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  1. 764 enterprise sp1 and vlite?

    thekramer, when i did 764 pro i only used vlite and w/installing i chose "764 pro" i haven't had to use gimagex or w/ever it's called or dism(?) until now it looks like since i've got sp1 in these iso's, oh well. thanks again for the help, gotta go fly rc b4 it gets to hot, michael clyde
  2. 764 enterprise sp1 and vlite?

    i lost you on the image #. i didn't do anything involving a number on 764 pro and since enterprise is not bundled with any other os's i'm really not following you. what i did follow was that link you gave me... hope it'll all make sense later. thanks for the prompt reply, michael clyde
  3. 764 enterprise sp1 and vlite?

    i have successfully used vlite 1.2 to trim 764 pro install down around 2 GB's. is there any reason(s) why this won't work on 7x64enterprise sp1? the ent. version i have is not a 90 day, and has been running for 6 mths or so. one note - the 7x64 pro, cut down version i'm still using was pre-sp1 and would the same "protect" file list be applicable? i tried searching but i guess you have to be smarter than a search engine to get positive results. thanks for any and all help, michael clyde
  4. @ neo2k, you stated "it works fine with my stock windows 7 sp1 image though." could you post your process or steps so i can try and duplicate, i'm using win se7en x64 pro ¿ thanks for any help, michael clyde
  5. Can't get any "Win7 Lite" solutions to work...

    hello, i use 7 x64 professional, vlited, .iso size is just under 2 gb/s. let me know if you still need help & i'll send you my last session file w/dooos and dooon'ts. michael clyde
  6. to all that can read this...

  7. the title says "a replacement for vlite" but according to THE FIRST POST it doesn't remove anything or am i missing something in THE FIRST POST?
  8. hello, does this program work on win 7 enterprise x86, and are there any others that do? thank you michael since i posted this i found 2 post, one on the 8th stating "no it doesn't work on enterprise" from "w..." and one the day before from "bensam" stating he was using rt7lite on enterprise or with enterprise, i'm not clear on that. so,
  9. I am not sure what went wrong.You first download the zip file called Disk2vhd. Then you don't need to install the aplication. It is a portable application. You just need to run it. If the application cannot run, then two or more basic services that are important for Disk2vhd are disabled or removed. These services are: - Microsoft software shadow copy provider - Shadow protect service i'm sorry i was a-bit misleading, the error comes during the os install, off of the dvd. after setup is starting screen, error screen pops up ... , i googled, similar problems but nothing definitive. thanks anyway
  10. hello wondim or ?, i used the mark russ. app as you suggested, when i try to install i get "can not open needed image for install", or something to that effect. after that trying to diagnose i tried to open with image manager from waik and it said "no catalog file". later i unpacked the wim with to poke around and there was the vhd i started with. gimagex either didn't turn it into a wim or maybe thats the way it deals with it. apparently i did something wrong. (i got up this morning) still trying, michael
  11. Dual Boot With XP and Win7

    remind me not to go to computerguru's seminar next time(i feel sick to my stomach, i may throw up my system volume info.)
  12. a little modify of the graphics

    hello TheDarkM@n, did anybody ever answer you, it's plain to see what you want to change. i think the problem is your not the right gender or your not a " BUDDY "
  13. Error while accessing image

    Then it say's the data is invalid. I'm not accessing an image. I can't get it to access an image, only files. I copied the files from the dvd I burned from the image, I had vlite copy the files and i tried it from an ultra iso virtual drive. the image is win 7 rc 7100 x32, vlite 1.2, waik is 6001.18000.080118-1840-kb3aikl_en.iso , i read that i should use this one instead and i copied the wimgapi.dll file to the vlite folder. Enviroment is nlited pro w/spk3, any suggestions thanks michael