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  1. dude... if you want to connect an unattend.xml with your install.wim on wds, you have to right click on the image (f.e. Vista Home Premium), then open properties - there you can activate the box for allowing unattended installation and browse to your unattend file. To connect your unattend file with your boot.wim you will have to open servers properties and connect it there (its the Client Menu, i think) You can set there that you wont have to press F12 for PXE boot, and manage automated partitioning and Autologon on the server. -.-
  2. I want to install a Win Vista Home Premium over WDS (Server 2008 R2) to my Client (Toshiba Portege) - everything works fine until pass 2 - after copying the files and before the machine should reboot i get an error message that says: "Windows could not update the registry" Does anyone has an idea what it could be?` Theres nothing special in my unattend. And it worked fine with Vista Boot images.
  3. Hello Mattw, how did you connect the unattend to the Win7 inplace upgrade? Is that possible to do an inplace upgrade using a customized unattend?
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