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  1. my "last session" for someone to check and can give a hint about it. ; vLite preset file ; ;#Environment: ; vLite v1.2 ; Framework 2.0.50727.3655 ; Microsoft Windows NT 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 32-bit ; ;#Target: ; Windows Longhorn SERVERENTERPRISE 32-bits Service Pack 2 ; Version 6.0.6002.18005 Portuguese (Brazil) ; [Compatibility] [CustomHide] [Components] ;# Accessories # Speech Support ; Suporte a Fala ;# Drivers # Ethernet network adapters ; Adaptadores de rede da ethernet Display adapters-Ati ; Adaptadores de vídeo-Ati Display adapters-Intel ; Adaptadores de vídeo-Intel Display adapters-NVIDIA ; Adaptadores de vídeo-NVIDIA Display adapters-S3 ; Adaptadores de vídeo-S3 Display adapters-SiS ; Adaptadores de vídeo-SiS QLogic Fibre Channel Adapter ; Adpatador de Canais de Fibra QLogic Printers-Apollo ; Impressoras-Apollo Printers-Brother ; Impressoras-Brother Printers-Canon ; Impressoras-Canon Printers-Citizen ; Impressoras-Citizen Printers-Dell ; Impressoras-Dell Printers-Diconix ; Impressoras-Diconix Printers-Epson ; Impressoras-Epson Printers-Fuji Xerox ; Impressoras-Fuji Xerox Printers-Fujitsu ; Impressoras-Fujitsu Printers-Gestetner ; Impressoras-Gestetner Printers-HP ; Impressoras-HP Printers-IBM ; Impressoras-IBM Printers-Generic printer ; Impressoras-Impressora genérica Printers-Infotec ; Impressoras-Infotec Printers-Konica ; Impressoras-Konica Printers-Konica Minolta ; Impressoras-Konica Minolta Printers-Kyocera Mita ; Impressoras-Kyocera Mita Printers-Lanier ; Impressoras-Lanier Printers-Lexmark ; Impressoras-Lexmark Printers-Minolta ; Impressoras-Minolta Printers-Minolta-QMS ; Impressoras-Minolta-QMS Printers-NEC ; Impressoras-NEC Printers-NRG ; Impressoras-NRG Printers-Oce ; Impressoras-Oce Printers-Oki ; Impressoras-Oki Printers-Okidata ; Impressoras-Okidata Printers-Olivetti ; Impressoras-Olivetti Printers-Panasonic ; Impressoras-Panasonic Printers-QMS ; Impressoras-QMS Printers-Ricoh ; Impressoras-Ricoh Printers-Samsung ; Impressoras-Samsung Printers-Savin ; Impressoras-Savin Printers-Seikosha ; Impressoras-Seikosha Printers-Sharp ; Impressoras-Sharp Printers-Sony ; Impressoras-Sony Printers-Star ; Impressoras-Star Printers-Tally ; Impressoras-Tally Printers-Tektronix ; Impressoras-Tektronix Printers-Wipro ePeripherals ; Impressoras-Wipro ePeripherals Printers-Xerox ; Impressoras-Xerox Modems ; Modems Scanners ; Scanners Diva Server ; Servidor Diva TV Tuners-ADS Technologies ; Sintonizadores de TV-ADS Technologies TV Tuners-ASUSTeK Computer Inc. ; Sintonizadores de TV-ASUSTeK Computer Inc. TV Tuners-AVerMedia Technologies, Inc. ; Sintonizadores de TV-AVerMedia Technologies, Inc. TV Tuners-Compro Technology Inc. ; Sintonizadores de TV-Compro Technology Inc. TV Tuners-Conexant Systems, Inc. ; Sintonizadores de TV-Conexant Systems, Inc. TV Tuners-Creatix ; Sintonizadores de TV-Creatix TV Tuners-Hauppauge ; Sintonizadores de TV-Hauppauge TV Tuners-KNC ONE GmbH ; Sintonizadores de TV-KNC ONE GmbH TV Tuners-KWorld ; Sintonizadores de TV-KWorld TV Tuners-Lumanate, Inc. ; Sintonizadores de TV-Lumanate, Inc. TV Tuners-Philips Semiconductors ; Sintonizadores de TV-Philips Semiconductors TV Tuners-Pinnacle Systems ; Sintonizadores de TV-Pinnacle Systems TV Tuners-TerraTec Electronic GmbH ; Sintonizadores de TV-TerraTec Electronic GmbH TV Tuners-VidzMedia Pte Ltd. ; Sintonizadores de TV-VidzMedia Pte Ltd. TV Tuners-ViXS Systems Inc. ; Sintonizadores de TV-ViXS Systems Inc. ;# Languages # German ; Alemão Arabic ; Árabe Bulgarian ; Búlgaro Simplified Chinese ; Chinês Simplificado Traditional Chinese ; Chinês Tradicional Korean ; Coreano Croatian ; Croata Danish ; Dinamarquês Slovak ; Eslovaco Slovenian ; Esloveno Spanish ; Espanhol Estonian ; Estoniano Finnish ; Finlandês French ; Francês Greek ; Grego Hebrew ; Hebreu Dutch ; Holandês Hungarian ; Húngaro Italian ; Italiano Japanese ; Japonês Latvian ; Latvian Lithuanian ; Lituano Norwegian ; Norueguês Polish ; Polonês Portuguese ; Português Table Driven Text Input Processor ; Processador de Entrada do Texto Dirigido por Tabela Romanian ; Romeno Russian ; Russo Serbian ; Sérvio Swedish ; Sueco Thai ; Tailandês Czech ; Tcheco Turkish ; Turco Ukrainian ; Ucraniano ;# Multimedia # Sample Pictures ; Amostra de Imagens Music and Video samples ; Amostras de Música e Vídeo Intel Indeo ; Intel Indeo Photo Metadata Handler ; Manejador dos Metadatas das Fotos ;# Network # Remote Desktop and Assistance ; Área de Trabalho e Assitência Remota Remote Desktop Client ; Cliente da Área de Trabalho Remota Telnet Client ; Cliente Telnet TFTP Client ; Cliente TFTP File and printer sharing (Server) ; Compartilhamento de arquivos e impressoras (Servidor) Windows Mail ; Correio do Windows Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) ; Protocolo de Gerenciamento da Rede Simples (SNMP) Internet Information Services (IIS) ; Serviços de Informação da Internet (IIS) Simple TCPIP services ; Serviços TCPIP simples Telnet Server ; Servidor Telnet Distributed File System (DFS) ; Sistema de Arquivos Distribuído (DFS) ;# Services # Network Access Protection Agent ; Agente de Proteção do Acesso a Rede Protected Storage ; Armazenagem Protegida Offline Files ; Arquivos Offline Volume Shadow Copy ; Cópia Sombra do Volume Secondary Logon ; Logon Secundário Remote Registry ; Registro Remoto Error Reporting ; Relatórios de Erros ;# System # Microsoft Agent ; Agente da Microsoft Help ; Ajuda Guided Help ; Ajuda Guiada Disk Quota ; Cota do Disco Run a legacy CPL elevated ; Executa um legado CPL elevado Malicious Software Removal Tool ; Ferramenta de Remoção de Software Malicioso Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) ; Fila de Mensagens da Microsoft (MSMQ) Software Quality Management (SQM) ; Gerenciamento da Qualidade do Software (SQM) Removable Storage Management ; Gerenciamento de Armazenagem Removível Natural Language ; Idioma Natural Manual Install (Setup.exe) ; Instalação Manual (Setup.exe) Zip Folder ; Pasta Zip Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications (SUA) ; Sub-sistema para Aplicativos baseados em UNIX (SUA) 16-bit Support ; Suporte a 16 bits Windows Easy Transfer ; Transferência Fácil do Windows ;# Hardware Support # Windows Mobile Device Center ; Centro de Dispositivos do Windows Mobile XBOX 360 Controller ; Controle do XBOX 360 Dynamic Volume Manager ; Gerenciador de Volume Dinâmico Floppy Disk Support ; Suporte a Disquete [Options] DEP (Data Execution Prevention) = Default ; DEP (Prevenção de Execução dos Dados) = Padrão User Account Control (UAC) = Enabled ; Controle da Conta do Usuário (UAC) = Ativado AntiSpyware Realtime Protection = Default ; AntiSpyware Realtime Protection = Padrão Memory requirement = Default ; Requerimento de memória = Padrão AutoPlay = Enabled ; Auto-Reproduzir = Ativado Paging Executive = Enabled ; Executivo de Paginação = Ativado Power scheme = Balanced ; Esquema de energia = Balanceado Power button = Shutdown ; Botão de energia = Desligamento Sleep button = Do nothing ; Botão sleep = Não fazer nada Hibernation = Off ; Hibernação = Desligado Control Panel - Classic View = Default ; Painel de Controle - Visualização Clássica = Padrão Show hidden files and folders = No ; Mostrar arquivos e pastas ocultos = Não Show protected operating system files = No ; Mostrar os arquivos protegidos do sistema operacional = Não Show extensions for known file types = No ; Mostrar as extensões para os tipos de arquivos conhecidos = Não IE Phishing Filter = Default ; Filtro contra Phishing do IE = Padrão IE Phishing Verification Ballon Tips = Default ; Dicas em Balão da Verificação contra Phishing do IE = Padrão [services] [Protection] [Drivers] [unattended] [Hotfixes] [LanguagePacks]
  2. Thank you for the information bphlpt! When I select the tab "components" vLite advises that if removed some component that will break the ability to add functions and that this task is only supported by Windows Vista. I read some posts here on the Forum on components that were removed with no problems. Perhaps the components that were removed did not need to be added later, so had no problem. The only hurdle I'm having is in enable aero and wirelless feature ...
  3. guys, I used vLite to remove some Windows Server 2008 components even though Server Manager to add features will not work if components are removed. I'm having problems when trying to enable desktop application experience to operate the aero effect and the Wireless LAN Service. Is there any way to enable these two functions? They both appear listed in Server Manager but are not installed at all!
  4. I tried everything to enable real-time protection to no avail... The only version of MSE that works with real-time protection enabled is 1.0. When I try to upgrade to version 2.0, I can not. the 0x8004FF04 error appears. I tried the tip from dajhorn: HOWTO install Microsoft Security Essentials version 4.5 on POSReady 2009 and it works, but the real-time protection is not enabled.
  5. You'll need a version no later than that one and manually get the Definition Updates to install, otherwise it just won't work. Definitions - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/971606 v4.4.304 - http://filehippo.com/download_security_essentials_xp MS "broke" the Downloaded one so you -must- use this one -and- turn off -any- Update options in it and -always- manually download and install Definitions! HTH References - http://www.msfn.org/_/software/bug-in-microsoft-security-essentials-downs-windows-xp-machines-r9009 http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/171498-need-microsoft-security-essentials-grab-it-now/ Side Note - you DID get that one, right? ONLY UPDATE DEFINITIONS! edit (after dencorso post) - Awww... forgot about needing the latest (v4.5) Installer. ;( edit2 (after dersonpg) - Wow! I guess I'm behind on the posts? Dencorso meant the MICROSOFT INSTALLER v4.5 (MSI = Microsoft Software Installer) -not- Microsoft Security Essentials. You're confusing things. use the MSIv4.5+MSEv4.4.304 and -do not-allow updates. Later than that version will CRASH! (see first reference). Ok submix8c.I did as you said. I updated Windows Installer to version 4.5 and installed MSE 4.4.304.0 on XP. I downloaded the updates manually and installed. Updates of virus and spyware have been updated but the real-time protection remains disabled. That red shell of the castle appears on the taskbar stating that the MSE is disabled. When I try to enable real-time protection happens the error 0x800705B4. I will not give up. must have some way to enable real-time protection ...
  6. dencorso, two weeks ago I'm testing the WinFLP and installed the 4.5 version of the MSE. The application downloads all updates antiviruse works normally. But the real-time protection is permanently disabled. In all versions of MSE I tested only 1.0 usually works: download all updates normally and the real-time protection remains active. After a few minutes of use, the application displays a message that needs to be updated to a new version. It downloads the package, I click to accept the license terms and the installation begins so he can upgrade to the new version, however, happens 0x8004FF01 error stating that it could not complete the installation. Version 1.0 works normally but can not update it to a later version. There must be some key in the registry that can enable real-time protection. Follow even the hint of dajhorn which was published here on MSFN: "HOWTO install Microsoft Security Essentials on POSReady 2009," but neither worked.
  7. dencorso, I had posted this same question there and followed the hint proposal but unfortunately it did not work.
  8. guys, WinFLP installed and is working perfectly the only problem is that after installing MSE can not stop running the "real time protection". I checked on the MSE tab and this feature is enabled by default. The WinFLP is with all updates to date, including applied the trick POSReady to enable automatic updates in 2019 and is working perfectly. The only problem is making me angry is just unable to enable real-time protection of MSE. He usually updates but does not enable real-time protection at all! Algumém can give me any hints about it?
  9. MrMaguire, excellent news to hear that the change in the Windows registry worked. I appreciate the info! Thanks!
  10. Guys, can anyone tell if this trick works with WinFLP?
  11. Four days ago I installed POSReady 2009 in a notebook Sony VGN TZ 350 and was very good! The system is fast, stable and so far have not had any problems, crash or blue screen of death. Honestly, I tried Windows 7 and Windows 8 but POSReady and far exceeded my expectations. Too bad XP is set to end on 8 April this year but who are willing to stay with him five years worth experience POSReady 2009 (extended lifecycle until 2019).
  12. I am having the same problem of CHYLD PROBLEM. I downloaded the Nero and extract the files "NeroBurnPlugin33F6C2C1.dll" and "WMPBurn9F9ABA59.exe" but they are not working! When I try to run the plugin appears the following message "Fatal error: installation corrupted.Please reinstall Nero." I would like to know the procedures step by step to install only the "Nero Fast CD-DVD Burning Plug-in" and make them work. Thanks!
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