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  1. This computer has had Proxomitron running every day for 6 years and never once displayed the Windows 98 user agent.
  2. Reinstall the modem driver followed by the TCP update. If that doesn't work, swap the functional modem from the $2 unit. To improve boot time try to disable the power on 'memory self-test' in the bios.
  3. Did you apply registry tweaks to improve connection speed?
  4. The instructions are for installing Windows 98 using the original CD. Perhaps Case Four will instruct how to extract ESDI_506.PDR into the contents of the win98 folder copied from the CD to another partition on the harddrive.
  5. Thank You Tihiy for making IPTest available. If I set Network Status to Disable and restart, it is again automatically Enabled. Is it possible with your utility to maintain 'Disable' during startup?

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