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  1. nLite 1.3.5 - Patched Edition

    Could you double check the "Brother devices" in hardware support, having it unchecked no longer seems to keep the unidrv.hlp file. EDIT: Might be more files, the installation got confused after that...
  2. DirectShow FilterPack

    Yes I know that all the files are in the archive, I ended up using 7-zip to extract the files and launching DSFP_inst.bat from runonce. All I'm saying is that on my systems, executing the unattended file (double click, from command prompt, from runonce, etc.) results in the error message about missing DSFP_inst.bat.
  3. DirectShow FilterPack

    There is a problem with "DirectShow FilterPack 2.1 (Unattended)*", it complains that the DSFP_Inst.bat file is missing, I'm assuming there's a problem with the argument for the path or something (requires quotes because of the space maybe?)...
  4. DirectShow FilterPack

    Thanks, that all make sense now!
  5. DirectShow FilterPack

    Thanks for that filter pack, it seems to work great with ZP and saves me from installing all those individually! Any reason you did not add AC3XForm as it seems to remove the XForm and Monkey audio from the unsupported format list... In your description you mention: Have you considered droping an email to ZP's author so he could add them to the internal filter formats database? Any thoughts about having and extended version with the QuickTime/Real alternative and AC3 audio part? With so many versions of ffdshow floating around, I do understand the reason for not including that one...
  6. You could try forcing a monitor install using devcon as mentionned in the thread: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...1155&hl=monitor
  7. runing batch under cdshell bootmenu?

    What I use is the multiple winnt.sif method described at: http://www.911cd.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=3352 This way you could run alternate version of runonce or such depending on the option you chose at the cd-shell boot menu...
  8. Install From Hard Disk

    I would assume the winnt.sif file...
  9. Widescreen

    Should you find a way, let us know. I have a PC connected using DVI to a HDTV, the problem is that between the text mode and the last reboot where guirunonce gets executed, it just won't synch. It's not a big deal as I have another PC to test my unattended CD, but being able to get the ATI driver active earlier (or even stay in text mode longer) would be nice should something go wrong...
  10. Not sure if that would work, but what about disabling the MS firewall during installation via a services.reg loaded in cmdlines.txt or such and re-enablling it after ZA is installed (via another registry file...)?
  11. Driver Compressor

    Nice little program! I haven't reinstalled with all my drivers compressed yet, but for the USB-UIRT driver found at: http://www.usbuirt.com/support.htm the .inf file also gets compressed... Regarding the various software to backup existing drivers, your script does not seem to be compatible with the way Double Driver creates the .inf... Or maybe I just got unlucky with mine, all I get in the sub-folders are the .inf files, the actual .sys files or such are not touched at all.
  12. If you are using a RunOnce.CMD or such, you could look for the appropriate driver of the cdrw/dvdrw, something like: if NOT exist %systemroot%\system32\CD-driver.abc goto NoCD start /wait Nero.exe :NoCD Of course if you install many brands or if the burner and non-burner use the same driver that might not help much...
  13. Win98 registry key with variables?

    Thanks for the links and infos! For now I've paused a bit the work on that W98 CD as I managed to get something close enough to what I wanted with batch files and I used it on 2 persons' PC successfully. I have to admit that my enthusiasm droped after my installation went from 20 to 30 minutes moving some stuff (like .NET framework installation) from batch files to runonce...
  14. Windows Critical Update Notification 4.0

    Open the .CAB file, it contains only 2 files, a .exe and a .inf... So you can probably just use WUCrUpd.exe /Q:A /R:N or such...
  15. Win98 registry key with variables?

    Except that /v, /d and /f are not valid options with the REG ADD from the Win98 resource kit and result in a too many command-line parameters error...