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  1. I already had all .NETs. According to Nero (when downloading); "This Software requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 to run on Windows XP. Please download and install from here."
  2. I was determined to create lite version. To get "Serial.reg", I should have set up the software. When I tried to setup full Nero, I got warning, which says I must install "Nero Product Patcher, ImagXPres, Microsoft CRT 2005 KB973544" (What are these things? I think we only need .NET 3.0 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2005). After setup this things, setup completed. Copied my language files to "Build" folder. Then I tried "3. Extract Serial.bat", but It gave error again. I looked bat file and registry, I found that both registry keys are wrong. First key is wrong address, second key is not exist. I manually got backup of "Serial.reg" to "Build" folder. Run "4. Make 7z.bat" and "5. Compile.bat". Uninstalled full Nero and cleaned registry and temp folders. Restarted. Tried to install lite "Nero.exe". And happy ending, It worked.
  3. I have two problems. Downloaded "Nero-". I have valid serial and clean Windows. Run the Installer (to extract), when finished, I closed the Installer. I looked Temp folder, there is a folder named "NERO1005442". "1. Extract CAB, Build Folders.bat" I got error in consol. "The file name, directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect, 0 files copied." (setup.exe, ipclog.exe, unit_app_30) So I manually copied files and folder. "2. Serial Generator.bat" Nero Installer showed, entered serial, It began to install, I got Installiation error (can't resume), skipped that, looked registry, no Nero entry. "3. Extract Serial.bat" So I got error, because there isn't a registry entry. "4. Make 7z.bat" "5. Compile.bat" I got "Nero.exe". Installed "Nero.exe", run from start menu, but not worked. Maybe because I have no serial registry entry. Can you add a "Serial.reg" (no serial, It could have a serial like XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXX), we can edit and fill our serial.
  4. I have 11 years old desktop PC, It's my first PC. Pentium-II, 400mhz, 320mb ram, Geforce4-MX440, Creative SB LiveValue. I use XP Home SP3 nLited. I can watch movies, listen music, surf on internet, write DVD, play games, ex. It's enought for basic things. Just use nLite, It's very easy to make own installation. Don't worry. XP as fast as W2K. Also you can use light apps which use less ram and cpu power. I also have a newer notebook. I can able to setup and use Windows 7, but I don't have USB Modem driver for W7. So I use XP on that machine, too. It's good that XP supported by companies widely. You can find any drivers and softwares easily.
  5. @Apocaliptica The easiest way is using 7-Zip (The latest version is 4.59 Beta from betanews). The other way is using imagex.exe (with gui GImageX or WIMMaster). Note: imagex is included in Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) (1375.9 MB) but it's too large, i suggest to use first way.
  6. I setup .Net 1.1 and MSXML 6 and it solved, but i don't know which i need?

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