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  1. Tarquel, I am very interested in the BTS driverpack integration part. I have made several unattended installation disks and recently someone asked me to integrate the Mass Storage driverpack. I tried several times but did not succeed so far. I have also included the unattended xpcreate installation in a bootable winpe cdrom. So this person can now create partitions and format them before the xp installation is started. But now he has a computer with Sata disk that is not recognized. You will know what I mean. Thanks in advance. Greetings, Bitfrotter
  2. Maybe everyone has solved there problems but if there is anybody out there that is viewing or Greenmachine has some time to read this. I have tried to download the updates from his website but there are some links that point to the wrong files. Maybe they can be corrected or completely removed because now it is not working. Greetings, Bitfrotter
  3. @Tinywoods, I have the same problem but I solved it by installing both with the runonceex batch method. For the .NET framework 2.0 version I use the extracted files with the msi installer. But I would also like to know in which folder they go to be integrated with XPCREATE. Greetings, Bitfrotter
  4. Hi, Take a look at this page: http://www.greatis.com/security/startuporder.htm It will explain the order for all keys. Greetings, Bitfrotter
  5. Bitfrotter

    Second ISO

    @Erland, No, the source is updated. If you where watching the process you might have seen the screen from SP2 that it is slipstreaming the source. Bitfrotter
  6. @all, Is there anybody out there......... Bitfrotter
  7. @all, almost every update downloaded and slipstreamed. However the rootsupd.exe won't slipstream with XPCREATE. Anyone has an idea. It is in the HF2 dir but maybe it should be somewhere else. Bitfrotter
  8. @all, I am working on a fully integrated W2K version and the only one that is not integrated with XPCREATE is the ROOTSUPD.exe. Has anyone an idea what goes wrong or is it in the wrong directory. I followed the directions on the XPCREATE website. Greetings, Bitfrotter
  9. @all, You are in the wrong thread. This is for WinPE and it is not the same as BartPE or UBCD4WIN. Bitfrotter
  10. @TalRasha007, You should have to be an OEM reseller. WinPE is not available to the public. You should have an enterprise agreement or be an OEM reseller. Bitfrotter
  11. @Greenmachine, I have been working on the W2K version and it has been difficult to get everything working. I will post my list with files later this week but for now I am stuck with the root certificates update. It is in the SVC-HF2 directory and I renamed it to rootsupd.exe but it will not get integrated. when I download it from your website it is called rootsupd_94e9af610087f43b1b637bb5c0e8146.exe. Have you any idea on what goes wrong. Is it in the wrong directory or should I have not renamed it. Every other update is integrated through your tool. Greetings, Bitfrotter
  12. Hi, Take a closer look at the xpcreate website and especially the page with where to put the updates. There you will find where to put the WGA stuff. I tried and it worked fine for me. Bitfrotter
  13. @Greenmachine, By now I have a complete installation for XP-SP2 UK and Dutch version and I have also created a W2K3 server cdrom. All three have every update slipstreamed. Also the Windows Update files and the genuine check are slipstreamed. I will see if I can do a W2K cd to. I saw a error with renaming a directory during the creation of the W2K3 iso and I will try to give more info on what happens. Maybe you can see about it. Will do this later. Greetings, Bitfrotter
  14. @Tinywoods, What jobbie means is the upgrade from Windows Update to Microsoft Update. I have read somewhere that it is not possible at the moment. Maybe someone has a working version by now. Bitfrotter
  15. @Greenmachine, Thanks for your information. I just moved the file to SVC-X2M and created a new iso. And indeed after installation everything is unattended and the windows update site shows no updates to install. I will create a W2K3 setup later this weekend and let you know the results. The Bitfrotter
  16. @Greenmachine, This should be the link: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...2A-CCB2BAB7B8EB Greetings, Bitfrotter
  17. @Greenmachine, I am working on a Dutch version and I have almost every update included, but when I go to the Windows Update site it shows a dutch languagepack for the .NET framework. I have downloaded this file but I do not know where to put it, so it gets integrated. When I run the file with /? it shows that it supports the /Q option to do a silent install. Have you any idea where I can put this file so it gets integrated. I tried in SVC-CF1, but received an error during install. Everything else is working fine. Keep up the good work. I will also test with Windows Server 2003 and let you know the results. With the previous version I had some problems getting all the updates included. The Bitfrotter edit.... I have tried putting it in SVC-HF2 and it did not give an error, however now I have to click to install it. So it is not unattended. I believe this is because only the /Q option is available.
  18. @Greenmachine, I saw the new version and downloaded it. Started from beginning and downloaded everything from the xpcreate website. However there are 2 links pointing to the wrong files. If i move the mouse over the HTMCDWizard_enu.exe it downloads the KB890830 hotfix and when moved over the Media player setup file, it points to the WMCSETUP.EXE Also the setup.exe at the end of the WXPSP2 list is pointing to the dotnetfx.exe. I will download from Microsoft and let you know if I find more. Greetings, The Bitfrotter
  19. @RyanVM, Thanks for your answer. Seems that I was searching in the wrong place. I already found something with microsoft and testing at the moment. I will look into this 9 pages later on. Keep up the good work, The Bitfrotter
  20. @All, Is there someone who has the files to sliptstream so that when you visit the Windows Update site you don't have to install the components. I have the files for v5 but now it says v6 and it wants to download some files. I have searched this forum but did not find any information. I tried to modify the download url's for v5 but they do not work. Thanks for any help The Bitfrotter
  21. Service Pack 2 for XP has already included the Windows Installer 3.0
  22. Bitfrotter

    New Version

    Greenmachine, Thanks for the good work. I did a XP SP2 job with some extra apps and it worked without errors. The things I saw are already discussed in this thread. Such as the SVC directories that are not created.
  23. The method I use is to copy the contents of the XP cdrom to the harddrive and delete the unwanted directories. I have a directory called D:\Source\WXPSP2 and that only contains the root of the cdrom and the I386 Directory. Set XPSOURCE=D:\Source\WXPSP2 in the XPCreate.ini file. There is no need to create ISO file and to mount this iso to a driveletter.
  24. Hi there, Green Machine, Any idea when the new version will be released. I am using XPCreate now for some months and it works fine. I am looking forward to the new version.

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