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  1. unattended sp3 and automatic updates

    Yes, if you would like to remove the automatic updates method, you have 3 options. "Download and Notify" Download and Install" and "Notify". Select Download and Install. Also, on your user name issue. It depends if your using Home or Pro. Home is more tempermental then Pro. But I run into the same issue too with the user names. I tend to not care and just type it in. I am happy at that point. But if your not, just make sure the admin account is active. If you are using Home, you have to setup another account using nLite. Just keep messing with the automated install settings and run it on Virtual PC. Once you have what you want, then burn it.
  2. Looks like Steps 1 through 3 are explanitory. I would just use nLite after that. In step number 3, if you know how to use the command prompt, you can just run the command prompt as a admin from the get go. from your start, programs, assesseries. Thats how I use the command prompt when I am tring to accomplish something. BTW, in step one. I wouldnt drag and drop. I would use the "xcopy *.* /e x:\filelocation" command from command prompt.
  3. You Guys Will Love This! It is a known issue! That probably will never be fixed! But I am working on a solution to get around this. Billy Gates software rocks! KB950722 It says retail will work. I know OEM (Pro or Home) doesnt work at least from SP2 to SP3, I am going to try Professional Volume (RTM) from SP0 to SP3. I must say that I was actually able to get it to work for one installation with OEM Home from SP2 to SP3. But it didnt initially didnt take it. I am not sure how it worked. I used an older version of nLite. I havint tried to use it since then and I may try it again. It may have something to do with 32bit and 64bit Vista as well. Cant Microsoft just work? NA!
  4. Slipstreaming SP3

    I hate to say it, but I'm using it now and I have an issue with slipstreaming SP3 using a Vista Machine. GOTTA LOVE BILLY GATES!
  5. Trying to find MSFN hosted site.

    hey guys, thanks... i think this might be the program, but i remember a different interface, ill try this one first. Thanx!
  6. Hey guys, I have been coming here a lot lately, and I need some help. There is a MSFN hosted site that I am looking for. The person that had the site, basically had a program that could remove components (calc, IE, WMP, etc) then I would burn a disk. Once I run setup these programs wouldnt be installed. What is the name of the program, better yet a link to the site so that I may download this program. Thanks in advance, Mike