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  1. Hmmm getting the not genuine watermark once in a while on the desktop. Got to get rid of it by going to Control Panel\System and Security\System to refresh the activation status [still got a good 20 days of evaluation]. Is this an effect of a disabled or deleted service?
  2. Aw darn. I thought you had a solution to INSTALLING with only 256 ram. I'm looking for a solution for this as the target machine is an old p3 thinkpad with that much ram only. No viable option to swap in ram for now [and ever i guess].
  3. ===== Post Nº1 ===== That's great to hear guys. Stamp your ID on the thread title! ie. [dead0s Guide to...] Take pride in your work! And it makes it easier to search. Question: I'm testing out a neat small win7 install, but it has an issue with relocating the user shell folders, say moving my documents to another harddisk. I'm getting a "folder redirection" issue. Any ideas why this is happening and how to solve it? I imagine, and hope, its only a disbled service and not something deleted during the vliting? ===== Post Nº2 ===== Having problems playing World of Goo in my install. Any you guys running it ok? I've installed dx9 files and used the stock wddm driver and the ATI 9.3 to no avail.
  4. How about an update to your style of slimming down win7 based on the above? Can't wait to give it a run. [that's based on 32-bit though? hope 64-bit can be tested too]
  5. Downloadin now. Thanks for the effort!
  6. Sirs, *Why is Server disabled? [LANMANSERVER = Disabled] ** I assume you need vlite to be run with -extreme switch to build the new iso properly? *** Does the presets as-is as of jul 2009 break homegroup and the gadgets features irrevocably even without actually removing them (maybe not gadgets i think that's removed by vlite) ? Discussion here are very informative but a bit confusing now, as the first post just refers just using vlite to shrink win7 but a lot of posts now have throwaway references to using dism and waik to slim win7. Jeromino has a new thread for extreme shrinking. How about another thread specifically for a waik/ vlite combo shrinking that is NOT as extreme, based on the elite? I kinda like keeping some win7 functionality in.
  7. Whereisit catalog program needs System Event Notification service to function, did not notice if it will stall at installation without it.
  8. Your effort is much appreciated. Havent used i yet but will do so for my next rebuild. Hope it works well.
  9. Ultravnc service needs Terminal Service to properly work per my experience. Although ultravnc will install if terminal services is disabled upon reboot the server component won;t properly load. Upon activation of terminal services after a reboot the service load properly.
  10. Well that answered my question ^^ Now I get why you specified that. Thanks ^^
  11. OK. But the point I was driving at was if you used WAIK to pre-install features you'd be definitely using as defined in another thread, coz vlite does warn that it [and does!] breaks the Add Features ..um.. feature. I guess if your .ini preserves that then it wouldnt be necessary to preinstall anything now. I'd give a go but then I'd like to know if I get to save some space versus my present waik-vlite installl which i'm happy with now ^^ hence my question on disk space. Add the ram use while your at it ok hehe
  12. @ frewys: did you also run it thru waik before vlite? and what was the installed size on disk [excluding paging file]? thanks!
  13. RE: Phase Two Is the instruction tp remove the "Owner" directory still necessary?
  14. Google "gimagex" and install in same folder as imagex. It's a gui w/c makes using imagex easier. Favor to 7bingo7: could you replace "PHrase" wit "Phase"? Makes it easier to comprehend ^^ Excellent work! Based on your attached files, what's your iso size and installed disk space used?

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