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  1. I liked bleach alot better... One guitar sounds too empty
  2. you need to be 14 legally to have a job.
  3. Looks like i may finally have an excuse to blare the stereo! :punk:
  4. Sometimes when i'm surfing i'll get a pop-up ad that can't be dislpayed, but before i can close it, it repoduces itself and in a few seconds there's around 50. This happens really often and it's starting to be a huge p***off. I've noticed sometimes it's ads from doubleclick but others will do it also...
  5. Naw.. The young one shouldn't be there... But if u like it, leaave it
  6. OK. nevermind i found it. I went into customize under Regional and Language options. I set it to hh:mm:ss: tt. But all i see on the taskbar is 06:00 PM... However, when i double-click on the time it shows me a clockface and the seconds...
  7. hmm.. i don't seem to have a time tab. Two of my control panels icons are DAte and time properties and regional and language options. I don;t seem to have time format anywhere...
  8. K forget i ever said anything... Does someone know how i could get my pc clock to display the seconds?
  9. hmm... check your grammar before you call someone a id***. lol
  10. I wanna move there. Hey is it true no-one ever works past 5 and you get tons of national holidays? Gamehead, you know how many people get into high math next year?
  11. Stuff on a French Source. You can use the Babel Translator to read it...
  12. Yeah I just bought one like that in aluminum but silver. Guy at the store forgot to charge for the 450 watt psu that i asked him to add in.
  13. k thx. i switched themes. everything works again. I find that windowsblinds hogs up too many resources...
  14. i just noticed i get this message when i go into add/remove programs "Parser Message" -Value creation failed at line 472 This morning i did a restore to yesterday and it fixed it. Then installed stylexp. Stoped working Unistalled it from the start menu. Worked. once. Now i'm stuck with a non working add/remove programs thingy
  15. speedz

    Boot Xp

    This is a little app for switching boot screens. Anyone know where i can get it? All the mirrors on the site on down. The Site
  16. I'll try it as soon as my other system comes back from repairs.
  17. I can access the bios with the rage 128 but not with the ti4200. I never o/ced the ti4200. chip goes 2 ghz perfectly stable @ 30-32 C idle Maybe i'll get a pci card and try flashing a different bios onto the ti4200.
  18. Ok. I was just given a new setup. Asus p4s333 mobo Intel pentium 4 will 1.6 @ 2.0 2 x 256 kingmax ram cas 2.5 ... and a GF4 ti4200 64 megger made by Unika When i put the ti4200 in, the screen stays black when i try to boot and the mobo says cpu test failed. When i put in my rage 128 it boots fine When i put in my broken raddy 7500 le it boots put is ultra artifacted. When i put no card in the mobo says vga test failed. Why won't it say vga test failed for my ti4200? Anyways, the card pcb is using the nvidia reference design but is purple like the daytona ones. My p4s333 is using the 1009 beta 2 bios. Asus update won't let me rollback. 3dmark2k1 won't run. it says my cpu has no mmx (+) instructions I tried the latest official bios before, same resultes. Someone help plz. My rage 128 making me wanna puke. Thx Edit: Unika doesn't even seem to have a website.

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