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  1. I did not enable Fast User Switching. Is it on by default ? BTW, I used the above code after the unattended installation was complete. Does that matter ? Do I need to use cmdlines.txt ? NB: I did not use nLite. I integrated XP SP3, and used a winnt.sif for the unattended install. The iso was created using CDImage.
  2. I tried what was suggested in the Unattended Intermediate Guide, to create a user and allow auto logon. The user is created. All three net command return : The command completed successfully. But the DefaultUserName is not changed. Any suggestions / corrections ? Thanks. net user "My_User_Name" "" /add net localgroup Administrators "My_User_Name" /add net accounts /maxpwage:unlimited REGEDIT /S autologon.reg EXIT Windows Registry Editor Version 5.1 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] "DefaultUserName"="My_User_Name" "DefaultPassword"="" "AutoAdminLogon"="1"
  3. I have decided to produce the unattended cd\dvd manually rather than using nLite. I think this will be easier to maintain/update. Can you please check/vet the following steps? 1. Integrate SP3 into XPSP2_EN using E:\ WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe /integrate:E:\XPSP2_EN 2. Create a $OEM$ folder structure, say in E: 3. Place all applications to be installed in \$OEM$ \$1\Install (in sub dirs) 4. Place relevant (unpacked) drivers in \$OEM$ \$1\Drivers 5. Copy contents of \$OEM$ \$1\Install to XPSP3_EN \$OEM%\$1\Install 6. Copy contents of \$OEM$ \$1\Drivers to XPSP3_EN \$OEM%\$1\Drivers 7. Create a directories \$OEM$\$Progs\Netmeter, \$OEM$\$Progs\Ccleaner etc containing the ini and application data files such as NetMeter.tlg 8. Create (manually) a Winnt.sif and place in XPSP3_EN\I386 9. In Winnt.sif (among other things) place [unattended] DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore OemPnPDriversPath="drivers\01_ChipSet" (dir containing the .inf) [GuiRunOnce] %systemdrive%\My_Start.cmd (I had placed the My_Start.cmd under $1) 10. Create the My_Start.cmd file and place in \$OEM$\$1 11. Use CDImageGUI to create the bootable iso 12. Burn the iso with Nero (as image) Note 1 I intend to treat IE8, WMP11, and Silverlight etc as applications with their own updates. If I miss an update, I’ll let Microsoft Update handle it. Note 2 My_Start.cmd with invoke other cmd files for installation, cleanup, post processing (after rebooting). Thank you.
  4. What should I call the end product after using nLite ? I am deciding whether to use nLite to produce the unattended cd or use the manual process. Once I have used nLite, can I add future updates to the output of nLite, using nLite again ? If not, the manual procedure will be better.
  5. Rule #1 : » No Illegal/Copyrighted Software Discussion How exactly did you infer that my post had anything to do with Illegal/Copyrighted Software ? In plain English, can we add updates to an nLited distribution, or do we need to start from scratch. Where in the post did I say that I did not have the original and legal Windows XP CD ?
  6. @ -X- So if I have a nLited distribution, I can't directly add new hotfixes/updates to it?
  7. I have some questions about XP-SP2 (and SP3) unattended installation 1. My Win XP-SP2 gets activated automatically when I connect to internet after the installation. Should I use [unattended] AutoActivate=Yes 2. I have a Nvidia 8400SE Graphics card. Is there any difference between driver installation via WINNT.SIF [Unattended] OemPnPDriversPath="Drivers\000_intel_INF;Drivers\001_gigabit_LAN;Drivers\002_monitor" DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore and Running the installer (silent mode or otherwise) Thank you.
  8. Okay. I'll give it a try and post the feedback.
  9. Yes. I just checked. IE8 and its updates, all have the Remove option.
  10. Thanks, Sp0iLeDBrAt, That clarifies the situation. BTW, I installed IE8 before SP3, but it shows up in Add/Remove, along with all its updates
  11. @johnc The audio patch required to install the Realtek WDM is kb888111xpsp2. It came with the MBD CD. @-X-, Ponch The last time I did a fresh install (around Aug 2010) from the XP-SP2 CD, Windows Update first offered 76 updates (including IE8), and then offered SP3. That is why I called them the pre-SP3 updates. So SP3 already has those pre-SP3 updates ?
  12. 1. Ho do I apply the audio patch file? 2. Can we include the pre SP3 updates/hotfixes, after Integrating SP3? 3. In Driver Integration, how do I handle the case when there are inf files in multiple directories/subdirectories ?
  13. Hi, I have a XP-SP2 CD. 1. Do I need to integrate the pre SP3 hotfixes/updates, prior to sliplstreaming SP3 ? 2. Can I create the winnt.sif manually and make the unattended cd/dvd using CDIMAGE ?
  14. Sp0iLedBrAt I had used dotnetfx35_x86.exe from the catalogue and renamed it. I do have the dotnetfx35.exe full redistributable package. I will use this in the next try.
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