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  1. Need wmp11 slipstreamer

    http://sharebee.com/1a096b5b Latest version from the link in the first post. I got it a few days ago.
  2. Driver Installation Question

    Alright, I figured I'd mention this because I tried to do an nVidia integration. Although, I had to custom mod the nv4_disp.inf file because of my laptop. I just added 2 lines, so it shouldn't change much... Anyway, the control panel doesn't some with it. You'd be better off doing a RunOnceEx silent install. Good Luck.
  3. Why RapidShare? :(

    My opinion? Use sharebee, or something like that so your users can choose. Trust me, from someone who frequents It-Leaked, you learn which sites you like best. Bodango has a waiting period, but only after you download a file and no limit (I think) Mediafire has no limit as far as I know and no waiting. zShare is decent, but they have a short wait. Sharebee is what I use. Useful. Multiple mirrors on sites so downloaders can choose. All-in-all, I think Mediafire is the most useful for a single site, but if you don't mind an extra click, ShareBee rocks. EDIT: I forgot about RapidShare - it's over used and horrible. Same with MegaUpload
  4. One of the most useful scripts I've ever found. Apart from custom editing the 7zip SFX program. And, I like how you changed the program to say when it's processing different sections of the .NET 3.5 SP1 Installer. Works like a charm. One thing in the topic though, to someone who was just trying this, they might be confuzzled by the fact that you linked to the .NET 3.5 and the SP1 separately and download them both. That would be a huge waste of bandwidth. Just figured I'd point that out... that along with the .NET 2 Installer. I think you should remove it because they're all included in the 3.5 SP1. You might want to put something explaining that too... Oh, I second that this topic should be pinned. EDIT: One problem, and extremely minor. A file was created and not deleted: FILEVER.VBS In the root.
  5. So, it disables automatic update bubbles as well? exactly Thanks... I guess I won't use it then... I'll just change another setting... lol Thanks Again, Belak
  6. If only I would have found this a few days ago. This is extremely useful.
  7. So, it disables automatic update bubbles as well?
  8. Ok, I've been getting an annoying bubble popup for my wireless network pretty regularly. As far as I can tell, it has done nothing. The connection has not been temporarily dropped or anything. The stupid bubble keeps popping up. My question is this: if I change the below registry value to hopefully remove this issue, what other stuff will it effect? Will it not let the windows update bubbles show up? Set HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advanced \ EnableBalloonTips To 0 Thanks, Belak
  9. A Few Questions Question (Add ons and Uxtheme)

    Ok. That's useful. I don't think I'll check then. I'll just start setting up my own cd. Thanks for your help
  10. A Few Questions Question (Add ons and Uxtheme)

    Thanks... I'll edit this when I try it... hopefully. EDIT: Uxtheme worked fine. I didn't bother with checking for the Addons because of the post below this
  11. I was just wondering if when you use the Add-On app packs if it will add the name of the program to the "Add and Remove Programs" list. I just wanted to know before I actually finished my custom install CD. Thanks And sorry if this seems like a stupid question. I just didn't know... And my other question: does the built in uxtheme patch work for SP3?