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  1. gunyunzi

    [Question] 10 max connections to network share

    http://www.lvllord.de/ you could find patch for tcpip.sys here. enjoy unlimited downloading with your p2p software~
  2. gunyunzi

    Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    are you using the newest driver to test it? nForce4 AMD Edition (6.66) - Windows XP Professional x64 Version: 6.66 Release Date: July 15, 2005 WHQL Certified International File Size: 38 MB WHQL Certified
  3. Please don't be so humble, you helped me, did you? The answer is "yes", so that is enough.
  4. hi, LiquidSage, long time no see, how are you doing? I did not know how only then may express the my sentiment of gratitude. you are my guide, a real good mentor. you had directed me to the right way when i went to the wrong place. you are like my benignant eldership. i really need to say thank you. now you are guiding another one which is like the past me. this is a great job. keep moving!
  5. gunyunzi

    HELP! about CDSHELL!

    big_gie, now i am currently working with EZBOOT5, it is very simple and useful. Though it may have some shortcomings, but there are more excellences. it can support big image(X>2.88M) directly and make a friendly interface when choose task at the menu. i will try your way to do it if i have time, thanks for your good opinion!
  6. gunyunzi

    HELP! about CDSHELL!

    you are exactly right, i just keep catching the lastest version of every software. that is my interest, but now i think you are right and i am in the wrong way. and the last problem is i always cannot visit www.911cd.net . it displayed "The page cannot be displayed".
  7. gunyunzi

    HELP! about CDSHELL!

    and here is another question, BCDW v 1.50z looks like cannot support CD Shell 2.0.17b? it does not work? and except EASYBOOT, does any else software can support boot IMG more than 2.88m directly?
  8. gunyunzi

    Automatically changing a local security setting

    maybe you could use ghost make a clone for one machine that recover on the others.
  9. gunyunzi

    HELP! about CDSHELL!

    thanks you so much, i did it by the way you taught me. the only thing i regret is 2cd-rs~ hehe
  10. gunyunzi

    Trying to find MSFN hosted site.

    i think it is should be "nlite" which can reduce XP installation.
  11. gunyunzi

    My Own Bootable CD

    cdshell could solve your problem by a easy way. try it.
  12. gunyunzi

    HELP! about CDSHELL!

    i saw a post said that, and and i confused by its code. it used the bootscriptor for writting code, and isolinux this command i don't know anything about it. i will be crazy~ where could i find some good tutorials of cdshell? and could you tell me how could i add Acronis PartitionExpert 2003 to a single cd and boot by cdshell step by step? please~
  13. gunyunzi

    HELP! about CDSHELL!

    o,mediabuilder.exe is used to make boot floppy disk. what is "Disk Editor"? i tried easyboot and it can work. bcdw looks also can do it, but i don't want to waste a cd-r for only 5MB.(i don't have cd-rw) i dislike easyboot, so i am still trying by cdshell.
  14. gunyunzi

    HELP! about CDSHELL!

    thanks for helping. i knew easyboot could solve this problem. and the other way i did't try yet because i have to sleep now. one question. "Disk Editor" and "mediabuilder.exe" where can i download?
  15. gunyunzi

    HELP! about CDSHELL!

    is there any way that could launch a floppy image bigger than 2.88M by memdisk? i tried N times, but it did't work. here is my very simple code. and i think it should be no problem. why it doesn't work? cls print c "\cXX1\cxx. Acronis PartitionExpert 2003 \n" if $lastKey == key[1]; then memdisk PE.IMA End PE.IMA is made by ramdiskNT and the size is 5104KB. now the question is that does cdshell allow load a floppy image bigger than 2.88M?