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  1. Can't get any "Win7 Lite" solutions to work...

    I'm definitely still stumped on this, so any help that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Can't get any "Win7 Lite" solutions to work...

    As you might have noticed from my post, I already said that RT7 Lite didn't work. Could you suggest a "good config for vlite that doesn't break the system"?
  3. Hey all! I've been trying for the last few days to make a Windows 7 Lite install iso, but I've encountered nothing but failure at every turn. I've tried RT7 Lite, I've tried dead0's batches, I've tried liquid's method, I've tried 7customizer, I've tried 7slimmer... none of them have worked. I haven't even managed to reach a step where the program is creating a new install iso, because every attempt has failed before that point. I have no idea what could possibly be so wrong with my system that it just completely fails to do all of this, but maybe you guys can help? I'm running Windows 7 x64 Ultimate on my machine, but because my solid state HD is so small (only 60GB), I can't afford for Windows to be taking up so much space with useless software I'll never need. Is there something about doing this stuff on Windows 7 that's broken? Should I try to build my win7 lite iso on my old WinXP box? I really want this to work, but I've become very frustrated by all these problems that no one else appears to be suffering. Please help!
  4. I'm having a lot of trouble getting RT7 Lite to work. I'm running windows 7 x64 Ultimate, and I installed WAIK 7, then installed RT7 Lite (1.5.0), then gave it my Windows 7 Ultimate x64 iso file to extract. It goes through a ton of waiting time, a few progress bars, and a choice of operating systems (I choose "Windows 7 ULTIMATE"), more waiting, and then I get an error message: --------------------------- RT Seven Lite --------------------------- RT 7 Lite can't able to mount the selected WIM image Cause: This may due to RT 7 Lite working directory may be opened --------------------------- OK --------------------------- Clicking OK makes RT7 Lite close instantly. I figured that it might be a permissions issue, so I started RT7 Lite as an administrator, and it seemed to make a lot more progress... it even showed "Setting environment" at the bottom of the screen, a change from the usual "loading image...", but then I got this error message: --------------------------- RT Seven Lite --------------------------- A device attached to the system is not functioning. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- Clicking OK dismissed the error, and RT7 Lite appeared to be usable, but it seems like random activities cause an exception to be raised. I'd hit the "Continue" button, and RT7 Lite seemed to keep working. But when I finished customizing my Win7 disc and clicked the Commit button on the log tab, I get another exception error, and RT7 Lite just stopped working completely. It sat there doing nothing, using no CPU time. Every option in the program was disabled, so I couldn't do anything at all. Has anyone actually managed to use RT7 Lite to create a working install iso? How'd you get around these issues? I really need to slim down my Windows 7 install, because I have a 60gb Solid State HD, and I can't afford to waste so much space on Windows 7 features that I don't need.