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  1. Hello Does this mean that it will run every time a new user is created, during first logon? Seems to be the best if this is true, because it helps to create default user profile Which is the best way to use it if I have specific stuff to run also in HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx ? If the last are running from windows disc?
  2. Thank you for the responding. If you release a new version please try to add silent switches like -silent -nobootlogo -nooeminfo. I've lost my sony vaio support info last time that's why i'm not interested. For now I'm trying to make it running during runonce (because i need the uninstall option) using a script but it is very difficult to make it work always. Of course for silent mode it needs progress bar because it takes much time to install on some systems...
  3. Hello I've tried this package, the latest version. It is working great. I've installed it on i386 folder. But just in case... how do I uninstall it in a live system? It doesn't seem to have an uninstaller... What I've tried is to install on clean live system, keep the backup, installed the system again (xpized in i386 this time) but I've got lot of errors when I've tried to uninstall it and it did not restore the original icons... Anolis.Installer.rar
  4. Why doesn't this work for me the registry file does not apply can you help me?
  5. It contains a msi package. It performs a silent install with: msiexec.exe /i "Diskeeper2010x64.msi" /qn Found it in C:\Windows\Installer\{A0DE402F-38F5-4028-ABE0-50808BC5097C} First I run the package left it open (did not proceed with manual installation of course) and search in C:\Windows\Installer\ Thank you :w00t: :thumbup
  6. Thank you the installer seems to be the same maybe that work. How did you open that dialog? does it recognize /help variable?
  7. Hello I've tried to install silently diskeeper 2010 silently with these methods described in this forum. Maybe nothing works in this version. Can you help me?
  8. Because it never worked well the greek version at least.... Some technicians are working on MSDN pro SP3 Engish version in greece... and it is working perfectly. My integrated SP2 to SP3, never was stable like sp2 for me. I'm not a technician and I can not give you more details. But I'm sure that microsoft optimises files and settings better than any integration method.
  9. Most times I've tried on XP SP2 to slip the SP3 but for me It remains patchwork and has garbage. SP3 started with many problems and I think that having it clear is the less we can do. It is microsoft's best os I think and they should give us it clear at least accesing by genuine check to keep up the good work.
  10. Some insist that it is a lot better to have sp3 clear and not integrated it is a patchwork and sometimes is not working well. I also had a lot of problems by integrating sp3 after installation on my xp cd sp1(this one is older from my pc). And some sp2 files remain (for example SP2.cab) after using nlite.
  11. This is a great solution!!! I think that I can do that. I'll make a call to the shop to see if they can do that for me. And one last question if someone has already bought the xp sp2 CD and needs a newer with SP3... does he have to buy it again? (thats my situation and I thing I made a mistake on this.... I bought that again...)
  12. Technically yes, but there's some gray area as to where this copy must come from. In general, I believe the law would allow and expect YOU to make the copy from your original media, as it was written that you were allowed to make a copy for backup purposes (implying you made a copy from your media, not download a copy from someone else's).Since this is technically gray area, I'll consider that you have a copy from your own media that you're going to go and make right now, and we'll discuss your copy. Sound good? I know it does. Continue the discussion. Ok It seems that the only way is to wait and and get the original cd and make a backup copy of it.. The only reason to refer how to understand if it is integrated practically is not for my case... I thought that I could have the system ready and get ownership after 10 days. Thats ok I don't need to get in trouble.... If anyone has to refer a legal way... please let me know.. thanks everyone and I hope I wasn't misunderstood
  13. I'm sorry if what I'm planning to do is not right but.... Somewhere I've read that I can have a copy of my original cd, If I have bought the original CD, to keep it away from scratches and damage.... isn't this right? And I've already have the original SP2... and trying to avoint the problems by just updating to SP3 in an over 2 years not reformatted PC .... Also I'm will using the ORIGINAL SERIAL. We also paid for both versions SP2 and SP3....
  14. I'm waiting for this one in greek version but I do not have much time (10 days). I want to install a version with SP3 that was downloaded FROM THE INTERNET and keep the original cd for typical reasons on my uncles store. I just want to save time and the original cd for future. I WILL NOT USE NLITE. I WANT TO UNDERSTAND IF NLITE WAS USED TO INTEGRATE SP3 in the copy that was downloaded or it is clear copy SP3 directly from microsoft because I will not take responsibility for integrated SP3. For many people did not work correctly.
  15. Hi to all!!!! This is my first topic. I wanted to ask how can I understand that an XP service pack 3 cd is not integrated but it is clear SP3 cd? I already know that last session of nlite remains on the XP cd but some people for any reason disable this. Are there any other signs that will help me to understand?
  16. link I think that you mean this Update INF Utility - Zip Format. If I'm not right please let me know. I also edited my previous post.Thanks a lot again
  17. I want Just to update the already installed drivers in an older version of nlited XP. Does this (Intell Matrix storage manager)update all of ICH7R/M, ICH8R/M, ICH9R/M or ICH10R/D controllers? Also I'm trying to find the rar or zip file for this step: Edit: I've installed the exe package, this one that it is on your url, while I was trying to get the ALL folder and I copied the files from temp folder . It is the folder ALL that it is extracted on C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\Local Settings\Temp\IPMx2. Is this right? Can I integrate them along with these drivers: "a ) For Intel ICH7R/M, ICH8R/M, ICH9R/M or ICH10R/D S-ATA AHCI and RAID Controllers" Can you help me?
  18. Fernando I would like to ask you these drivers: "a ) For Intel ICH7R/M, ICH8R/M, ICH9R/M or ICH10R/D S-ATA AHCI and RAID Controllers" Can be installed when I'm running windows?(by right clicking the inf file and selecting install) Instead can I Instal this: Intell Matrix storage manager
  19. Hello again I would like ask you in that thread also the same question for the nvidia chipset drivers. Which is most useful for laptops? Can I integrate some of the packages(not all) in the same nlited XP CD? Can I select all controllers in any driver that I integrate? And last: Can I have the recommended for laptop nvidia drivers and the intell drivers in a single nlited XP CDROM? If some questions are alredy answered in the start of this thread, just tell me to search there.
  20. As I already have written, it is not recommended at all to integrate several textmode drivers of the same Mass Storage Controller vendor.What you can do is the following: Integrate the 32bit version of the actual Intel textmode driver v8.8.0.1009 (see the link within my guide) and check all listed Intel ICH7/8/9M SATA AHCI and RAID Controllers, when you get the popup window. This way you will get a Windows XP CD, which does support all laptops, which have an Intel ICH7M, ICH8M or ICH9M Southbridge, regardless the SATA mode (AHCI or RAID). I assume, that you mean "driver" and not "drive": Yes, since there is just 1 single driver integrated, but this driver will support all possible Intel ICH7/8/9M Controllers of laptops, which do support AHCI and RAID. Thanks a lot. on the start of your post you are writing: a ) For Intel ICH7R/M, ICH8R/M, ICH9R/M or ICH10R/D S-ATA AHCI and RAID Controllers:(I assume that you mean them) b ) Especially for desktop/notebook users with an Intel ICH8 or ICH9 (without R or M) chipset mainboard, who want to use AHCI c ) For Intel ICH6M S-ATA AHCI Controllers d ) For Intel ICH5R S-ATA RAID Controllers e ) For Intel Server boards with Server RAID Technology The conclusion is that first is most appropriate (at least for the ICH7R/M, ICH8R/M, ICH9R/M or ICH10R/D S-ATA AHCI controlers) and I can NOT make an installation with all of them. I can ONLY pick for example only a) or B) or c)(one of them) And I can select all possible controllers in any of them on the "Storage Device Textmode Driver" popup window Is that right? Sorry But I'm reading this again again... and always get confused.
  21. Probably not. It is not recommended to integrate several drivers of the same chipset vendor (in this case Intel), because you cannot be sure, which driver version at least will be installed. The problem is induced by the fact, that all different Intel driver versions have the same name: IASTOR.SYS. So the already integrated IASTOR.SYS file will be overwritten during the integration procedure of the next driver version.If you want to create an XP CD with a big variety of textmode drivers, I recommend to use the DriverPacks method. For details you may look here. Regards Fernando Thanks for your instant respond I don't want to use driverspacks. I want only intel drivers. Also I tried them on a hp pavilion 6500 and i had problems.... The folders was not opening instantly but after 1-2 seconds. I think then the perfect solution is to use more than one nlited versions of windows with different intel driver combination for laptops. Which combinations do you recommend? Could a) B ) C) mean that I have to make a combination for each one? (enabling All IDE controllers in each one... my problem there is will windows slect the proper drive for sure?) And which one do you think is more appropiate for newer laptops such as HP Pavilion dv6000, Sony.Vaio.VGN-FZ21Z, toshiba and acer, from your experience? (You can understand i have a lot of friends that counting on me....Also in greece sometimes the fact that they do not give us the technical information book or cables that comes with our hardware making the whole situation more messy... don't ask me why I'll never find out....) If we answer that question, I think that the post would be even more useful for novice pc users.
  22. Great job I think it is the base for an nlited version of windows. I want to make an nlited version that will support ALL types of sata and raid drives (especially notebook sata) . If I integrate all the drives on your post selecting the right drivers for XP x86 and alla types on nlite settings page will that work?
  23. I had the same problem. I downloaded again IE7 from Microsoft and then it worked. Maybe it was a newer version...

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