not mistaken, is configured so these ports that your are talking about answers on request from an outside source. This can be re-configured (ofcourse) in the preferences for Norton Internet Security. But since you dont even need these ports you can disable the services which uses these ports. Port 23 is, like I said in an earlier PM the standardport for telnet. To close this port you have to disable the Telnet Service, and port 80 is the standardport for webservers... and the only OS from windows that I know of, that have this service running from start is Windows 2000 Look for "Internet Information Service" and disable that one too. Port 1025 belongs to RPC, do not disable the RPC service tho, just make sure the rules in your firewall is configured to block incoming requests on this port. ICMP is blocked by softwarefirewalls by default I guess, but since it answered on symantecs echo-request, take a closer look in your firewalls preferences. About that list of applications that startup when you logon... none of them will harm your computer : Do not configure your firewall so it blocks everything, there should be a "learning"-mode, try that. //phiber0ptik
  6. Symantec Security checker

    Port 80 is the standardport for a webserver, port 23 is the standardport for telnet and port 1025 for RPC (Remote Procedure Call service). If you dont run a webserver on your computer you should stop that service (probably IIS) do the same with the telnetservice, and just leave rpc alone. ( Start -> Run... -> services.msc -> [Enter] ) I suggest you to use a firewall, and run symantecs security scanner again You can always try to connect to port 80 on your computer with telnet. Start -> Run... -> cmd -> telnet localhost 80 -> [Enter] -> [space] -> [Enter] This will give you an output message, something like: "Apache/1.3.31 Server at do.not.attack.this.server Port 80" (example from me doing the telnetthingy ) This output should say something about Apache or IIS, otherwise it could be a trojan. PM me if you need help or something //phiber0ptik
  7. Lan/firewall/gateway settings.

    you need to forward connection to ur computer connected to the switch... mainly, your gateway need to know where to send incoming connetions for port 5900 (vnc listen on this port) or 5800 (java-based, no-need for vnc-viewver). Programs for this hum.. wingate? sygate? or a cheap router for 400:- If you want to connect to both computers from your friend, simply change listening ports so they get one each (java for one and standard for one is a choose tho) give me a pm if you need help <<<OMG IM TO KIND!!>>>
  8. TDS3 Trojan Defence Suite

    Easy to bypass, just add a few bytes to an infected file, play around with pe, compress it blabla.. It isnt that good to be paranoid I mean, antivirus and a firewall will protect you and if someone really want to get into your comp they can, just a matter of skills heh and most likely they wont use a trojan that allready exist. AVG Free Edition is a good choose for a free antivirus, as for firewalls there is a mountain of them, like zonealarm, outpost, sygate, kerio and 30 others I shouldnt tell you this since your paranoid about your security but its easy to bypass firewalls too, at least software-based firewalls
  9. Sagem ADSL Modem on WinNT4

    wie! I did some research just for you **** I should work as a support-guy for a big company on a daily basis or something, ehm... anyway read on.... I found a reasonable "fix". This guy seems to have a similar problem, well same modem and want to use a computer as a router/firewall... SmoothWall + Sagem Fast 800 Since I dont have a USB-modem I cant help you more than that, but I guess you can work it out, looks like the "AwPhuch" found a good guide too! Have fun and good luck. //phiber0ptik
  10. Content Keeper

    And btw, I guess you can bypass that with a porttunnel. Ex. Work -> ContentKeeper -> your-comp-at-home@port-80? -> redirected to a pornosite.
  11. Content Keeper

    ContentKeeper documents have fun reading //phiber0ptik
  12. 2 Network cards - How to setup

    remove QoS since its just bulls*** NIC1-internet should be DHCP ---------------------------------------- NIC2-xbox: IP Address: Subnet Mask: Default Gateway: Config your second NIC to 10baseT full duplex, if it works, nice... now try AutoDectect, if it works GREAT for you btw, OS on xbox? //phiber0ptik
  13. Need help setting up logins

    Used MCSE - Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory Services, tbh there wasnt much you couldnt find out by yourself but anyhow, better than normal books since its computer-related...
  14. Routers and Hosting yourself.

    upgrade firmware, disable DMZ and use Port forwarding. //phiber0ptik