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  1. ISO Mounter for WinPE

    i'm looking for a iso mounter pro to use in it winpe. but program must work without installing/setting virtual driver. like Drive Snapshot's .SNA Mounter function. Drive Snapshot can mount sna (its own format) without install something.
  2. Search option in Windows Explorer is vanished

    you can use Search Everything, it's very simple and fast searching tool
  3. Dual Boot With XP and Win7

    i tried what you said and same errors happened again :S i'm open to any other advice i don't understand what's wrong with it edit: i remembered that i could boot xp and vista without setting something. first installing xp and then vista... this must always works, am i wrong? when u install microsoft OSes old to new, u must be able to use them together..
  4. Dual Boot With XP and Win7

    @browney595 yes, only win7 @computerguru i have installed xp via cd/dvd and then i have installed win7 from my bootable USB HDD. i will take your advice. very thanx.
  5. Dual Boot With XP and Win7

    i have a hdd with three partitions on it. all of it are primary. C: is 15 gb for xp and D: is 35 gb for win7 and a 290 gb data part. i would install xp on C: and when i installed windows se7en to D: and restart the computer, it did chkdsk/scandisk to disk and failed to boot. (not only xp, win7 too) what must i do to use together them? thanx
  6. hi to everyone

    hi friends. i'm newbie. but i was exploring this site for 2-3 years. i would like to look for some different boot types and making unattanded programs with NSIS.