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  1. Ok awesome thank you but I have a few questions. At what point of the install would the .msi or .exe's run and install? And on the option delete driver files when installation is complete, at what point is installation considered complete? Also if I chose the RunOnceEx option, how would I go about a silent install? Again thank you so much.
  2. The reason this confuses me is because yes the actual display drivers are .inf's but the control centers are packaged in executable which are part of an .msi. INF's seem easy enough to get installed but I assumed that .msi files are going to need some user input.
  3. Ok so I have a small question about driver installations via nLite. It seems to me that the driver installation is just the installation of the particular INF files you select which is fine, but what if I wanted the driver and it's corresponding controller software? For example, Nvidia's Control panel or ATI's CCC? Are those able to be nLited via driver integration option or is that under a different format, say application install via RunOnceEx? And if RunOnceEx, how would I make that Unattended because I doubt that those suites as well as others are not designed with silent switches in mind as MS updates and installs are.
  4. Ok thanks for all the help guys, I just cleared it up. I just changed all the REGKEY to KEY and it works. Also the CD method suggested didn't work, I went back to my original method and it ran smoothly.
  5. Anyone have any other ideas? I cannot see a way past this...
  6. Sorry I wasn't very good at showing that tree. The folder $$ is in the $OEM$ folder and the cmdlines.txt and RunOnceEx.cmd is in the $OEM$ folder as well but not inside $$.
  7. This is my cmdlines.txt and this is my RunOnceEx.cmd I am beginning to wonder if it is my directory structure as well... is this the proper layout? CD Root---->$OEM$---->$$, cmdlines.txt, RunOnceEx.cmd Also one quick question from reading, what is the difference between GUIRunOnce and RunOnceEx?
  8. I changed it to SET REGKEY= REG ADD %REGKEY% but unfortunately it didn't work either. I can't understand this. I do not even get RunOnce initiated. Is this maybe because my source is nLited?
  9. Ahh that does not work either. It seems that the keys are not even registering on closer inspection with regedit. I am stumped.
  10. Ok so I tried that as well but I cannot get it to work still. This is what I have in my OEM directory: cmdlines.txt RunOnceEx.cmd My cmdlines.txt reads My RunOnceEx.cmd reads: The FOR command should have set the CD-ROM drive and then installed hotfixes from the Updates folder on the CD's root and all should have been displayed in a window with one entry labeled "Updating". What am I doing wrong??? Is it because the source is nLited? Have I messed up something with the CD variable? I do not understand while it isn't working properly.
  11. So it's been a while but I finally got to trying RunOnce after finals but what I did isn't working so I was wondering if you could review my RunOnceEx.cmd to see if its ok: cmdow @ /HID @echo off SetLocal enableextensions SET CDROM=%~d0 SET KEY=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx REG ADD %KEY% /V TITLE /D "Windows Setup" /f REG ADD %REGKEY%\001 /VE /D "Updating" /f REG ADD %REGKEY%\001 /V 1 /D "%CDROM%\UPDATES\WGAN.EXE /passive /norestart" /f REG ADD %REGKEY%\001 /V 2 /D "%CDROM%\UPDATES\MALTOOL.EXE /passive /norestart" /f REG ADD %REGKEY%\001 /V 3 /D "%CDROM%\UPDATES\SEARCH4 /passive /norestart" /f EndLocal EXIT Can you see anything wrong with it?
  12. Ahh ok I think I understand how to do it, let me give it a try and see what I can do with it.
  13. Ahh ok let me give it one more try and see how it goes and I'll post the resulting session build afterwards. By integrate I mean to have them slipstreamed so that the windows install resulting from this CD is fully up to date. In respect to GUI RunOnce switches, could you please explain those to me in a little more detail, I have read articles on how to but I become incredibly confused. Thank you for you help.
  14. Hi, I have been attempting to make a Windows XP SP3 32-bit disc that is fully up to date. So far I've been able to get everything working including some of the hard stuff like all of the .NET frameworks but I'm snagged on a few of them. These are the following updates I have been unable to integrate: KB892130 Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool KB890830 Mal Remove Tool KB956391 Security Update for ActiveX Killbits KB905474 Windows Genuine Advantage Notification KB940157 Windows Search 4.0 KB957938 Microsoft Silverlight I know that most of these can be taken care of using RunOnceEx but I am trying to make this completely unattended. I appreciate any help in advance.
  15. Can you help me with that too? Initially I tried using RunOnce but it didn't work. I use RunOnce for the Root Certificate updater, but the other .NET stuff refuses to work.
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