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  1. I'm having issues very similar to pawan. Did you ever figure this out? I have a unattended.xml file I know works because I can specify it durign a manual install and everythign is just fine. But If I add the same unattended.xml to the setup folder (where it should be), the install stars, see's the unattended.xml starts working then just simply reboots, no errors, nothign just reboots and does nothing. I'm wondering if it has somethign to do with Axachi's comments about how it see's the disks. I've found similar results. It is almost like it see's the disks differently depending on if you run just teh cd install or if you run the cd install+unattended.xml. Thanks, Terry
  2. Not sure exactly what forum to post to so picked this one... Here's the problem in a nutshell, I'm hoping that even if no one has seen this that they will maybe at least help brainstorm what could be happening. I have a unattended.xml file I created. If I boot from setup cd, map a drive and point the setup to the unattended.xml on the network everything works. If I integrate the same exact unattended.xml file into the setup cd itself, it starts to run, see's the unattended.xml and contiues then suddenly the system just reboots. No error's no logs nothing just reboots. I know the unattended.xml is good because it works if I do the setup manually, but if I integrate it into the cd it see's it and fails? What gives? Thanks, Terry
  3. Not sure what you mean. I just customized the unattend.xml file and specified in it that it was an upgrade. Then I pushed out the setup bits using SCCM and in the command line specified the unattend file to use. The program launches on the clients and does a automatic in place upgrade. Only issue is the sidebar gadgets get put in the top left corner and the wall paper for all the accounts on the system were not the same. Terry
  4. I agree normally I would do a fresh install however when you have many programs on a system that are not easy to put back upgrades are simpler. Thanks, Terry
  5. I know it is weird, but so far I've done upgrades on 10 machines from Vista to Win7 and on all of them the sidebar gadgets get moved to the top left corner of the screen after the migration? I'll try removing the SidebarVisible piece. Have you done this with Upgrades or just fresh installs? I'm wondering if some of these setting do different things(or don't work at all) if doing an upgrade. I think i'm going to also just create a simple exe that does everything I want it to and add it to the activesetup in the registry. Thanks, Terry
  6. I am doing an inplace upgrade from Vista to Win7 using an unattend file. I'm specifying the default Windows 7 wallpaper: <DesktopBackground>%windir%\web\wallpaper\img24.jpg</DesktopBackground> and <SidebaronByDefault>false</SidebaronByDefault> <SidebarVisible>false</SidebarVisible> But for some reason the same Vista wallpaper is there after the upgrade and the sidebar gadgets are all int he top left corner of the screen? Any ideas? Thanks, Terry
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