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  1. PC World stated: "For five years after the discontinuation of XP, Microsoft will support security fixes, for free... Even Windows 2000 gets security fixes (last Tuesday Feb 9 2010), and that is well long discontinued? I know I still have a Windows 2000 Enterprise Server..."
  2. Microsoft: Go Ahead; You Can Use Windows XP Until 2020 By J.R. Nelson, DesktopReview Editor | Monday, July 12, 2010 | 3044 Reads Tweet 0 It's long been known that businesses weren't too interested in upgrading to Windows Vista from Windows XP. There were delayed product development cycles, issues with compatibility, performance questions and more. Recently, the market was showing growth thanks, in part, to those businesses finally putting more dollars into infrastructure. To help alleviate any fears some companies may have, MS has come out and said that businesses can keep downgrading - the process by which purchasing a current Windows 7 license confers upon the user the right to install and activate a copy of Windows XP - their new installations for another full decade. vs vs With the move coming just a day before the Redmond, WA software giant drops support for those using Windows XP SP2 (in other words, download SP3), Microsoft has set the industry abuzz with questions and comments. It's an extremely unlikely move for Microsoft to take. The company has been known to terminate the downgrade rights of those who don't subscribe to one of its Software Assurance programs. Even though the rights to downgrade to a copy of Windows XP from Windows 7 might be given, the rights to buy a machine with XP preinstalled are limited. After October 22nd, anyone who wishes to run Windows XP with their Windows 7 downgrade will have to install it themselves. Windows Vista can still be sold pre-installed for a year after that date. No doubt the reason for the extension has to do with just how popular Windows XP is, especially for the business sect; 74% of enterprise computers are still thought to be running XP. Businesses don't like change - rallying around a single standard is often much cheaper in the long run, and Microsoft has just given them the ability to keep rallying around XP for a full decade more. Computerworld
  3. and:Microsoft Extends Windows XP Downgrade to 2020 www.tomshardware.com › ... › Solutions › SoftwareShare by Marcus Yam - in 159 Google+ circles - More by Marcus Yam Jul 14, 2010 – Originally, these downgrade rights were to disappear once Microsoft ships the .... So XP will still have critical updates till 2020 rather than 2014? ... Ignoring the issues of it being less secure and not having as much eye candy ...
  4. glad to help the website:http://www.techspot.com/news/39619-windows-xp-downgrade-rights-extended-until-2020-updated.html the actual quote: Jill Lovato from the Windows PR team sent us a note to clarify a few things. Namely, that the downgrade right is specific to the EULA for Windows 7, not the tech support deadline for Windows 7 in January 2020. Customers will not be able to buy a PC with downgrade rights to XP after Windows 7 is retired from market -- which according to policy is 2 years after the next version of Windows ships. -- Last year, after being met with disapproval from analysts and consumers alike, Microsoft prolonged the availability of its Windows XP downgrade option to 18 months instead of six as originally planned. The decision meant that companies would have until April of 2011 to move off of XP. But now the aging operating system is getting yet another lease of life, as Microsoft decided to extend that period until 2020 throughout the Windows 7 lifecycle. and: So, while few consumers may want to downgrade from Windows 7 to XP, it's another story in the corporate world where businesses often want to standardize on a single operating system to simplify machine management. The downgrade rights will be available only from OEM copies of Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate -- those that are pre-installed by computer makers. Curiously, the announcement coincides with the end of support for XP SP2, so anyone who still wants to be covered by Microsoft support will at least have to move to Windows XP's Service Pack 3.
  5. Upon doing some research, l have found that MS will allow w 7 users to Downgrade to XP until 2020. Therefore, will that mean MS updates & at Least Security Updates will be available til 2020? or 2014 still? lf l have a technical issue w/my XP Pro After 2014, will MS still be able to remote fix my PC? (Once in a great while, l have issues) THANKS!
  6. Just read that individual will be able to downgrade to XP from 7 until 2020. Several sources stated that. Does that mean someone will be able to get MS updates until then, or just 2014? Also came across info stating MS will release serious security updates post 2014....confused
  7. Ask again in 2015. Are you stating that XP will supported until 2019? The version 5 of the kernel NT will die in 2019. If the updates of Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 will be backported into the normal XP, we can have all the updates until that year. Not being as pc literate as you are, what does "backported mean? And, would we be able to get them from ms update? thanks!!
  8. If l have to reinstall XP and l have a SP 3 disc, is that all l will need? Also, l had a very helpful MS tech download & save some HP drivers to my desktop, but how would l use them? Just double click? Install SP3 first? l have all of my docs & data backed up and on Chrome, but am just concerned about my HP PC crashing after 2014 when l am unable to get support. Thanks Everyone for your help!
  9. l have found and signed one and have attempted to copy/paste for anyone else to sign. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/keep-xp-alive/
  10. I am A Very Committed XP user! You wrote that when official support ends, a bunch of committed diehards take over. Could we start a petition? lm game for any suggestions from anyone to keep XP around with at least security updates, or Any support. What do you all think? Has Anyone read this, or considered this question?
  11. Probably POSReady 2009: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsembedded/en-us/evaluate/windows-embedded-pos-ready-2009.aspx Edit: A trial version of the OS is available here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=11196 Edit2: I've just had a look at it and it seems to be a modified version of XP SP3 which probably means that it will be possible to prepare unofficial updates for XP (and 2K too) until 2019 l have sp 3, where will it be possible to get "unofficial" updates from? thanks for your help. btw what is POS(Point of Service?)
  12. Excuse that please...l have cds/discs that you place in the disc drive drawer to save/read data....CD Roms? If l save my data on a disc thats been formated to my XP pc, can l just put that cd into a new Windows 7 disc and it will read it? Thanks for your time and patience.
  13. If that is the case, what did this quote mean: Quote Mainstream support until April 2014. Extended support until April 2019. Also, if l upgrade to 7, will my discs/cd's be read by 7? Will l be able to transfer data? My XP is working beautifully and l use Chrome for the most part & Avira AV, SuperAntispyware, Spybot & Malwarebytes antimalware. Also Java Tools Spyware Guard.....so therefore, l should be good, right? l love my XP!
  14. Will XP be supported at all until 2019? cdob, on 18 June 2012 - 02:23 PM, said: Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 is based on XP. http://www.microsoft...ready-2009.aspx Quote Mainstream support until April 2014. Extended support until April 2019. Ask again in 2015. Either with Security Update, or Anything? Can we petition MS??can We do Anything? XP FOREVER!
  15. Ask again in 2015. Are you stating that XP will supported until 2019?

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