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  1. WIM Filter

    I copied the wmifilter folder from 1.1.6 program dir to 1.2RC program dir, uninstalled 1.1.6, installed 1.2RC. When nLite 1.2 starts it asks me to install the filter but the install fails "Installation Failed" Edit: nevermind, I forgott to copy the wimgapi.dll
  2. vLite 1.0 RC - Hammer

    What is "Windows SAT" ?
  3. Vista functionality bugged.

    [Drivers] D:\Treiber\nVidia Treiber\Vista x86\158.18_forceware_winvista_32bit_english_whql\nv_disp.inf D:\Treiber\nVidia Treiber\Vista x86\nforce4_amd_winvista32_15.00_english_whql\Ethernet\nvfd6032.inf D:\Treiber\nVidia Treiber\Vista x86\nforce4_amd_winvista32_15.00_english_whql\SMBus\nvsmbus.inf D:\Treiber\nVidia Treiber\Vista x86\nforce4_amd_winvista32_15.00_english_whql\SMU\smuc.inf As I said i'm not sure if my problem was caused by vLite. I tried to reproduce it yesterday, without the 15.00 chipset and slightly newer graphic drivers, without success. I think you shouldn't spend to much time on this until someone is able to reproduce it and can make sure it's caused by vLite. Also tomshardware-germany wrote an article about similar weird Vista problems. Topic: Nvidia and Western Digital to cripple Vista.
  4. Vista functionality bugged.

    Hi, I experienced a similar problem. Did a fresh vLite_Vista_x86 install, installed a couple of drivers, played with some services, did one or two reboots and suddenly the bug occoured, Control Panel and my Dial-Up connection didn't worked anymore. It was really strange, i can't remember and exactly what i did last but i'm almost sure it was nothing with the services, it might be caused by a driver install. Sorry i can't tell you something really interessting it was just a Vista test and I didn't payed much attention on the problem
  5. 1.3 RC "Parameter is Incorrect" message

    Hi, Thanks for the fast reply Nuhi. I can confirm djkym's (thanks btw) solution. I don't know why but... the error message only occurs if you run nLite without Administrator rights.
  6. 1.3 RC "Parameter is Incorrect" message

    Hi, I'm getting the same "The parameter is incorrect" error message while integrating Nvidia nForce 4 x16 AMD Raid Driver (6.85) using nLite 1.3 Final. It worked fine with 1.2 as far as i remember. I hope there will be a fix soon.... Edit: As we can see here: it also affects VIA SATA drivers and there was a similar problem in October 2006 It would be nice to have a reply from you Nuhi, just for us to know that you are aware of the problem
  7. vLite 0.6 beta - Wiiiiiiii

    I would like thank you Nuhi. While 85% of software on this planet is unnecessary nLite is one of the most useful tools i have ever seen. And I hope so too for vLite Again, thank you very much.
  8. DXVA

    It seems that WMV9-DXVA is not working on WMP11, and both WMP10_DXVA patches does not work for WMP11. In case of h.264-DXVA and MPEG2-DXVA it depends on your grafik-card/driver and the used decoder.
  9. Vista Firewalls?

    Hi, I played a little bit with that outgoing thing. I set outgoing to "Block" at the public profile, worked so far, IE 7 was no longer able to connect on internet sites. Now I created a rule for IE7. After that IE7 could connect to internet sites again. But with incredible slow loading times. So i had to set back everything by default. Either i did something wrong or there is something wrong with that outgoing thing
  10. Can't install RC1 on a NVRaid (A8N-SLI)

    http://www.nforcershq.com/forum/vista-rc1-...&highlight= a great guide from Fernando_1
  11. what's your computer's performance?

    I got a 4.4. Whats the best, 6 or 1 ? Edit: ok, apparently 6 is better than 1. I guess 6 is the highest value you can reach.
  12. Can't install RC1 on a NVRaid (A8N-SLI)

    Hi, acording to the nforce_rc1_x64 install.pdf raid is supported i quote: "if installing with RAID, you must copy the contentes of IDE\drivers\sataraid directory onto root directoy of driver cd,dvd,usb drive....." Board: A8N32-SLI Deluxe (wd360 raptor raid0) So I copied the drivers onto my usb-stick, and i can also load the drivers, but it doesn't show me any drives... strange... But this method is not a clean install, it is just an update from xp to vista, am i right ?
  13. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Thx for this little Guide. I can report that there is a problem with nForce 6.86 for me. Endless reboots. 6.85 works fine. A8N32-SLI Deluxe (Nvidia Raid BIOS 5.50).
  14. wmp11 album art

    you can delete the album arts in the album folder but they are hidden, go to the windows folder options and enable seeing systemfiles. if you dont want to receive album arts automaticly, disable it in the WMP Options. or just block WMP from connecting to the internet.
  15. Driverpack Massstorage - V5.03

    Where can i download "DriverPacks BASE" ?